Violin ‘played’ as the Titanic sank sold at auction for £900,000

Right? Any more bids coming back in at £900,000? 900 for the first time. For the second time.
At £900,000, we’re going. It’s not about the cash. It’s about what it
is. It’s the most iconic there is. It’s history. It’s a brave man. The money is secondary. It is a very valuable item. There is no doubt
about that. Wallace Hartley was a very, very brave young man as were a lot of men and women
when Titanic sank. The violin epitomises everything about that young man. He was a competent swimmer.
He did his job, and when he was finished doing his job, he knew there was no place in the
lifeboat. He put his life jacket on, put this in his bag, tied this to himself, got in the
water, I think with every intention of surviving.

32 comments on “Violin ‘played’ as the Titanic sank sold at auction for £900,000

  1. I honestly wouldn't pay more than a tenner for that. I hope the buyer uses it as a bath toy for his kid. Put the violin where it belongs, in the water…

  2. Wallace Hartley was my great,great grandfather…still have original photo's of him playing in the ballroom on the Titanic…

  3. That is a lie, no music played as the ship sunk; thar was musicians thar but they did not play music; even in the 1980's titanic survivors said that no music was played when the ship sunk

  4. This violin – if it actually belonged to Wallace Heartly – should be in a museum along with the other items recovered from the Titanic, not in private hands.

  5. Heresay SAYS it was strapped to his body… it was NEVER documented by the recovery team who meticulously wrote every single content of every single pocket and purse of every single body recovered from the freezing Atlantic Ocean waters… EXCEPT for Mr. Wallace.. I believe it is his violin, just not the one he had aboard the H.M.S. Titanic. His dear (widowed) fiance may have wanted the story out that THIS VIOLIN was with him as he played in the final moments of the ship's tragic sinking. My immediate question was this: If he was on deck playing "Nearer My God To Thee," as one of the survivor's claimed, WHEN DID HE HAVE TIME TO GO TO HIS ROOM & FETCH A SATCHEL WITH HIS INITIALS ON IT TO PLACE HIS BELOVED VIOLIN INTO? Why didn't he just place it in it's reg. violin CASE to jump over the side of the ship with?

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