Women Try Ulta’s Best Selling Lipsticks

today we’re trying Alton’s best-selling lipsticks i either buy lipstick in drugstores or Ulta now always look at reviews first I don’t think I’ve ever looked at reviews for lipstick online Ulta was my Haven in high school the internet was like around but you didn’t like shop on it yet now Voltas insane they have everything today we’re trying five of ulties best-selling lipsticks I’m not completely sure what those are they might just be super popular ones that we’ve heard before I don’t know how it’s gonna go it can’t be that bad yeah I’m a little stressed because my mouth is big if the color is bad it’s like holy this is bad this is it cosmetics by tally lip flush and it’s a stain this one is mine is called pretty woman oh my god like yo Julia Roberts so you’re just it doesn’t seem like thick obviously it’s not matte it looks kind of like a little bit like clear which is nice it’s not too thick this was like matte your lip color yeah it does it does that’s really moisturizing it looks like I just drank some berry kombucha it looks like I had like red wine well then I just stay in my lips yes this feels like a tinted chapstick $20 for basically like tinted chapstick that’s so pretty woman walking down the street yours looks very natural you just look really moisturized and dewy I could wear this all day they’re not busting out of chapstick breasts meant like a true asset lipstick you’re an adult yeah cool love it I’d wear this to like dinner or like even for this one is uLTA Beauty matte lip crayon I’m not looking at this doesn’t feel very mad am I wrong yeah it’s creamy it’s thicker yours is very pink I could not wear that it matches my pink skin ooh I like that one you don’t like it I’m a nude lip girl now this is a new lip just darker one it’s growing on me as I look at it oh my god this changed your whole vibe has precision it has pigment it has things going else of the feet I like this it doesn’t feel mad mm-hmm no it’s like a creamy lip glossy texture it’s an actual crayon yeah this is a children’s stick I think I would like this with a liner it looks like I put a crayon on my lip okay I like this color now I really like the colour actually it’s really moisturizing if you mixed a gloss and a lipstick and then you put it in a crayon that’s literally what this is although it says matte that is not true so we’re about to try dose of colors liquid lipstick what’s vegan dope graphic design is dope what’s your color mine is cold-shoulder plum your plum queen I eat plums I like the sound it makes woah oh this is a color no literally looks like up smearing chocolate on my face wow it is not going on evenly it’s kind of going everywhere these are much more defined than other ones oh that’s a statement lamb she I don’t know I would never wear this color it reminds me of like grandma’s I actually like this a lot I know okay listen I know that like vegan makeup great for animals great with people great for the environment yeah it’s fine I would not normally wear something like that I really like this and I like the way it feels yeah I like the way it drives Stila oh love Stila 24-hour liquid lipstick stay all day my color is Forza what’s that Forza mind isn’t made-up word – what is it milk this is gonna be a world of difference the last color Oh up its poop no goofy is but she’s not my friend like fresh diarrhea feels good though I like this one I think this color is incorrect for me personally but the consistency is fantastic it was really easy to apply it for the lime thing so I could like keep it sort of even but then it dries like a matte lipstick this one’s like nice dried out I feel like I’ve tried this one before I actually really like how this one goes do I want the color [Music] I know joke you swear this lipstick every day for like two years straight so I already know I’m gonna love it I will say have never owned one I have heard that they’re not necessarily the most moisturizing things this is called world let’s give it a whirl it looks like one of the colors I usually avoid why I don’t know it looks like it’s trying to be a nude but it’s not mine ooh there’s another Brown situation I knew this wasn’t gonna be it and it’s not it that’s not a this is definitely like a daring nighttime or a fall sassy look it looks like a sweet cut home it does look like a butthole it’s like the color of a little butthole I feel very vampy right now yeah yeah I guess that’s the word vampy I love it this is like not everyday where this is like you’re gonna commit to this look now that I’m using this again I remember why I liked it it’s super moisturizing I don’t know I don’t hate it [Music] so if you’re going for a more natural dewy look I would suggest it cosmetics because it does look very natural and close to your actual lip shade but if you want to go all out I suggest the Mac I think some of them might be popular and that might be why they’re bestsellers I’ve seen better make sure you get your money’s worth America yeah America and elsewhere [Music]

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