Video Showing Officers Arresting Woman Selling Churros Goes Viral

9 comments on “Video Showing Officers Arresting Woman Selling Churros Goes Viral

  1. No food handling license people pay for this license people pay for an education to get the license and she is breaking the law what if she did not make the food right people will get sick and die multiple times she was told to leave the subway she has multiple tickets for violating the law now I hope she does jail time is no excuse for breaking the law if you don't like the law change the law but the law will be enforced in New York City at all times

  2. People need to get the proper license and food handlers certification. People are rediculous . Obey and respect law enforcement.

  3. She needs a food handlers license. I payed and took a test to get mines. Im sorry I dont feel bad. Thats the law someone can just go buy a truck and start selling food also I guess. She needs a license and to know the laws. Someone kid eats one of them things and dies then what. I guess she trying make a living huh. If she was issued multiple violations and still doing it she needs to be arrested. Law is law. If I had to study 15 chapters and go to 125th Street in New York pay to take my food handler's license she can do the same!!

  4. This woman and the rest of her family are all there almost every day sometimes eight people all selling churros or mangos like it’s a freaking bazar in Tijuana. I’ve bought once from her and had an extreme heartburn for the rest of the day. There are rules to protect the public for a reason otherwise it would create mayhem. What people don’t realize that most rules were enacted only after someone was seriously injured or died so yes they are written with blood. My final piece of advice for all the people jumping to conclusions because anger is the easiest emotion get to know the fact first and will be able to understand life better.

  5. People who are making "law abiding" and health hazard claims: Did you ever NOT drive 26 in 25 mile zone? According to the law, you put other people in danger, and must pay fine for each violation.

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