Ultra-Rich Douchey Purchases

so let’s be up on a ranch how does that
sound you dirty liberals you alternate had an article about someone
the most ridiculist: and do she est items that the mega-rich indulge in so let’s go through a couple here how
about this one try THIS on for size the powder room restaurant in Los
Angeles is selling a milkshake for five hundred
dollars five hundred dollar milkshake for your
money you get quote special stuff edible gold who wants to eat golden when you get
heavy metal poisoning there’s no way that actual goal Belgian
chocolate and a crystal ring yeah here’s my idea of a good milkshake one that doesn’t cost five hundred
dollars five dollars is too much for a god damn
milkshake now look if you think this is bad we are
just getting started by what I can see I mean there’s plenty people are five
hundred dollars are they willing to spend on whatever the fuck they wanna
spend it on I’m not saying you buy an expensive
milkshakes buy them if you want to I’m just saying it kinda do she but that just doesn’t work like that
even the though worst one in fact that’s the least bad
one but continue if you’re Hungary along with a milkshake the floor their lease restaurant in Las
Vegas at Mandalay Bay has a five thousand dollar burger and it’s not even a cheeseburger it’s a
hamburger for christ sake at least throw on some
mozzarella is america never gonna charge somebody five thousand dollars but I don’t worry cuz you get your
money’s worth because it comes with a bottle of wine with it are a bottle a wine with the bird then I
can see five thousand dollars and it has truffle sauce truffle sauce yet again I think you’re spending more
than 15 bucks on a murder you might have made a horrendous mistake
but just getting warmed up there’s another
restaurant in New York it’s a wall street hang out
so you can realize how bad this is gonna be call now lol we actually covered the
story on the show before but 95 thousand dollar truffle 95 thousand-dollar
truffle now you’re probably thinking well yeah
that’s expensive and that’s absurd but don’t worry because nobody born in 20 crazy ninety five thousand dollars up
back in trouble anybody that insane based on 12 a Russian billionaire
oligarch now of course the flip side of that is if anybody in the world can afford it
it’s a Russian billionaire oligarch I forget the exact number this guy’s
word I think it’s about seventeen billion dollars so that such a tiny percentage in his
paycheck but it still I mean think about all that money coulda done I mean that money put you in like the top 5 percent of
income earners in the US for a four-year and so what he spent on a truffle how
many starving kids can you feel how many people can you give health care to you a he gets worse how about a bottle of wine the Lake Los
wine shop in Dubai International Airport its a
2009 Chateau Margaux you one bottle wine sells for all 195 thousand dollars you can buy a gorgeous beach
house for that amount of money you can buy up
3500 square foot condo in los vegas but somebody would spend it on just a
bottle wine that’s wonderful how about the Henry
grieves a super complication watch it’s called the
most complicated watch on planet Earth this is a fascinating so
how much did it sell for in 1999 zones even a while ago this money would be
even worth more now 11 million dollars yes you heard me right to watch that actually sold for eleven million
are so many more Tony 111 million if I can watch now I know they say it’s the most
complicated watch in the world but in less that watch blows me has sex with me cleans my house coach my meals takes on
my garbage and it’s just my absolute nanny and caretaker from now until the
day that I die that is the only way that the watch
would be worth maybe one hundred thousand dollars but
no it won’t eleven million dollars and it does not
do those things and as we already discussed I say the
most grotesque for last year we talked about this year we a painting
just sold for $142 million dollars n it’s not even nice-looking quite possibly the biggest waste of
money in the history the planet hey rich people I have three words for
you tax the rich let’s go ahead and or come you guys know me I’m not a communist I’m
not an anarchist I’m not some over left-winger you know the like so maybe in on Chomsky
why respect by disagree with how many things or the people in his I guys movement I
get it I’m in favor amor a social democrat if you will which
means I agree with it’s not like the Swedish
system the Norwegian system when you have heavily regulated capitalism and you
have a strong social safety net universal health care universal
education thing like that so book I’m not I’m not wild I’m not crazy I under if
you want to if you get rich through working hard and we
actually live in like a meritocracy I understand it but the question is not
should we allow people to get richer not get rich the question is how rich is ridiculous and absurd and should not be allowed right at what
level do we say hey we need to let me a heavy tax year
because we are people who are dying a from having no health care we got
people are starving in the streets and your ass just born 11 million dollar
watch at some point you have to say taxes need to be there to do the right
thing at some point you need to give equal opportunity to everybody and
not have or runaway system with kleptocrat who can buy your political system and
basically run everything at some point we have to say put a stop
to this madness I think that point is now and even if it just means raising the
rates on the top one percent or .1 percent an extra 10 percent even if the majors raising a
five-percent we need to do something because I’ll
tell you what the system as it works right now does not work for the many it only works for the very very few

75 comments on “Ultra-Rich Douchey Purchases

  1. Inequality and injustice can't last forever. There are limits on how much the population will take, even stupid people in the USA eventually figure out that the system is stacked against them. It happened before and the upper classes ended headless or murdered, France and Russia, ring a bell?

  2. Many foods and drinks have gold in/on them.  I just watched a video about a vodka that has gold it and they where showing how the gold gets dissolved, the scientist was excited to drink it.  Did not sound like he was too worried about heavy metal poisoning.

  3. Rich people seem to love buying this shit basically to show off, like "Haha, I can buy things that you can't because I have more money than you!" without actually saying it.

    If they weren't buying something to just show off with, then they'd still buy really expensive things, but only when it's actually more practical and/or functional, and only when it's something they think they'll actually have a use for. They wouldn't buy a giant mansion with more rooms than anybody ever needs and more space than they ever be able to use, they would buy a nice comfortable house that has plenty of room for everything they have, and as many rooms as they think they need and perhaps a few extra incase things change in the future. Instead of a watch with functions they dont even understand or ever have a use for, they'd buy a watch they like the look of and has all the functions they think they might use.

  4. actually, gold is generally edible given it is chemically inert and not poisonous in small doses (i cant imagine why someone would eat large gold doses unless there's an accident at the jeweler's)

  5. I might be a complete fatass, but I'm just thinking about all the milkshakes I could buy at Johnny Rockets with $500. They've got plenty of amazing varieties there that don't require I take out a loan to enjoy them.

  6. I don't think gold is poisonous. It's fairly inert. Ice cream tasters use a gold plated spoon because the gold doesn't react with the ice cream changing its taste.

  7. Throughout all of human history, the majority knew that the ruch were evil, selfish, amoral assholes who were screwing everyone else over (why the FUCK do you think a Christmas Carol and Robinhood were so popular) But they must have put something in the water because when Thatcher and Reagan came to power EVERYONE lost their fucking minds – ESPECIALLY the left. Suddenly tge rich were everyones saviours and tge evil people were suddenly the poor. But just because you can fool the majority does NOT change reality. Right now there are only two groups thak know full well the rich are exploiting assholes the group called the 'far' left, like me, and wait for it… THE RICH….

    And another thing that makes me spit my coffee when said is that people are jealous of the rich. This is PROJECTION. The ONLY reason to have stupid amouts of money is to raise your status and, THEY ARE HOPING, make everone else jealous. This is pathooogical behaviour. And a final thought every dollar needs to be backed by stuff, to get stuff things need to die, the amount of death a multi millionaire visits on the world DWARFS what is neccessary for survival and dwarfs their fair share.

  8. Gold is chemically inert and passes unchanged through the digestive tract.  I guess they do it so they can tell people that they literally shit gold.

  9. The problem , I think, is that everyone in the US thinks they are middle class. But the thing about middle is that it actually has a meaning. Per capita income in the US was around $51,000 in 2012,  for every man, woman and child, or $204,000 per year for the average family. The average family in the US has around 2 kids,  Middle class in the US would be a family of four making between $160,000 – $245,000 per year, upper middle class would be between $245,000 – $286,000… lower middle class $122,000 – $160,000… working class $82,000 – $122,000.

  10. We are still primates and people seem to forget that, we have an algorithm in our brain to spite our face we'll cut off our nose.  They had an experiment on gibbons, and the gibbons would reject the grape if they felt they were treated unfair and in another experiment if they recieved it from a person who treated others mean.

  11. You don't have to tax the income, it's inefficient anyway because of loopholes.  Tax the good bought that are considered luxury items.  Put a 50% tax on whatever you listed and everything over 100k (houses are the exception).  That way you can increase revenue without loopholes.

  12. It does not even matter how poor you think you are, if you live in US you are the 1% of the planet. You are the "ultra-rich douche" that's paying $3 for a coffee, $7 for a burger, $15 for a shirt $35 for a backpack. You have electricity, AC and heat, a car a $200 phone. 
    You don't want to be in a country where everybody is poor, trust me.

  13. If anyone was your nanny for the rest of your life, and you lived an average number of years, it would be too little to pay someone a hundred grand. I think at minimum wage you would be closer to the price of the watch… It's hard work to care for someone like a nanny would. So not fair to devaluate their jobs.

  14. C'mon Kyle! Gold doesn't do ANYTHING to your body, the ONLY way nano-robots could circulate in your system is if they are wrapped in gold.

  15. As far as the $5k burger, it's the truffles that are making it that expensive. Those things sell in grocery stores for nearly $1k each. They're typically locked up in either a display lock box out front in the produce section, or in the safe with the saffron in the back.

  16. well, the "rich" basically gift you $500, all they want for it is a milkshake… What more could you want? But right, them basically giving their money for almost nothing in return is "douchey"…

  17. I think if it aided in time travel the watch might be worth that much. But I don't want rich people to be able to time travel, they are shades enough as is without rewriting history or seeing the future stock markets, etc.

  18. Take notes rich people. Aside from his mental illness, this is why the Virginia Tech shooter wanted to kill your kids.
    Am I a bad person for saying that?

  19. Treat the watch as a piece of art. If it's unique, if it's that finely created, I could justify the purchase of it because that's basically a museum piece. You don't actually use an item like that—you enshrine it.

    Are there better uses for that money? Yes. But the sale of art pieces exists, despite how idiotic it is. Don't bother judging high-end auctions, it's kinda pointless and it's more just money floating between a handful of people so it wasn't going to anyone else anyway.

  20. Unless that watch also doubled as a time machine that also allows the user to travel between alternate dimensions, fly, become invisible, safely travel through space without a suit, translates every language in the known and unknown universe, and can raise the dead, it's not worth it.

  21. "No day? No date? (Shoot), far as I can tell this ain't worth a duck's fart. Lookey here, got that one for $3.75, it's got every doodad you can ever imagine on it. I believe I'll just stick with this."

  22. There is a great book that says a lot of what was mentioned in this video. It happened more than one hundred years ago in the United States. It is titled "Fortune's Children: The Fall of the House of Vanderbilt" by Arthur Vanderbilt II. It is a hackneyed expression but, THE MORE THINGS CHANGE; THE MORE THEY REMAIN THE SAME. So much for trickle down economics, and no I am NOT a Socialist or a Communist!

  23. 'excess is the best' mentality.hedonism's been celebrated since the beginning of time.more,more,more,more is more.we're fucked humanity.😢.

  24. these ppl who live this way and too many who idolize them , believe that if have it , go for it lmao . the mental illness of the super wealthy has spread to those who assist in the worst ppl gaining that wealth n power . it's close to impossible to get back on track as far as humanity goes

  25. Kyle, I have to disagree with you on the idea that any milkshakes should be $500. In my honest opinion, it does not make sense to have a milkshake cost that much. Sorry.

    Man, I was crying last night when I was watching a video on FDR discussing the Economic Bill of Rights, and Bernie Sanders praising its relevance and need in today's economy, especially when it came to the need for a better education and college system. And rich people can buy these stupid things? This is why, yesterday, I decided to do a 1-day fasting and no-drinking–no breakfast, no lunch, no dinner, no dessert, no drink–because there are still people who really need food and water and basic necessities to live. And yet, we seem to have all the technology and monetary resources to do that–but we will not do it.

  26. Honestly if you can and want to blow that kind of money on those items and its coming directly out of your wallet go right ahead its non of my business.

  27. Another douchey purchase is paying your "design" person for the "designs" of your t-shirts. You are literally giving money to someone who has objectively zero clue of what they are doing.

  28. Bro….. feel free to disagree but if I had that money I’d spend it on that Francis bacon piece too. The history behind that one is amazing.

  29. Not a problem when rich dummies buy things they don't need. It's a problem when they dodge taxes and use their excess wealth to buy politicians and rig the laws in their favor.

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