Which Smartphone Do They ACTUALLY Use? — MKBHD, Austin Evans, Linus + More

[Music] [Applause] [Music] steady got it good oh my goodness look at this the entire tech mafia Meetup who do we have here it’s big Dom there he is we got John or – you’re not so average consumer Oh sensitive the only mr. Linus tech tips oh my it could be worse we got mr. Austin Evans I don’t really know what they say about Austin – why don’t you say something about Austin hey guys we got mister who’s the boss over here what do you got you got something to drink or something going on there well done over here we have Marquez here’s the reason here’s what we’re doing today we’re gonna find out once and for all which smartphone is in the pocket of each of these very important individuals so we’re gonna start with Dom which smartphone is in your pocket right now do I reveal it right now or not the iPhone 10 oh there it is sometimes it’s hard to break away from that ecosystem what is it about this ecosystem you’re talking about more specifically just iMessage I guess I’ve heard this argument I truly don’t understand it what is it is it is this a green bubble a green bubble blue bubble type of prejudice going on here it’s a green bubble blue bubble whore what do you think about face ID though it works for me though it’s really if you with sunglasses sometimes right there’s no Rhema resonant reason to rhyme for it it’s just a really rising rising reason to Ryan Florida charted right here right I hear Austin just cracking that bag everyone over there is giggling and covering their mouths what happened what’s going on no Nazi let’s give a lap to Austin because obviously he wants the attention here as about to do a hilarious joke about how I love rechargeable batteries it’s not only funny all right iPhone 10 why why is that your choice I love the hardware on this phone the speakers are great cameras great I legitimately really do enjoy face ID this is like the best hardware I’ve ever tried on a smart phone like I love the pixel too but I’m excited okay hey man this is your moment like I’m not gonna interrupt you you make your case but not doesn’t bother me there’s so little I don’t like about this phone do you consider yourself to just be an iOS guy like it’s gonna be hard to break away from that’s not it so what was the last Android device you used extensively that was it’s like my main phone yeah okay so that’s your prayers your answer there’s your answer all right moving on who wants to be next thrown in the fire and the flames of the tech world it’s Linus tech tips hi how many videos did you make us he is 45 one five videos round of applause everybody who is this man and what are they made up which smartphone is in your pocket and why so I’m on the pixel to excel my Galaxy s8 something I have installed on it is making the battery drain really fast I haven’t had the time to deal with it are you trying to say you preferred it is that on my trip I actually have five phones with me I can give you the reasons for all of them this one I’m on because I pop the sim out of the mate 10 Pro there was some software that wasn’t installed on it I needed to use so I put my sim in here you sounded like the most reluctant pixel user I’ve ever heard in my life it’s okay oh so you’re not a big fan of it yeah robot [Applause] it’s good it’s really good I love them I haven’t used a phone for longer than a month at a time in over half a year part of my deal is I switch the eight I was using the A+ the pixel to not the XL this was the last one I was on before I switched to the razor phone which I frankly didn’t like that much so the sim went back in this one you could put any one of them in your pocket not not the most convenient at that moment which one would it be I’m really happy with this one okay so what is this one sort of look at these hands I can’t handle this much phone so really what I want is the s8 back but with not my battery is about this in the form factor of just the pixels yeah I’ll be fine yeah I like this watch better than I like my phone once we fed to the lines next if we’re talking pixel then we’re talking me a pixel to excel and if you guys have been following me in this recent trip how about this view I’ve taken pictures of this view and I truly believe this is the best camera on a smartphone right now period I am NOT taking a bad picture with this phone plus I like stock Android and all the usual things that you know about this is in my pocket for now there’s no lies here it either is or it isn’t all right who’s next Kutner your next man the pressures on iPhone time wow it’s just two phones so far I’m gonna be straight out its iMessage man in the ecosystem whoa that’s what it is for me I don’t even know what this means the scientist is saying it’s not about the blue and green okay well is it about I’m always on my computer always on the phone somebody hits me up usually it’s a family member who’s also on iMessage I get it wherever I am I mean you could do the whole thing but I don’t want to make some other messenger you know a lot of the world that use watch that for example yeah I’ve you know I’ve got that comment a lot yeah but it’s like okay I got to tell you go download something what would it take for you to switch over iMessage on Android honestly I mean that’s not gonna happen obviously but yeah what are we sitting at right now three to two Oh can’t wait a hotly-anticipated take from the man himself mkbhd what did you have you a smartphone Awards the best phone the best this the best that it was a lot of bests but I think what do people really want to know is what’s in the pocket what’s in the pocket and why which pocket first of all because I do right now you have two phones yes main SIM card the number you have this phone number pixel to XL naked pixel to XL panda a colored power button stock Android great camera all the same reasons you said thinking pro reader isn’t a good spot I have big hands so I couldn’t even use the smaller version of the phone big phone person if there’s an XL that’s where I’m going but the other pocket I do carry an iPhone oh you really believe this are you running for president next there are things that just work better on iOS I use the best iPhone I can I use my favorite Android phone Wow this diplomat right here came prepared pick a damn phone right now if you had to drop one is that it I’m dropping the iPhone yes no it is darn it [Applause] no cop-outs in here no calm pouch in here I don’t like this whispering collusion just two phones in the whole room what are we sitting at now 3-3 tie breaker happening now mister who’s the boss what’s happening – no preamble no banter I came from the note 8 I couldn’t stand it because of the battery a pixel two batteries great the screen is not fantastic but you kind of get used to it just want to mean they might comment on dislike blueness if it’s not terrible the pixel the pixels better in every way 4:3 pixel to XL to iPhone 10 I gotta be honest I’m a little disappointed that it broke down that simply there’s a lot of amazing phones out there maybe they said something about us maybe we’re a little too predictable maybe we need to get out there a little more often I’m not really sure this has been incredible this is unprecedented I don’t know maybe you want to see something like this next year you people there in the audience if you do I think you know what to do you use your thumb to let Jack know that that’s the case I want to say thank you to everybody that’s been in this video I hope to do it again that is the smartphone that’s in their pocket no lies it’s the real deal here in Las Vegas CES 2018 yes [Applause] it’s good [Music] you [Music]

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  1. Besides Lew ,everyone is so uncomfortable and really weird outside their youtube world guess thats why unbox therapy has the highest number of subscribers than all of them xD

  2. Compared to us normal guys, YouTubers talk to the camera differently, we look at a lens, they see the countless heads in those lens if you know what im saying… Amazing..

  3. “I have not taken any bad photos on this phone,” dude, you need to re-evaluate your definition of what a good photo is. No sub, no like bro. Lol

  4. Its being a year n i m desperately waiting for d sequel i want to buy a new phne hving 6s but done wth it so cme on whts next show us

  5. I'm so confused. He seems so fucking obnoxious in this video but in everything else I've seen him in, he's chill. Dude's the most excited out of them all I guess.

  6. seriously nobody else doesn´t like the fucking gallery on the iphone that mixes everything with whatsapp and any other app including camera?….

  7. excellent video, but it sunk once the iPhone Vs Pixel battle started. I came to see what all these influencers really used, disappointed that people were trolled for their choices. MKBHD was right to carry 2 phones for the best of both ecosystems… Samsung produces genuinely good phones… it seemed like peer pressure to follow a trend…

  8. This seems like souch fun to watch it. Imagine to be part of it. So much knowledge to share with and to receive too from great pros. 😊

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