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>>Kirk Clark, Advertising Director: Customer
experience is paramount in anything that we do. Not only are we in the grocery business,
but we’re in the people business as well.>>Johnny Morton, Outbound Manager: We feed
around a million people each week.>>David Benefield, Inbound Manager: I most
enjoy the challenge of everyday operations here. It’s a fast paced operation, it’s
the food business.>>Susan Jones, Benefits Manager: I’ve worked
here for 25 years, it’s a great family owned business and I enjoy coming to work every
day>>Tina Walker, Administration: I’ve lived
a lot of different places, and Albertville is my favorite place that I have ever lived.>>VO: Since 1945, Mitchell Grocery has been
headquartered in Albertville, Alabama where it plays a big role in the economic vitality
and close-knit community. It has grown to become one of Alabama’s largest employers.
Three generations of Mitchells have led the company’s continuous growth , as well as
it’s expansion into 5 southeastern states, since it’s humble beginnings in two downtown
Albertville storefronts.>>Jack Mitchell, CEO: There were not really
any supermarkets in this part of the country at that time, so the business was done with
general stores out in the rural areas. So we sold some groceries, probably half of the
business was livestock feed to these country stores.>>David Mitchell, President: I started working
when I was 12, worked summers, afternoons, after school, and then after I finished college
I went to work full-time in 1984.>>Jack M: My sons came into the business
at a young age, pretty much like I did, working in the company and trying to learn all jobs.>>Jay Mitchell, Vice President of Retail
Operations: Currently we sell about 25,000 distinct products, stock keeping units across
all categories. Dry Grocery, dairy, frozen, meat, produce, ice cream, milk, fresh bread.
We carry wall to wall all the items that a grocery store would need to operate. VO: Mitchell Grocery provides products to
170 independent stores throughout the southeast. Before product ever gets to its grocer clients,
Mitchell has dozens of inbound trucks bringing goods to its 500,000 square foot Albertville
warehouse. Products come from carefully selected suppliers, most within a 300 mile radius.
The choreography of receiving, unpacking, tracking and storing them is an important
part of the warehouse work load each and every day.>>DB: I’m responsible for about 120 people
who take care of the inbound freight here at the warehouse. We’re talking about dry
goods, and our refrigerated goods. It’s probably anywhere from 500 to 550,000 cases a week.
That translates to about 85 trucks a day that we unload here at Mitchell.>>VO: David Benefield collaborates with outbound
manager Johnny Morton, whose team processes outbound orders and puts another 80 Mitchell
trucks on the road to deliver food and dry goods customers.>>Johnny M: The outbound manager is responsible
for all products that is shipped. From orders selecting, to loading, to getting it on the
truck and getting it ready for the driver to come in and getting the truck and carrying
it to the store.>>DM: I believe that one of the ways that
independent retailers set themselves apart is through perishable products. We buy produce
right out of the fields. We buy fresh meat from the packing plants in the Midwest and
bring them right into the store, and it’s fresh, and it’s handled well, and it gives
us an edge over other people in the market.>>VO: The variety and high quality of its
products and an efficient distribution system gives Mitchell a competitive edge. The company
also enjoys healthy relationships with its employees. Many who have worked at Mitchell
for more than 20 years, and advanced from entry level to managerial positions. Some
have worked here close to 40 years.>>Johnny M: I like working at Mitchell Grocery
because you’re doing more than just moving boxes around. You’re providing a service
for the community so families can go to the grocery store and buy food for their families.>>Jay M: I think the family atmosphere over
all is a very big plus to working here. we’ve had kind of a running joke around the company
for a long time that either you leave in a year or you stay for twenty, there’s not
a lot of middle ground. Most of the people who fit, fit long term.>>Jack M: We’ve had a lot of people who have
been able to move up in their career and take on more responsibility. The majority of our
people are homegrown, they came up in the company.>>DB: I started on the dock, stacking product
on the inbound freight, went to order selecting, went to driving the lift, loading, and then
into supervision. In other words, I tell a new guy I won’t ask you to do anything I
hadn’t done, if I do, I’ll do it with you.>>DM: One of the things we try to do is encourage
our leadership to be involved in professional groups like the National Grocer’s Association,
or the Alabama Grocer’s Association, and we financially support that, and give them
the time to do that.>>Jeannie Lyle, Executive Director, United
Way of Marshall County: United Way of Marshall County presented Mitchell Grocery with the
star award this year for outstanding campaign participation. They had an excellent campaign,
they provide not only manpower but food, and just support to the United Way and our many
agencies to help folks in need.>>Jeff Kenny: Here at Mitchell we live united.
I like the atmosphere. I like the people I work with, see a lot of different people and
get to work with a lot of people.>>KC: Our leadership in this company provide
clear, distinct examples of the culture to follow, and it’s very simple. Number 1,
take care of the customer, number 2, do the right thing.>>VO: Living out its long held principles
of putting customers first and doing the right has meant continual growth for Mitchell throughout
the years. Mitchell grocery is always looking for new team members to share the company’s
growth and vision of providing real value for their customers and real opportunities
for team members.>>Johnny M: We work as a team here, and so
everybody just pitches in when needed.>>DB: What we’re gonna do is in receiving
or shipping, we’re gonna come together and work together as a team and get the job done
so we can get the product out at an efficient price so our customers can be competitive.
So we’re providing a service to our customers where they can pass along to their consumers.>>DM: There’s a lot of things about coming
to work for Mitchell that I think would be attractive to an employee. The stability of
the company, we’ve been in business for 67 years and never laid anybody off. We’ve
had growth in all those years, and it creates opportunities for an individual that wants
to progress in the company and wants to improve their life.>>Jay M: I’m very proud of the employees
who work in our stores and in our company, because they feed the southeast. There are
hundreds of details that have to be seen to every day and have to be executed flawlessly
for us to be able to provide the right product, and the right price at the right time, so
that our customers get the level of service that they expect. And our people go above
and beyond day in and day out to get that done.>>DM: When I’m traveling around the country
or I meet somebody I don’t know, I’m proud to say that the people I work with, the team
members in our company are well rounded, solid, hard working dedicated individuals. And I’m
proud to be part of them.>>Jeannie Lyle, UW: What better place to
live and work than a company like Mitchell that gives you the opportunities to be involved
in your community and live united.>>DB: A lot of the guys that started around
the same time I had, we were talking the other day, some of us weren’t married yet, some
of were, some of us had no children, now we’ve had children, and some of them are grandparents
now. So it’s just been fun to work with them, work with a company that’s solid like
Mitchell Grocery>>JK: I take a lot of pride in keeping the
facility clean, so we can deliver a clean product to our customers.>>Johnny M: Mitchell is like my 2nd family.
I love working here.>>VO: Mitchell Grocery is always looking
for new team members to share the company’s growth and vision of being the trusted community
? to provide real value for their customers and real opportunities for team members.

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