Will Bitcoin Transaction Fees Ever Go Down?! Vlog 90

What’s up My coin bros welcome back. I want to do another video for you guys give it a few updates the bitcoin markets looking hella Bullish today, it’s probably gonna test the new all-time high again If it makes it, then it breaks it if it doesn’t then it’s probably gonna go down to I don’t know I’m bullish on Bitcoin still Especially after reading dis news. I’m gonna announce the winner from yesterday’s giveaway I’m gonna do another one hundred dollar giveaway next week probably on Facebook though Yeah, so if you wanna want a chance to win free Bitcoin I’ll send it over to you if you subscribe turn on bail notifications so you don’t miss an upload and then comment below your Bitcoin address and all random pick a winner and send over some Bitcoin Let me do that now actually Get last yesterday’s video I do a video every day on Cryptocurrency if you’re new to the channel welcome here, I just share some news some updates and Some cool stuff. I do some giveaways as well. I mean see who won Yesterday’s giveaway. I’ll send some lunch Bitcoin over Boom Kevin coin Thanks for the updates keep it up. Thank you Kevin Let me see if I have enough for you man, cent use on Bitcoin 20 books Fee is 695 Wow I Remember days when I would pay one cent fee. Those were good days man. Those were good days Anyways let’s look back at this newest article the first BTC LTC lightning Network swap completed and this Is cool because it’s an off chain transaction it’s fully anonymous and It’s cheaper and it’s faster. So those are really good science because the things that we’re going through now. It’s a big mess You know I paid six ninety five for a twenty dollar transaction. You know Even Western Union is cheaper than that I mean this is faster probably than Western Union But it’s definitely more expensive so So far big connects going well. I’m on day six made Five hundred and nine so far Tomorrow is gonna be day seven I’m gonna do a video for you guys kind of explaining the whole situation I put in five grand here to kind of test it out. See what what’s happening and part of the Lending profits, which is in six days four hundred and forty two dollars I’m giving back to you guys here on this channel if you’re new to this channel comment below your Bitcoin address And I’ll send you some Bitcoin if you win with this random Colin Baker of course but that’s basically it I’m probably gonna do a reinvest tomorrow where I show how to Lent bit connect to the platform, and then you can get your profits I’ll explain that I’m probably gonna do eight one thousand dollar loan I’m gonna explain some stuff so if you want to see that definitely check that out tomorrow Yeah, oh by the way, there’s one thing that I wanted to say I’m gonna be doing a cash backs for the next I Want to say twenty people? the next twenty people that join I’m gonna put the information in the first comment in the comment section if you Invest a certain amount I’ll give you a certain percentage back straight into your wallet Just like I just since Kevin some some Bitcoin here And that was it Like subscribe comment your bitcoin address in the comments and stop settling and started living the corn life Peace don’t forget to check out the recommended resources in the description box below recommend It reads as well as essential cryptocurrency resources, and if you like this channel Please consider donating Bitcoin addresses in the description box as well any donation is much appreciated for channel growth Thanks in defense and see on the next video

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  2. What is your plan for the year 2018?By your opinion which alt coin is best to invest in the year 2018? Should we trade on coins or invest or lend it some where ?What would you suggest?

  3. Bitconnect Now had reduced their referral commission from 7 to 5 % ,,in the course of time do you think that it will also reduce it's daily interest percentage regardless of volality software?

  4. How much percent of your total income you invest in ico's?Which ico is best to invest in this month?
    Whats your opinion on ethercash?How much should we invest in it?

  5. What do you think as a begginer should I lend or trade? If by your opinion it's trade then on which lending platforms?And if trade then which coins are best for trading in this month?

  6. Ok I'm really jelous of surfermarly who will be working with you in the @talentfactory of steemit!! You are SO cute. Totally supporting you both in this project that will be a big step and help for the minnows like me.
    I'm starting in all this of btc so gonna watch your videos to see if I should buy or sell, I don't have much but it's something to start!!
    Good video and nice giveaway. This is not Bitconnetc but is my adress of other btc wallet hope it works because I can't register because I'm Venezuelan…

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