Wholesale Screen Printing 800+ Shirts – Business Vlog

Okay we’re gonna start with this vlog a
little late but we’re about to run off 800 t-shirts how much is it as well over
800 stick around watch us print 807 Kurt I’m gonna show you guys what we got
going on here we have a full house today we got Panda and Michelle here are all
the boxes that the shirts came in here’s some more shirts we have about another
hundred or so that our client is bringing in here is a huge stack of them
that’s just quite a bit of them we’re about to start everything up so we’re
doing a white base we’re doing a print print I move the flash for this that way
it will flash with the table up so station number two is slowly being used
as a flat so a table this thing of flash does activate so there we go
and then we are using a flattening screen just to mess those fibers down we
got an orange and then last but not least I have the white over here just so
I can keep an eye on the level of this one little easier and Shanna is dressing
a panda and a dress for whatever reason I am a pizza guy that’s it can I wear it
just like it’s my judges they’re gonna wear it you what are you doing so this
is some of the shit I have to deal with every day and then we got Michelle in
here so there’s Michelle getting after separating some artwork separating some
harder right she should be separating some artwork she’s been doing a really
great job and you’re learning quite a bit aren’t you so we showed her how to
register this job up low earlier to help her get a little bit of a better
understanding of Panda yeah yeah AJ he’s wearing Gina’s dress anyhow so
we’re gonna get started on these I gotta get all these guys focus I got to
wrangle them up and what I was getting at was I showed him the shell how
everything kind of registers on press so that way she has a better understanding
of how to separate dart out but let’s go ahead and dive right into this as
recording it’s recording thanks for tuning in that’s about the
end of this vlog I apologize about to say ah now it’s kind of messing with
some of the settings on the camera so sorry about the story to kind of sound
to it but if you new to the channel be sure to subscribe until next time we’ll
catch you guys later peace

16 comments on “Wholesale Screen Printing 800+ Shirts – Business Vlog

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  2. Man that's a lot of work to do with all those shirts. Good thing it seems like a very cool place to work with everyone there just to make it through the day. Thanks for sharing Mike and greetings, from your Amigo here in Mexico. 😎

  3. Hey Mike ty for another great vid..Im so thinking about quitting my 9-5 to do this, but im to scared to take the leap…NJ HERE!!

  4. This is a great video!! Love watching you guys. I can’t wait to get back to printing. Thanks for sharing!!!!!🙌🏼

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