VNTA Vancouver’s Next Top Agent Episode 3: Buyer Beware

Previously on Vancouver’s Next Top Agent the contestants were taken through the nightmare staging challenge some gave their honest feedback Conrad: I um, I thought she should be fired and some… Mark: What do you guys think? Sal: beautiful, beautiful, yeah Paul: Exquisite Three contestants’ dreams were crushed six remain and their quest to become Vancouver’s Next Top Agent continues now Hi, I’m Mark Wiens and I’m always ready to sell but I’m facing a challenge I’m just too busy selling so I need Vancouver’s Next Top agent to join my team but where could they be? I’ve tried all the usual methods but with over 14,000 agents in Vancouver it’s tough to find the right candidate and then it dawned on me, of course! I’ve been looked at all the wrong places the only rational thing to do is what I should have done for the very beginning create a reality TV show and find Vancouver’s Next Top Agent Mark: it’s the start of day two and I feel relieved and I feel excited Samantha: not being eliminated yesterday has me in good spirits Conrad: I decided to put a suit on because everyone was dressed to the nines yesterday Jordan: I didn’t get much sleep last night Sal: yeah, looking forward for the challenges of today Toby: I am very excited Angela: I have no idea what’s gonna happen for today’s challenge Mark: good morning and welcome to day two how does everybody feel? All: great, great Mark: good we’re gonna need all of that energy today because we have an unbelievable opportunity today, you will be given the chance to sell a real town home to a real buyer There’s only one complex right now that in my mind that sets itself apart from the competition and that is the Shaughnessy Residences by Alabaster Homes We will go there and you will be given an
information sheet and three minutes to go through the unit you will take in all the information and you’ll need that because there is a real Buyer looking to buy a unit there today one by one you will take them through the unit where you will have five minutes to sell them you’re gonna have to improvise it’s going to be very difficult you’re going to need the skills to become Vancouver’s Next Top Agent good luck! Toby: I think we need to go down as well Mark: today we have one incredible challenge before the contestants leave for the town home we’re gonna take their phones away so they can’t do any research whatsoever they’re gonna go to the town home and they’re going to get an information sheet Toby Singing: going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married Singing: Then we’re going to make up lyrics Singing: all the way to Marpole Mark: and they’re going to have 3 minutes to go around the townhome, make notes, do whatever they’ve gonna do then there’s gonna be a knock at the door from someone that they believe is a real buyer it’s actually Winston Chan who is a huge player in Vancouver real estate and he’s also the marketing director for Alabaster Homes and Shaughnessy Residences because of the time constraints that we have there is no way at all that the contestants can, can know all the knowledge so it’s going to be really interesting to see when Winston asks them specific questions that they do not know the answers to, what they do are they gonna try to cover it up? are they gonna lie? are they going to guess? or are they going to say they don’t know it’s okay to say you don’t know what’s not okay is making up facts sell, but sell honestly Mark: Hi Sal Sal: Hello Mark Mark: How are you doing? Sal: Good man, how are you? Mark: Awesome Mark: Hi Angela Angela: Good morning Mark: Good morning Mark: Hi Toby Toby: Hi, Mark Mark: Hi Samantha Samantha: Hi Mark Mark: Hi Jordan Jordan: Hey Mark Mark: Hi Conrad, come on in Conrad: Hi Mark Mark: Good to see you Mark: …very well. This is your information sheet Sal: Right Mark: your three minutes start now, take a look Sal: Alright Mark: and good luck Sal: Thank you so much Mark: No problem I need more time to go through the property to learn about it and to learn all about all of the features Sal: (whispers) Nice Sal: (whispering quietly) Angela: I think it’s always better for me to look around the house first and focus on the information after Toby: I’m, right now I’m freaked out I don’t…the time constraints are so close it’s going to be tough Samantha: I’m a little nervous to try and run around the townhouse and figure out everything that’s in there as well as memorizing a few paragraphs on a sheet Jordan: I’m terrible at reading really quickly kind of freaking out, I’m like okay so let’s have a look Conrad: So I kind of wanted to just make sure I knew where the bedrooms were…the appliances oh the master domain – gorgeous maybe look at the sheet and get a couple factors of what were important I should try some of this on clearly they don’t have my size Jordan: Alexa… turn on mood music there’s Alexa and Nest so I just wanted to test that out sat down for a little bit and tried to get Alexa working No? Not working? she wasn’t listening to me Alexa turn on Mood Music by Spotify it’s just not working turn on Brain Food on Spotify Alexa! Mark: Your three minutes are up the buyer will be here shortly Sal: all right Mark: Good luck Sal Sal: Thank you Jordan: Hi there Samantha: how are you? Sal: hello there, my name is Sal , how are you? Winston: Winston Sal: Winston I meet the buyer at the door and I’m a little bit surprised because I’m expecting to meet at least a couple people Sal: do you work from home or do you work from your office? Winston: a combination okay that’s good and do you have any kids if you don’t mind me asking? Winston: I do and I was just about the school catchment Sal: fantastic, there are a few schools around and there are two kids rooms and a couple of home offices designed in the home. Angela: and the school catchment is Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School Conrad: So this is a home by Alba, Albaster (mispronounces) so today I can’t say a lot of words very well so I usually have to practice that quite a bit he um, yes there are three townhomes left in this complex he’s one of the top town home developers in the city of Vancouver Toby: yes it’s the Shaughnessy Residences by Alabaster Development um… very reputable um… developers As I’m walking through the house I’m just I feel like I’m really doing well at being nervous Winston: Are they new developers or are they from Vancouver and have been here for a while? Toby: No, they are established Jordan: gas stove, and all your appliances are integrated with your cabinets Winston: what brand do we have? Jordan: The brand… right off the bat he’s asking me all these questions I’m like aaaahhhugh I’m not too sure uuughhaugh, I don’t know oh, Miele Angela: and here, we have all Miele appliances Conrad: and um the luxury of this, these Shaughnessy townhomes is, is to die for so are you looking for just yourself or? Winston: no its for my family um, are we looking at a three bedroom here? Jordan: this is a three bedroom, yes Winston: Its a three bedroom Jordan: yes Winston: okay Who did the staging? This is awesome…impressive Samantha: he’s asking a couple questions that I wasn’t positive on so I just gave the classic like I’ll look right into it and I’ll get right back to you as soon as possible I’m actually not positive on the staging but I can definitely look into that and get back to you Winston: okay Winston: Do you know what exposure we have right now? the front door is facing…? Sal: I am terrible at geographical directions so that was that was definitely a little bit stressful The front door is facing north I believe Winston: okay Sal: yeah, yeah, yeah Winston: This is quite interesting Angela: uh sorry god, I missed it Samantha: another bedroom here Winston: Oh, this is a bedroom? Winston: oh, it looks like an office/ den Samantha: He asked me about one of the bedrooms, thinking it was a den and I was sure all my answers there and explaining to him what the difference is well it does have a closet, right? so you could count it as like a little bedroom? You know? so technically usually a den doesn’t have a closet or anything, or anything for storage so you could…yeah Sal: you said you sometimes work from home this could be… Winston: This is perfect Sal: Then we get to the second office space
slash den And there is another office space I totally forgot about that so I already presented the office and then we got to the second office and I’m like f*** this is the second office, what can he use it for? this could be a great spot for you to focus on your creative projects or your hobbies Jordan: I told him there were three bedrooms then I realised there were four…I was like aw crap sorry, this is a four bedroom. so there’s three bedrooms on this level and the master bedroom is upstairs wait until you see the master Conrad: well I’ll take you for a look upstairs now I mean you do have the master domain
for you and your wife I always say master domain or where the magic happens cause that’s usually what goes on in a master bedroom take a look at the bedroom here, this is a king-sized bed so you can see it’s still quite spacious in
this room Toby: I was pretty stoked to show him the master bedroom because that really impressed me head there first, though there’s a surprise behind us we’re not gonna look right away Sal: the thing about these townhouses is, Winston, there only three remaining so all of the others have been sold, only three remaining and the prices are starting from $1.9 (million) Winston: yes, so for my, I was asking earlier, like uh so elementary school and secondary school they’re fairly close by? Sal: five minutes drive…….elementary school Mark: your time is up, Sal Sal: Yeah, alright, thank you Mark: nice to meet you, how are you doing? Winston: Mark, how are you? Mark: very well thank you Sal: yeah I could have asked more questions from Winston Toby: oh! Mark: Your time is up. I hope you’re ready to buy Toby: he’s buying it Mark : (offscreen) Your time is up Samantha: I wish that I would have looked at the sheet a little more when I was in the townhouse during the tour I am just so used to relying on my knowledge Angela: I was, I was a bit off with the timing Angela: But actually the… Mark: your time is up Angela: Sorry (laughs) Mark: what a better place to finish than up here it is gorgeous Conrad: it is like, this is kind of nice to have the whole privacy up here and then the children are oh hi Mark, how are you doing? Mark: speaking of privacy I’m here to burst your privacy bubble Conrad: oh well Mark: awesome Winston: send me the email about where the schools are Mark: looks like you guys are just finishing up five minutes is done Jordan: perfect yeah I don’t know I’m not… I’m kind of in a mixed feeling right now and hoping there’s another challenge today Sal: watch the stairs, okay? Winston: thank you Sal: thank you, have a good day Mark: hey guys, how are you doing? All: (unenthusiastically) good Mark: good how do you feel about that challenge? it was pretty tough eh? it’s a gorgeous place but a bit more preparation would probably help you out well Alabaster Homes, obviously a fantastic developer very well known in Vancouver and I’m so pleased that we actually have the sales manager of Alabaster Homes here, he’s gonna come out in just a second All: (shocked) ahhh, what? Conrad: then Mark brings Winston into the kitchen Winston: hello everybody Samantha: I’m shocked Mark: good to see you Winston: thanks for having me Mark: my absolute pleasure so let me introduce to you Winston Chan a real estate mogul in Vancouver he is, he is the mover and the shaker and I’m gonna let him just give you a few words Samantha: honestly I’m so happy that I didn’t know exactly who he was or else I would have been ten times more nervous Winston: you guys, you know, impressive you guys nailed different parts of Alabaster Homes in many different ways so in that short time of reviewing whatever notes you had awesome, you guys did very well thank you so much for being here today Contestants: thank you, a pleasure, thanks perhaps you can bring some clients to us Sal: so are you buying this or? Toby: he’s buying through me alright, so Winston: I’m a tough negotiator Mark: awesome, well Winston thank you so much for coming in Winston: thank you Mark: it sounds like Winston was very impressed him and I are going to be deliberating about your performances and we’re going to have some decisions to make good luck I want to hear that the person came across confident they were inviting, they were not aggressive and they were likeable contestants cannot learn those soft skills they either have it or they don’t Mark: so Winston, you’ve had a chance to go through with all the contestants Winston: all of them have potential Mark: okay Winston: they are all trainable, they are eager they have the energy level to learn Mark: awesome Winston: which is a great thing Mark: so overall a very positive impression from the whole group what did you think about Sal? Winston: Sal, was very calm he was not nervous at all Angela had the knowledge of the school district actually she was the only one who pointed out I mentioned that I had a daughter a school-age daughter and she she actually said Winston Churchill as a school in this catchment so she was listening to what your needs were and she was addressing them yes Toby was nervous okay yes but he would joke about it and it would make it lighter which was good as well Mark: okay Winston: he didn’t know everything and he was very honest about it Mark: So Samantha Samantha is confident Mark: anything that she said specifically that made her more confident or was just her demeanour? Winston: demeanor absolutely Jordan, I think he was flustered when I asked him how many bedrooms there was and he said three Mark: okay Winston: but later on he corrected himself that it’s four Mark: okay well that makes sense I’d be flustered too if that happened…interesting Conrad, good confidence level but lacking in product knowledge Mark: okay, and how did that come out? well I guess Conrad made it sound like I’m Mr. Alabaster Mark: well you are, aren’t you? Winston: I wish I could Winston: Conrad did mention Marpole in Shaugnessy or something like that Mark: okay so he got mixed up geographically between Marpole and Shaugnessy Mark: right where we are in the Marpole area but on Shaughnessy Street so after meeting all the contestants was there any clear
front-runner from the group? in terms of all the contestants they’re all
outstanding in their own different ways but Sal and Samantha Mark: Sal and Samantha Toby: as soon as I saw him I was oh my gosh
I need to buy new underwear Samantha: I mean obviously like I would rather have been way more knowledgeable for him but at
the end of the day I can’t take back what happened Jordan: What’s up Tobs? Toby: sup Jordan? How do you think you did? Jordan: awesome…..I think I’m going home Toby: What? Jordan: I’m not feeling the best about my performance.
I felt like I could have probably done better Toby: I do not believe that yourself Sal? Sal: yeah man Sal: We have no idea. The challenges have been done
individually you never know how the others have done Jordan: The confidence! Toby: I don’t know what’s going on pretty worried because I didn’t quite get to really show him the
home if I was prepared Mark: a huge reason that I’m so glad that
Winston is on this show is because I completely trust his judgment. He has the
experience, he has the expertise he has the skills I want his feedback at the same time, I’m hiring for my team not for his at the end of the day I need to be
completely comfortable that this person that moves on is someone that I can see
myself with as part of my team and grow forward even if they are the best candidate but I can’t see them fit
into that team I can’t take them this is not necessarily to say who is the best agent it’s who is the best fit for Mark Wiens so Winston identified two contestants as being the top two Samantha wowed him right away with her ability to feel comfortable and welcome and Winston also said that he really liked Sal that he was probably the second best out of everybody so considering that Winston identified Sal as being one of the top two the logical thing for me to do would be to have him carry on in this process I like Angela a lot she brings so much to the table some of the feedback was that she was nervous
during the challenge this morning Jordan had the worst feedback today from the challenge so should he go? Well technically, maybe, but number one Alabaster Homes, this Shaughnessy
Residence is all about technology and the integration I had feedback that Jordan tried to use the smart home technology that is at the
Shaughnessy residences but the crew turned the mic off so he’s floundering
around trying to get it to work because obviously that’s an amazing thing to
do I mean its a huge selling point but he can’t do it so he’s spending his time doing that
and he’s getting thrown off so I think at the very beginning he had such a great idea,
it didn’t quite work out so he was at a disadvantage now this show is not just about the individual challenges I’m watching all the time this brain is a turning so Jordan has more than what you’re seeing on this show as a viewer I’m pretty sure, I’m pretty sure Conrad spoke really fast and had a hard time actually even pronouncing Alabaster that being said is that a cardinal sin? of course it’s not Conrad did so well the
first day and it seems that he gets along really well with everybody Toby was quite nervous feedback about Toby was also he was very funny,
he was cracking jokes that can be a huge positive from my own experience I know that joking too much can be a negative I think someone like Toby who is incredibly humorous, very witty, that’s
probably something easy for him to go to is there room on Mark Wiens’ team for
two funny guys? I want to say yes because I like funny people at the same time I want people whose skills are complimentary I like to think I’m pretty funny so Conrad: I’m assuming I’m gonna get my
sticker first Jordan: there is a good chance I’m
going home Angela: I think I did well for the challenge Toby: right now I feel I’m at a huge risk Mark: welcome to the Sticker Ceremony just like in real life, in this process your ability to sell your listings will be
the determination if you succeed or not in my hands I have four SOLD stickers that means that two of you will not have a SOLD sticker on your sign Sal: we all thought it’s going to be only one so very nervous Samantha: and just to throw it in
our face again two people yeah, the nerves definitely shot up Mark: today was an incredibly difficult process because I really want to take everybody so my decision today is based partially on the feedback I received from Winston, who is
very trusted he told me that he would hire each and every one of you to be
part of his sales team however he’s not hiring for his team I’m hiring for mine so part of that comes down to intuition and that’s something that’s intangible and I have to make a decision so, the first sticker goes to Samantha Samantha: I was so happy that I didn’t have to
stand in that line any longer so Winston really thought that you gave a wonderful first impression obviously everybody suffered at some point through it but that first impression, he thought this is somebody that I like someone that I feel comfortable
around and that did really well for you so congratulations Samantha: thank you Mark: you’re welcome Toby: every name that’s getting called and it’s not mine I’m just freaking out like I was already planning my route home what drive through I’m gonna go pass by to
drown my sorrows with Conrad come forward Conrad: I feel good that I got my sticker and I
got my sticker second because in my picking order I’m still feeling okay for
another day and then it’s gonna be game on it’s still game on, but I just feel
like I’m gonna be okay for another day I hope Mark: you had great energy I think that at some point maybe that energy could maybe be toned down just a little bit
but the fact that you have it means you can control it and a lot of people don’t
have that to begin with so congratulations Conrad: thank you so much Mark: you’re welcome Toby: okay, so I’m definitely thinking Church’s… maybe some McDonald’s
fries on the way home Mark: Toby, come forward Toby: so relieved Mark: so the feedback I got from Winston honestly was mixed he said that you seemed a little bit nervous I certainly would have been nervous in that process, but he said that
you were able to overcome that at the end of the day when we asked what do you
think what Toby, he knew exactly who you were which means you were memorable,
that’s great congratulations Toby: Thank you you’re welcome Angela: I think I’m gonna be one of them it’s just how it is, I have a gut feeling you
know girls with our intuitions and this is the most difficult part again I wish that I had two extra ones here so the third and last sold sticker goes to Jordan Jordan: no way, I still here guys Mark: to be honest the feedback, I got it was a little bit
mixed but I have a feeling that there is so much more that you have to bring and I really look forward to seeing that in the next few days here congratulations Jordan: awesome, thanks Mark Mark: you’re welcome my pleasure Angela: oh my god I can buy a sticker sticker for myself Sal, Angela Angela: No, I’m kidding, I wish I could get one Sal: I’m feeling grateful it was unbelievable to meet you and I would definitely want to do work with you outside of this competition unfortunately your listing has expired Angela: it’s it’s okay I can still work with Mark like he said and I am very thrilled for this opportunity Sal: I think everyone who stayed in the show deserved to stay in the show I really thought they had what it takes to be a successful real estate agent Mark: Andrew! Sal: I met Mark for the first time talking about this show and honestly like knowing him in person
I really respect him now he’s down-to-earth, humble, yet really
professional and gets things done so just great to get to meet him it was great to work with him with the crew and with everyone in the show Angela: I’m very happy that I have a chance to be on the show Angela, thank you again so much you are wonderful, my pleasure thank you Angela: thanks…good luck everybody! Toby Jordan Conrad Samantha you’re down to the final four you are ahead of more than 50% of the competitors here after a couple really tough eliminations but from here it gets even tougher so whatever you brought before, bring twice,
bring three times, four times as much but I’m totally confident you’re gonna blow
me away again tomorrow it’s gonna be amazing good luck guys Jordan: I think through the last couple of days are gonna be even tougher Samantha: I’m just waiting to see you what Mark has this sleeve next Toby: going into day three of the competition I think the best runner-up is gonna be that fluffy Asian guy Toby I believe he’s called Conrad: Samantha got her sticker first today
and I don’t know if this means anything but does that mean she’s number one? Like
that’s it hasn’t been clarified yet so I’m happy for her cuz I’d like her to be
my number two Mark: good luck guys I’m really excited for this I think that Jordan is gonna shine if you’re gonna tell me who’s gonna step up their game here Jordan in day three is gonna be the winner and if he’s not the winner if
he’s not the best of the top two it’s it’s gonna be a tough decision next time on Vancouver’s Next Top Agent: the contestants are pitted head-to-head
in a ruthless winner-takes-all negotiation challenge who will buckle under the pressure he’s done he’s dead on arrival and who will shine? Samantha: I am shaking in my little boots Find out next time on Vancouver’s Next Top Agent

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