What To Wear To A Job Interview – Interview Outfit Ideas

So you have a job interview coming up
and you’re trying to decide what to wear or maybe what not to wear. In this video,
you’ll learn how to dress properly for your next job interview in three simple
tips and as always if you stay with me until the end I have a special bonus
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Before we nail down the appropriate clothing for your next job interview,
there’s a few things to keep in mind. First, research the company culture
before planning your interview attire. Determine if the interview you’re going
on is in a more professional environment or a more casual environment. Either way,
you’ll want to plan your clothing ahead of time so that you can focus on being
prepared to impress your interviewer. The second thing is to coordinated outfit
that is modern and on trend. This will demonstrate your attention to detail and
show that you are current in your industry and then third, always make sure
your clothing fits. An outfit that is either too big or too small suggests in
proper planning and may leave you tugging or pulling the entire time. The
last thing you want to worry about when answering interview questions is your
attire. So let’s jump into how to dress properly for your next job interview. Tip
number one, dress professionally. If the interview you’re going on is more formal
wear a suit. Suits in a darker color are probably going to be the best bet. Maybe
something in a dark grey or a navy. These colors actually fare better than black
which is a little bit harsh and overpowering for a job interview. For
women make sure you wear a skirt that is knee length and a blouse under your jacket
that has a conservative neckline. To bring more personality into your attire,
try a blouse with a small pop of color but nothing too bright. For men,
we’re a white, a pale blue or a pinpoint button-up shirt under your suit jacket.
To add personality wear a tie with subtle color. Avoid ties with themes, but
to bring in more authority to your look try a tie with a small pattern. So here’s
a bonus tip when it comes to selecting a suit. If a new suit is not in your budget,
try visiting your local good-will. Chances are they’ll have a slightly used
suit there that you can purchase and have tailored for less than a new suit
would cost. Now let’s talk about if your interview is going to be more casual. If
the interview you’re going on is more casual, you’ll still want to dress
professionally however you may not need a suit. For women, try dress pants with
either a cardigan or a blazer over your blouse. You can also wear a chic and
stylish knee length dress with a classy jacket. For men, wear khakis with a dress
shirt and try some type of sweater or vest to layer your look. Tip number two.
Don’t overdo it. some experts recommend not wearing any
cologne or perfume at all, however, I still like to smell good in an interview.
So if you choose to wear cologne or perfume, wear it very subtly almost like
the interviewer wouldn’t be able to smell it unless they came in for a hug.
You don’t want to overpower them with a fragrant smell also don’t wear a lot of
jewelry. For women, stick to earrings that are no bigger than the size of a nickel
and for men remove your earrings altogether. If you can, instead, stick to a
nice watch or a wedding band if you have one. Now when it comes to your hair and
makeup less is always more. Keep makeup and nail polish neutral and minimal and
if you have long hair pull it back in a chic style. This leads us to tip number
three. Pay special attention to your footwear. Believe it or not the shoes you
wear say a lot about you and will make a significant first impression. For women,
stick with a classic leather pump. Preferably closed-toe and if
you’re comfortable wearing skin tone nylons you can add those as well. Stay
away from stilettos or shoes that are too tall. This can cheapen your look and
the last thing you want to have happen is to trip over your shoes. Trust me, I’m
short. I love heels, but when it comes to an interview you want to keep it
conservative. For men, wear dress shoes that match your outfit. Try some type of
leather shoe that is either slip-on or lace up and avoid wearing sneakers or
shoes that look worn. There you have it guys, my three best interview attire tips.
For all of those who are still watching and hung with me until the end, I have a
special bonus just for you. It’s the Simple Guide to Dressing for your Next
Job Interview. It’s an easy-to-follow, one-page cheat
sheet, that you can download today and reference when you’re planning your next
job interview outfit. I’ll go ahead and link it up below. So I have a question
for you. What tip would you add to this list of something to wear or maybe
something not to wear in your next job interview? Feel free to comment and
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39 comments on “What To Wear To A Job Interview – Interview Outfit Ideas

  1. Hey guys! Planning the proper attire for a job interview can be difficult. What do you struggle with the most when it comes to deciding what to wear to a job interview?

  2. Great advise on what to wear to a job interview. I like that you gave us a break down of what to wear if the interview is more casual or more formal.

  3. I had no idea about the shoes. I know they have to match but I would not guess they would look at them 🙂 Thank you Heather!

  4. Great breakdown of proper attire to wear in a job interview. It's neat that you gave an example for the the ladies and the men. Thank you!

  5. I love this so much. I just subscribed of course😍. You mentioned some great points that could help being a step ahead and a great potential hire♥️.

  6. Great point about finding a suit at Goodwill, if a new suit is not in your budget. I would never have thought about that.

  7. Great job! Love the tip about Goodwill…never thought of that! Also, one thing to add …make sure your shirt has no wrinkles 🙂

  8. And a very HUGE component to your overall presentation in your makeup and hair is that its appropriate for your face shape and hair texture and fits in the business culture you are interviewing for. Less isn't necessarily best – trust me. It's more about correct shape, line, intensity and balance. GOOD makeup doesn't draw attention away from your communication tools – your eyes and mouth. And a good hairstyle suits your head shape and in proportion with your body frame. There are lots of styles to choose from that require no grooming yet will suit your particular needs.

    And men too need to pay attention to grooming, good skin, brows and hair that is also appropriate for face shape and body frame.

  9. Couldn't resist watching!!!! Awesome as usual! This is good life tips too!!!! I've got to do something about my shoes!!!!! ~Elizabeth

  10. Really useful tips here! Although I dont have an interview coming up… would these tips still be good for a meeting?

  11. Reminds of my first interview (many years go) where I wore sandals, T shirt and shorts and got the job. Probably wouldn't work now:-)

  12. Great tips as always, Heather! The founder of the company where I applied for my second job told me that he was reluctant to hiring me because he thought I had fake eye lashes…

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  14. GREAT tips as always Heather. When I interviewed (good grief, years ago…) I had a couple "go to" interview outfits that made me feel "good". Very wise advice.

  15. LOVE this! I couldn't agree with making sure your clothes fit! I always wear clothes I know I don't have to pull or tug at. As always you do such a great job 🙂

  16. This is so on point! I recently did a speaking engagement and my first thought was, "I want to come off professional." My go-to place was Express. Found some timeless blouses and pencil skirts that can be worn in so many different ways. Thank you for this!!

  17. Great tips, Heather! I used to love that show "What Not To Wear". I almost always wear black, lol. So boring and my hubby calls me "Johnny Cash". Trying to wear more color, but it scares me.

  18. Your advice is right on pointe. Thank you! Too many fashion trend 'experts' think they can give advice on business interview attire and they either show too much skin, too loud, tight or flat out tacky. I learned that even if the company culture is casual, you should look elegant and slightly more conservative on your job interview. After you get the job, you can wear what you like. :o)

  19. Big NO on perfume. One of my migraine triggers is strong scent, so if I can smell you at all in the interview, I will not hire you. Skip the perfume. It adds nothing and can potentially be a mark against you.

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