[Video] Blancco Mobile Retail

Introducing Blancco Mobile Retail: an app
that helps retailers accurately assess the condition of mobile devices online or in-store. With Blancco Mobile Retail, you can choose
from and combine a variety of workflows to create a customized solution that meets your needs. These workflows give retailers the ability to: • Offer insurance coverage options & reduce fraud by accurately assessing device condition remotely. • Offer the proper value for devices during
the buy-back/trade-in process –at home or in-store. • Reduce No Fault/Trouble Found returns
and increase customer satisfaction with the Returns Reduction workflow. AND
• Provide cross-platform wireless content transfers — no hardware required with the Content Transfer workflow. With the Buy-back/Trade-in workflow, you can: • Provide accurate device valuation in real-time
– based on functional tests and cosmetic grade, carrier, lock status and more. • Configure trade-in prices and cosmetic
questions to fit your unique needs. • Include personalized next steps
for at-home/in-store device return. AND
• Facilitate omnichannel delivery with an app that’s entirely App & Play Store compatible. When your customers are ready to switch over
from their old devices, you can use the content transfer workflow to: • Perform fast, cross-platform wireless
content transfers, with no hardware required. AND
• Initiate multiple wireless content transfers at once, even in busy retail environments. You can also reduce the risk of No Trouble
(or Fault) Found returns by using the Returns Reduction workflow to: • Perform a quick and objective assessment
of the condition of the device remotely or in-store, without the risk of human error,
using a comprehensive suite of configurable automated and assisted tests. • Once the process is complete, you can
present personalized next steps for at-home or in-store device return. • Record and provide NTF/NFF
data to inform end-to-end visibility from the end-user to the manufacturer. Finally, here’s a chance to catch the 90% of customers who leave your retail stores without mobile insurance. With Blancco Mobile Insurance, you can now
offer device insurance at point-of-sale or anytime throughout the customer lifecycle-
with a customer app or browser solution. Here’s how it works. First, the customer gets an insurance price (based on real-time, back-end data your company specifies.) Then, it’s time to test the condition of
the device through a set of configurable tests. From LCD screen testing to “cracked glass”
testing, you’ll receive the information you need to offer the right amount of protection
and reduce fraudulent claims. Learn how you can improve customer satisfaction
& maximize profits with Blancco Mobile Solutions. Visit the link now.

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