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  1. Cause people waste money on worthless shirt, like s**t a 1 dollar shirt is good enough for me
    Don't let anyone tell you what to do, you tell yourself what to do

    That sounded cliché

    Don't be a d**k and don't spend your money on worthless shirt
    Like really what's the benefit?
    It looks good? For me nah
    It's expensive? Hell yeah
    Worth it? I don't think so

  2. I’m a millennial but I feel the whole “millennials love Gucci” and “millennials can’t afford a house” sort of go hand in hand

  3. I am all Gucci, wearing absolutely no Gucci!!! Very sure that speaks to most of us that is commenting below who careless about these materialistic consumeristic "name brands" and the people who shamelessly feel the need to treat themselves filling a void. We are Gucci and do not need see or feel the need to wear it! 🤗😎

  4. I like this new direction. There seems to be a real balance between luxury and approachability. GUCCI has a high-end status but without the pretentiousness. Apart from the merchandise covered in logos, many GUCCI designs seem very artistic and eclectic. Not unlike something you would see in a fashion editorial, styles you would not wear on the street. GUCCI furniture looks as though it could be exhibited in an art museum. Art museums and fashion editorials are typically associated with high-end art and fashion. Something that has historically only been attainable for the upper-class. People associate GUCCI with wealth and luxury. It has that element of elitism, but it also has character and a sense of humor. Some of GUCCI’s designs are outlandish or simple “ugly”. You may even laugh at some of its designs. But they know that. That’s appealing and whimsical. There is a real sense that GUCCI doesn’t take themselves too seriously. GUCCI seems authentic and maybe a bit rebellious while still managing to keep its exclusive image. They lack the stuffiness typically associated with high-end brands and I think that appeals to young people.

  5. Another millennial trend I have noticed: mispronouncing a lot of the English language, such as the "th" sound. Instead of saying "the thin three" I hear people saying "duh din dree", which is not correct. If English is your first and only language, at least pronounce it right!

  6. Correction. Millennial's love minimalism. Gen z, loves maximalism; aka Gucci. Have you see their lastest collections?! The F21 of luxury hands down.

  7. Also, when you have Harry Styles, Lana Del Rey and Jared Leto as your icons (or whatever it is called) it just increases the wish in millenials to "have to have it"

  8. ok but how can people around 20-25 afford these? like aren’t they struggling at the start of their career or is it in europe just like that??

  9. gucci look good for children with rich parents and is expensive make them cool dummy boomers trying and to explain lmao boomers

  10. Millennials can afford Gucci? Since when? Last time I checked they were still living in their parent's basement & complaining about fedora prices and how cruel the people who aren't vegans.

  11. i bought two belts back in 2015 $350 a piece and i regret it cause it was basically me showing off money i didn’t have to people i didn’t care about 🤦🏻‍♂️ i say if you have money to spare, maybe but if you don’t, DON’T.

  12. As an increasingly upwardly mobile ethno-cultural group, I consciously avoid purchasing from brands that does not include my own race in diversity representation. Get on with it !

  13. because Millennials are morons. They keep blaming the "boomers" when it's not really them. They feel they deserve to have it all without really "saving money" for big budget purchases.

  14. Gucci is so horrible, tacky and plain grotesque, the quality at least used to be good, now is garbage, money can’t buy class.

  15. No thanks I wanna pay off my car and student loan debt rather than buy a belt or purse that will be out of style in a few years.

  16. I remember touring a college as a highschool field trip not too long ago and there was a metal working class and one of the students was casting a fake Gucci belt buckle and I respect the hustle

  17. What’s funny and sad is that these clothes, belts, bags, etc. aren’t even made of pure gold (mostly cotton, leather, PVC, or rubber, stamped with their logo or name, and yes i’m looking at you Gucci & LV), and yet these items are so ridiculously expensive. It’s not just absurd but borderline idiotic to pay for something that can be eaten by termites, burned and depreciate in value as the seasons change. SMH.

  18. As a millennial, I don’t mind spending the money. It looks nice depending on what you buy and how you wear it. If others are upset that they either can’t afford it or it comes across as pretentious, then that’s your problem. I’ll still continue to buy luxury brands (not everything though lol).

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