Why This Husband Feels Guilty About Selling His Wife’s Dream Car | Black Love | OWN

She had been talking
about this Mercedes. I went to the dealership,
I bought this car for her. A few months later,
you know, we’re driving the car, having a good time. I sit down on the couch and
we looked at each other, we said, “OK, so do we put
gas in the car or do we eat?” [LAUGHTER] Which one is it, right? Well, we need to eat. We’ve got to eat. We’ve got to go to work. So something got to happen. So at this point,
we decided that we were going to get
out of debt, and we had to sell the Mercedes. And it was a brand new Mercedes. We only had it for,
like, five months. – No!
– Four months. – Yeah.
– It was like four months. And that was like one of the
hardest things for me as a man because I felt like I bought
this gift for my wife, and I had to take it from her. And she told me to sell it. She’s like, “Go
ahead and sell it.” And it hurt her because
she really, obviously, it’s a nice car. And I took this car away
from her, at least that’s how I felt. So I felt guilty. I was like, wow,
why did I do that? Why did I do that? We’ll get a new car, and it
will probably be a Mercedes. But we’ll be able to be in
a more comfortable place, we’ll have a fat
savings account, we’ll be actually
building wealth. And that was our thing. Like, we wanted to build wealth. We wanted to actually be
wealthy, and not look wealthy. Right.

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