Warface – Auction House Guide – How to Buy Items

Hello everyone, welcome to this video introducing you to our brand new auction house system. Our auction house system went live around the same time as the Anubis game update and you’ll find it on our website, warface.com To use the Auction House, you’ll need to be logged into your account so enter your email address and password and click on login. Once you’ve done that successfully, select shop and then select Auction House. The next thing to check is your current realm. Inventories are different on each realm in Warface and as a result if you buy something on North America you’ll only be able to use it on North America. If you buy something on Europe, you’ll only be able to use it on Europe and so on. To sell items on the Auction House you must be at least level 13 as you can see here I’m not level 13 on the Turkish realm and therefore my access is denied to sell any items. So instead, I switch back to Europe which is my main server. The auction house at present has 5 different filters ‘Ending Soonest’, ‘Most recent auctions’, ‘Most popular auctions’ and then sorting by price in both ascending and descending order. The most popular auctions are determined by how many bids have been placed and you’ll usually find some cool items in that filter. Here I decide to take a quick look at the Gold CCR Honey Badger and see that it’s had 46 bids so far and it’s currently at 2600 Kredits The minimum you can increase your bid by on the Warface auction house is 10 Kredits but with an item like this increasing the maximum bid by 10 Kredits won’t last very long so I decide to bid 3000 Kredits A confirmation box then appears to make sure you haven’t accidentally entered 30 million Kredits and once you’re happy you can click on the orange ‘Make a bid’ button. You’ll be told whether your bid is successful or not and your Warface Kredit balance will be instantly deducted. With the Kredits that you’ve bid being set into a separate account. To see this, select your profile and then select Auction bids. It will show you all of the items you’re currently bidding on and how many Kredits you’ve bid on those items. Moving into ‘Ending Soonest’, you’ll often find some cracking deals on Warface items. Here I’ve spotted the R16A4 listed twice, one with a current bid of 500 and one with a current bid of only 200 so I decide to check that one out! There’s only 2 and a half minutes to go and I fancy my chances at getting a bargain so once there’s only a minute left, I start to make my bids, beginning at 290 and this is where the fun starts! You’ll get a notification every time you’re outbid and be given the opportunity to instantly bid above them. Towards the end of popular auctions this will result in a flurry of bidding. Which adds a great deal of excitement to the end of the auction. If you’ve got quick fingers and are willing to go the distance you’ll hopefully end up winning the auction. If you refresh the page once the timer has ran out and see that you are still currently the highest bidder that means you’ve won the item and the auction is currently processing If you want to double check this you can head on into the auction house, select ‘My Auctions’ and then click on ‘Auctions you’ve won’ Here I can see that I’ve definitely won the R16A4 and after a short while refreshing the page will give you your congratulations message. It does state however that sometimes it can take a little while for your item to show up in your in-game inventory. But when it does, you can equip it straight away and take it into the safe house for a spin. One of my favorite things about the R16A4 of course, is that it has an under barrel grenade launcher which you can equip from the rail selection in the customize menu press 1 on my keyboard to switch firing modes and then blast the targets apart!

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  1. Warface devs can i play in EU server being in Baltic states ? I know about mail.ru version but i wanna auction but in mail.ru there arren't auction

  2. Warface, I am well past the level to buy and sell. the issue I'm running into is on your website it says EU, im located in North America but it is not letting me change my server on your website and isnt letting me place bids. HELP!! I've searched the web for answers and found nothing, any leads will help tremendously. THANK YOU

  3. Hello recently I sold my helmet eart shaker recently was an engineer now I get into my account and says I have nothing, I sold it to 800 K, I really feel cheated by warface, I would like to help me, I do not know how to communicate With you but it is by this means, I have already bought things and I have never had a problem but this time I need help

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