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Hey guys!
So before my YouTube days, I was doing a lot of eBay. I would buy things, and then
I resell them on eBay. Over the years, there’s been a lot
of crazy stuff that’s sold on eBay. You could sell almost anything on there. For only $250, you can go
on a date with this guy. Or if you don’t have $250,
go ahead and make an offer. Look at him. He look
all nice and wholesome. I want to try this. Who would pay for a date with me? No one? Okay then. This woman sold a
Virgin Mary French toast, and I like looked at that. I’m like,
What Virgin Mary? What makes that’s Virgin Mary? But if you look twice, you can
see that it’s either burnt or moldy. You can see that there’s
a face in that French toast, and she tried to sell it off like
it’s Virgin Mary French toast. Girl, come on! Now, who are you trying to fool? Can’t trust anyone who
wears that make up like that. People bid $60,000. What people getting this money from? Man, y’all just got so much money
that you spending it on Air from Kanye show. Like [bleep], for $60,000,
you could have bought not just for yourself,
not for just your family, your whole generation,
VIP ticket to the Kanye’s show, where y’all could
have just got air yourself. It’s not even Kanye’s air. It’s air from the Kanye’s show. Somebody brought a Ziploc bag… Closed it. Saving this for later. These people are insane. Somebody actually bought it for $28,000. $28,000 for a stupid piece of toast. This [bleep] saying it’s the Virgin Mary. Y’all crazy! Now, we have
Justin Timberlake’s French toast. So he had left behind a plate of half
eaten French toast at an interview, and somebody took it,
and sold it for $1,000. Bruh, why? I don’t understand that. Buying celebrities like half eaten
food and stuff, you know. Somebody put their kid up for sale! I don’t know if that’s
a thousand or a million. Two people bid on it. Man, that look like a bad kid. Look at him. What’s all
that [bleep] on his head? Man, this is made Channel 8 News. I’m surprised eBay didn’t take this down. I don’t think you’re allowed
your kids, or anybody’s kids. I know, I know, it’s sucks. How lit would that be though? If you just like pop them out,
sell them for a million a pop. I know it’s so [bleep] up, but I’m
just saying like the possibility, like… If you could actually sell kids. Haunted Child’s old toy
lamb, seeks dead girl. Okay, this is another thing
that people do on eBay. They sell haunted [bleep] for only $14.99. You can have a haunted lamb to
snuggle with on those cold nights. It’s so dirty too.
You don’t know where that’s been. Probably, popped
out of a dead girl’s coochie. I often sit and wonder,
what is the meaning of life? Oh my God! For only $10.50, you can
literally buy The Meaning of Life. I wonder what it was though. Oh, it’s from Florida. After you pay for it, they’re
gonna send you an email that says, “cocaine,” that’s it. For only $85,000, you can buy
one slightly used roll of nice, white, soft toilet paper. [bleep] is that one ply? Is that really a one ply
toilet paper for $85,000? Absolutely disgusting! That ain’t nice, and that ain’t soft. Reported for clickbait. Sarah Palin signed autograph Xbox 360. Starting bid at over a million dollars? Bro, it’s Sarah Palin signature.>>Heads are spinning.>>For a million dollars? No, thank you. Y’all couldn’t even do
free shipping either? I hate when there’s no free shipping. Makes me not wanna buy it. Well, it’s not like I want
to buy it to begin with. Cow Dung Cake. Hundred percent natural product. Natural as in straight
out of the cows [bleep] . Ten people sold this. What do you do with it? What do you do with a cow dung cake? Do you feed it to somebody? You give it to your worst
enemy like, “Here you go. I made you your favorite
chocolate oatmeal cookie.” And then you watch them choke
and die after they take a bite. Gorilla Hot Cheeto. $999,000. I don’t even know how
to say this damn number. Put me back in school. Gorilla Hot Cheetos. Rare. One-of-a-kind Cheetos. Harambe. Oh my God!
Y’all remember Harambe? Rest in Peace.
Bless his poor soul. After Harambe passed away, somebody
found a hot Cheeto shaped like him. Oh my God, there’s people that actually
made an offer on this and bought it. Wait, that’s the winning bid! Somebody actually paid that much for it. Almost $100,000 for a hot Cheeto. Man, what’s Elon Musk gonna do with it? Like put it in a glass box? Put it as a display in his house? A hundred thousand. I want you to sit here and think
of all the stuff that you could buy with $100,000, and somebody
spent it on a [bleep] hot Cheeto, that kind of looks like a gorilla. Disgusting. Each day we stray
further from God’s light. Each day we stray further. Haunted old doll. Need gone. ASAP. If you need it gone,
why not throw it away? Burn it! Instead you sitting here,
trying to sell it on eBay. If it’s haunted, say yetus
to the fetus, throw it out. Set that mother[bleep] on fire. Throw it in your neighbor’s yard. Put it in a Goodwill box. But no, I’m trying to get
a paycheck out of this. A piece of cardboard shaped
a bit like an iPhone 5 – used. No way this is legit. $153,000 for a piece of cardboard. But because it said shaped a bit
like an iPhone 5, [gasp] I’ll take 20. This literally gave me ebola. Statue of Liberty torch
shaped purple cabbage. One-of-a-kind. Weird. Free shipping though. Doesn’t that make you wanna buy it? This is a little more modest. $124. There’s a bug on my camera. I squished it with–
Where is it? Where did it go? I like squished it,
but I’m not sure if it died. Bro, of all the things,
the Statue of Liberty torch. Man, this is so dumb. Invisibility Cloak, the same
used by Harry Potter. I’m holding it in the first photo,
and wearing it in the second photo. Oh my God! It actually works. Hundred percent authentic guaranteed. You know, the same one
that Harry Potter uses. It obviously works. Look, he’s completely
invisible in the second pic. For only $300, man, that’s a steal. You got a hot Cheeto selling
for one hundred thousand, but you could get and invisibility cloak
for literally $300. What a world we live in. Justin Bieber’s right
Yeezy from Purpose Stadium. How did somebody get his shoe? Did he literally start running,
and it fell off like Cinderella? Damn, imagine in the old days,
if they got eBay, somebody would have
taken Cinderella’s glass sandal, and just put it up on eBay. Like, custom glass sandal 500,000! What happened to the good old
days of you know, getting things back to its rightful owner? No, we don’t do that anymore. But yeah $5,000, and you can
have Justin Bieber’s right Yeezy. What about the left though? I wonder if some fangirl bought it,
put her whole face inside the shoe, and took a big [bleep] whiff. When you got a hot
sister but need some money. Date my sister, 27. Out of condition, used. This guy put his sister for sale on eBay. Well, not her, but like a date with her. So it’s like, you can’t keep her,
but you can like borrow her, but you know, I get the
money, and we Gucci. Logan Paul’s Thiee skin. Thiee? Thigh? Ew, that’s disgusting. If this is actually dead skin,
I don’t care if it’s Logan Paul’s, I don’t care what Jake Paul’s,
I don’t care if it’s KSI’s. It’s dead skin. Ew! Oh, finally. I think I got something that
we can all agree is worth it. Mummified cat slam
dunking a mummified bird. If that don’t say savage,
I don’t know what is. For only $750, you could
get this masterpiece. Man, this is [bleep] up. A cat slam-dunking a bird? LeBron, you gotta chill. This guy sold advertising
space on his forehead. So he was like, “Hey,
what’s up companies? Hit me up!” “Whatever company is gonna pay off first, I’ll let you tattoo
your logo on my forehead.” Man, you need money that bad. $37,000, a snoring company
tattooed their logo on his head. Alright. He sure has a head for business. A Dorito shaped like the Pope’s hat. I swear, this is how like
89% of Doritos look like. I bet you could give me
a pack of Doritos right now, I would find at least five “Pope Hats.” It’s sold for $1,200. The same person who bought the
Virgin Mary French toast bought this. Y’all wild for this. William Shatner’s kidney stone. That is disgusting. $25,000 for a damn kidney stone. Imagine being a celebrity,
popping a pimple, and then selling that pimple
juice for thousands of dollar. Man, why can’t regular people do that? If none of this stuff is for you,
we got an autograph air guitar. Get it? Air guitar. It ain’t like a regular guitar. It’s an air guitar. That means it’s made
of all the particles in the air. For only $15,
this air guitar can be yours. Ghost in a jar. Somebody selling a ghost in a jar. It’s a jar of air. Well, somebody listed it
for $56,000 saying, “It ain’t just any jar of air.
It’s a ghost in a jar of air.” Absolutely disgusting. Alright. The last one. This is so dumb. All of these are so dumb I swear. If you guys think these are really dumb, make sure you hit that
like button in the face! The right to name a baby. Yes, you heard me. Wow, it doesn’t say. But basically, this family
made an eBay listing for someone to pay to name their kid. So they was like, “I’m pregnant. I’m about to pop out
this baby any second now. I want someone to pay me
$40,000 to name my baby.” And somebody did. I don’t know why it doesn’t
say the name of the baby, but that’s crazy. First of all, who would pay that
much to name some random child? Second of all, I hope they
named it something stupid. Like Ligma Jr. But anyways, that’s all for today. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did, make sure to hit
that like button in the face! And subscribe, join the Wolf Pack. I love you guys so much. Thanks for watching. Bye guys!


  1. { 4:46 } I thought of what you could spend 100,000 dollars on: SPEND IT AT GUCCI OR BUY A ROLEX or maybe even a good EDUCTION for your special child ( if you own one )

  2. Last time I heard the going price for a child on the black market was like 28,000.00 usd. I do not suggest selling your kids but you asked.

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