What can you do to sell your home quickly?

what are some things that you can do to
get your houses sell quickly? I’m Bernie Dituri with Haven real estate group in
Coeur d’Alene Idaho, and I just had a couple of things I wanted to go over
really quickly to sell your house quickly. If you’re anything like me, and
you have zero patience, and you decided to sell your house, and you just want it
to be done, right? So, one of the things that I would really recommend that you
do to make sure that house sells quickly is, not only to declutter your home, but
you really want to stage your home. And get it prepared for just optimal viewing
for buyers. The National Association of Realtors did a study and it said that
83% of buyers agents said that when a house is staged they their buyers go
into the home and that makes them feel at home which is what you want, right?
They want, you want them to purchase your home. So, you want them to
make them feel at home so there’s that and then I would also be available. You
know if you put time constraints on when you can have your house be shown, you
know like Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 to 8 or something like that you’re just
not going to sell your home quickly. You want to have your home be available
whenever they can get in there to, you know look at the property the more
viewings you have, it’s a numbers game, the more viewings you have, the chances are
that your house is gonna sell quicker. So, definitely do that. And in addition to
that price it correctly. Like price it’s smart so that you will get a top dollar
but you will also make sure that it it sells quickly right. If it’s overpriced
you’re it’s gonna just sit on the market and sit on the market and it’s just not
gonna and you’re just not gonna sell it unfortunately. And that’s hiring a good
real estate agent. Like a good agent, listing agent, selling agent will bring
comparables. They will bring a comparative market analysis of your home,
so that you can go in with full knowledge of what your home would be
worth, okay? so really hire a good agent and
make sure that they do their due diligence and help you help set you up
for success right off the right out the gate right .Yeah, I mean they’re gonna
advise you let’s I mean we all know you’re driving this car, you not driving
this car, I’m driving this car, well not right now, but um you’re driving the car
of the selling, right? So, they will listen to you but you hired them for a reason.
Let them do their job and advise you,, with their expertise on how much you
would want to list your house for. So, that it does sell quickly right. So, don’t
worry I’m not driving. I’m parked. But I just wanted to give you a couple of
little tidbits of how you can sell your house quickly in this market .I mean, its a
seller’s market right now, so you’re gonna sell it probably quickly anyways,
but you might as well set yourself up for success
right out the gate right? So hire that great real estate agent. Give me a call
if you want to talk some about some real estate stuff my name is Bernie Dituri
with Haven real estate group in Coeur d’Alene Idaho and I hope you have a
great evening. Thanks so much! Bye-bye

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