TRULY anti-aging skincare: fine lines, sagging skin, pigment, and pores… IMPROVEMENT in 6 WEEKS!

100 comments on “TRULY anti-aging skincare: fine lines, sagging skin, pigment, and pores… IMPROVEMENT in 6 WEEKS!

  1. Hi everyone!!! Something that is SO important is that this product is a treatment and can be used for 6 weeks and then back to regular skincare. You do not have to use this forever! It might change your perspective on the price (I know it does for me).
    I plan to use it for 12 weeks to correct pigment but there are many examples of incredible results (that last) after using the product for one “round” of 6 weeks.
    If you want more info Dr Abraham can help you via the email I provided in the description box 💜💜💜

  2. Exciting video. I can tell from all the comments, there are a lot of questions on this product line. Currently, I’m using osmosis stem factor, the catalyst AC-11 and then in the evening the Osmosis Calm. Would I stop using these products or alternate? Or, just use this new product for 6 weeks? I need all the help I can get!

  3. Hi Penny – thank you. Can you address – how would this be effective for just 6 weeks if pigment is not an issue for you? The wrinkles/hydration aspect are interesting but I don't get how 6 weeks of using this system would benefit in that case? Especially on a long-term basis. Commenting not based on the video but on your clarifications in the comments. Also – for that 6 weeks – would you not use RetinA or Vit C or can you use both at the same time as this system. Love all of your videos, thank you in advance.

  4. Fabulous video, Penn. Great information. I'm excited and I haven't even ordered anything. Lol. Thank you, mam. Take care💕🤗

  5. Check this out also:
    DefenAge is available in Europe and they’ve been granted patent!
    Pretty cool 😊

  6. Hi, I might switch to this stuff. I am not sure if the Timeless skin care line that I added is going to last long term for me. (has peptides in it) I heard that you can only use zinc oxide sunscreen, but my makeup has titanium dioxide as well which does something that compromises the serums underneath I guess. Uggggg there are so many little rules and things to figure out. I just wish I had a routine that I can stick with long term for once. This is one of the reasons why I decided to add my red light back into my routine daily, this will help while I am still figuring things out. HAHAHAH thanks for the videos with before and after photos.

  7. By the way you're skin is looking very youthful and hydrated. Makes me want to try what you are doing. I have extremely sensitive acne prone skin, will this cause acne do you know? Thanks

  8. WOW!! Thank you, Penny! This amazing info. I use Skin Medica, so based on those products, this isn’t all that expensive. I’m gonna give it a try for 6 weeks.

  9. Really liked hearing about this skincare line! You have so much knowledge it blows me away! If I could give you a 1000 thumbs up I would! Love you lady!

  10. I have to say I was excited to see that you reviewed this product. I am on my 3rd set of this product 1-every 6 months (birthday and Christmas). Buy the set …it is much cheaper. Plus, occasionally you can find 20% off. You can also buy a trial/travel size set to try it out and see if you like it. The trial is $14 and will give you 3 or more uses if you conserve ( I buy 2 trial sets for a weeks vacation so I don't have to bring the large bottles. The trial set was how I got hook from a New Beauty Test Tube subscription. I could not believe the results. The travel set is $95. The complete set is $324 for everything that Penny showed. I never write reviews but I have been so impressed with this. I get asked all the time what skincare I use…It has almost cleared my hyperpigmentation, as well as tightening my skin (pores and the start of sagging skin). I am 46. I also use Neocutis during the day for the 30 spf in the Journee and their serums. Thank you for the great review…glad people are starting to talk about this product! It is well worth it!

  11. Although this product seems promising I have multiple issues with this study. Yes the product was shown to have the improvements you mentioned BUT the placebo group was given a completely different set of products to use. The placebo group was given products without any peptides, niacinamide or active ingredients. Why didn't they give them the same products without the 2 key ingredients they claim do all the work. That would have proven it was those 2 ingredients do what they claim and not all the peptides, niacinamide etc working with them. Also multiple of the doctor's in the study created and sell the product- so not exactly impartial. See for the article I found.

    It would be nice to see these products compared with tretinion. Tretinion increases the dermis while these products increase the epidermis (as I understood from this video). I'm not sure why increasing the epidermis is helpful being we continually shed the top layer of our skin. Maybe I misunderstood that part.

    Interesting product but too pricey for me.

  12. Well Penny whatever you are doing your skin looks amazing !!! Thank you for your hard work 💜. Merry Christmas 🎁🎄

  13. So interesting. The body is Amazing🙏I remember when I was a kid my Mother took very good care of her skin. God rest her,soul. But she use to use Turtle oil. Very small bottle in was like 100.00 that was back in the early 70s..and Yes it made her skin look great. It did not smell good yes I tried it way back then.

  14. It will be interesting to see if you notice major results in 6 weeks. Price wise is seems similar to NeoCutis which I started using.

  15. I love the Sculplla products. I use the mist and the CaviPPLA at night and I just got the new day cream and I'm so excited to start using it. I never got the Sculplla treatment mask done though.

  16. Do you need this product if you microneedle/dermaroll? If this stem cell is activated by injury then wouldn't it do the same if you are needling and puncturing the skin? Also, would the product be more effective if you use a .25mm roller to help with absorption?

  17. Im in the UK if i wanted to try this, but start small. What would be best. Merry Christmas to you your Daughter & Kitties xxx💕❤💞

  18. Hi Penn….I am going to look into this product!! But if you know of any skincare line that wants a 76 year old to be a guiney pig for their products PLEASE let me know!!! I would be more than happy to help them out.. 😁😁😁. Hugs 💜💜💜

  19. Alpha and beta defensins are specialized peptides that play a role in microbial defense. It is truly not at all proven that they actually have any important role in skincare. There was indeed a very small placebo-controlled study (46 subjects is a tiny study!) with 2:1 randomization active to placebo where all subjects were washed out of all anti-aging therapies, presumably including all other peptide treatments and moisturizers. Here's the thing: The results were NOT very impressive (read the full study for complete results). Measureable, yes. But impressive? No. Peptides are well-known for significantly increasing moisture content in the epidermis. This can plump up the skin and decrease the depth of wrinkles. This is transient. Of course, anyone receiving peptides is going to show improvement in depth of wrinkles vs anyone who is getting placebo with no peptides or other significantly moisturizing ingredients. Also, there are much better things to use that are well-proven if you truly have issues with hyperpigmentation that will not require you to invest your retirement savings.

  20. Speaking of cutting edge – have you tried or have any opinions about the world’s first microcurrent masks? (Franz skincare) Of course, it’s done by Korea like Sculplla lol. Would love a review in the masks, too! Thank you for the video on DefenAge! I am definitely checking out DefenAge, and mentioning your name at purchase. ❤️

  21. Penny can you take a look at this article? It's from 2012 (with comments from years after), but sounds similar to the master gene ingredient you talk about in this product.

  22. This may be a first but I totally disagree with you, Penny,. I looked into Defenage a couple of years agoThe technology in DefenAge is from the same scientist (Russian) who was the Director of Research & Therapeutic Development at International Stem Cell Corporation, the developers of LifeLine.His latest technology, Age-Repair Defensins, is the touted breakthrough ingredient in DefenAge and consists of combined alpha and beta defensins

    As you noted, DefenAge product does not contain growth factors but rather synthetic types of antimicrobial peptide, specifically defensins which are molecules involved with selecting which bacteria get to live on your skin, and which don’t (microbial farming). Unfortunately, the company uses not only beta (skin) defensins but also alpha (gut, intestinal) defensins (yikes,,,) which are inflammatory to skin, and tend to favor gut bacteria rather than the one good for ski. You see, Alpha defensins are gut peptides involved with innate immunity and regulation of microbial balance in the intestine i.e. they make sure “good” bacteria predominate in the intestinal tract. Alpha defensins are also exceptionally strong neutrophil attractors, which is the sine quo non for INFLAMMATION. Their effect is so potent, they are used as inflammatory markers and correlate highly with atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease and even acne. Since alpha defensins are pro-inflammatory, which is pro-aging by definition, their application to skin seems like a questionable strategy, especially if done on a regular basis.Remember,, the physiologic role of alpha defensins is to help maintain healthy GUT flora.Would the Defenage product be better if it contained beta defensins and eliminated the alpha defensins? Yes, absolutely. Although defensins alone may not provide all that is needed for a optimal anti-aging skin care strategy.

    Btw, If you look more closely at the 2nd study you mentioned, you will see the placebo vs active products were not in fact identical except for the defensins. They base vs the active creams were different in other ways. That alone set off my alarm bells. Their representations seemed misleading to me. Also, although using EGF and other singular GFs could “hype up” all cells, a well rounded GF Serum will include an array of GFs and hopefully will include the good targeted ones in the way Antaeage does (TGFb3). The whole schpeel about dormant cells that hide in hair follicles until injury occurs sounds implausible in that the skin is being injured constantly. Do those dormant cells know to wake up only if Defenage is slathered on to the skin? The docs I believe are all investors in the Company so I’m not sure how independent it was. Regardless, the Pub Med doesn’t support use of gut bacteria for antiaging of Facial skin. This was my view 2 years ago. Maybe something has changed? Did the pull out the alpha defensins?

  23. I started using scullpla (caviplla and the mist) a few weeks ago. Excited to see results ! I’ll look out for your up coming videos, would love it if you would do one on these products. I have a particular question regarding the Sculplla products. I’ve heard that you should refrain from exfoliating while using the Sculplla as it will remove the product that has been deposited into the skin, and therefore it’s benefits. What is your opinion regarding this? I use glycolic acids, granular exfoliation, as well as a sonic cleansing tool. Really don’t want to remove what I’m trying to build,.

  24. I have seen so many rave reviews of the BioSerum! The minute I have an extra $165 burning a home in my pocket, it will be mine! 😁

  25. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the skin on your FOREHEAD. I know this is a very specific comment, but I have been trying to get that smooth yet hydrated/glowy/poreless look forever. PLEASE share any tips.

  26. We love you Penny! I m already interested in this skin care. If you don t post again Have a Very Merry Christmass lots of happiness!

  27. Help I am trying to find a copper peptide product free of aloe vera and of salycilic acid salicylate salycilic etc to which I am allergic! I could not understand if I can use the copper concentrate product and add it to a hyaluronic acid cream and obtain the right concentration (3%) to fight sagging skin. I do use NIOD copper peptides and the Ordinary (both at 1%) because they have no aloe salycil etc (I get internal bleeding) but the concentration is so low! I found a site that sells 2 gr of copper peptides for a reasonable price but are they genuine copper peptides? Why is everybody obsessed with aloe and aspirin anyway? There is no choice!😔😔😔😔

  28. Walmart has a line of makeup for mature skin called Found. Its has some good ingredients in it. Is it possible for you to do a video on it?? Thank you and God bless.

  29. Love your detailed explanation of these products! I’m so glad you mentioned they now make an unscented version of these products! I’ve tried a couple sample kits but couldn’t stand the smell. I described it as a old lady’s cheap perfume I remember from my childhood. I will definitely try this in the unscented version! I did purchase the eye cream that didn’t have a scent but I immediately got dry and peeled. Not sure if I did something wrong?


  31. Thanks for posting this just before Christmas when I cannot justify spending any more money. Please do an update in 6 weeks when I have cash. Tia.

    Hope Santa brings you everything on your list.

  32. hi Penny, thank you for the very informative video as usual: -). Which product line you think is better Sculplla or Defenage? I am considering one of the 2. I am dealing with pigmentation and sagging due to loss of weight on my face…thank you again! 🙂

  33. So, once upon a time, whenever a celebrity/wealthy person was seen looking unnaturally young, the finger was pointed at plastic surgery.
    Mmmm , now, however, the same finger will be pointing at DefenAge!
    The "skin boffins" are hard at work, 🙂

    My problem with this product is – those that can afford it are going to look fabulously youthful. Whilst the less fortunate folk are going to look savaged by Father Time.

    There's no denying how miraculous it is tho.
    Will I buy it? Yes, albeit sometime in the future.

    Wishing you and all your loved ones, a very wonderful Christmas. 🌸❣🌸❣🌸

  34. Please consider creating a skin chart that could aid us in what to use and when. I think the information is so helpful but trying to remember strengths and what plays well with what is challenging. I would be happy to pay for a chart that could keep me current and organized.

  35. Rima Vanille you so should have a you tube channel you sound like you have amazing information and ways to fact check skin care. I would definitely be one of your subscribers.

  36. Just ordered the cream and serum as it sounds like a total game changer. It is currently at a 25 percent discount at an online medispa if you do a little research you can find it. With the discount the cost is really not that bad.

  37. Hi Penny, great video on DefenAge. In your opinion, is this one better than the Osmosis line or do you think we can do both at the same time, maybe just interchange days. Thanks for all your valuable information! Blessings 💜

  38. I used the link to Dr Pickart's site and found a number of cited studies saying that hyaluronic acid is linked to tumor formation and various cancers. What?!?

  39. I LOVE your delivery and product knowledge!
    I'm a 23 year Esthetican with the same passion for accurate sience/results based facts. Thank you so much!

  40. So what are your thoughts about the eye cream, does it address dark circles and/or bags with enough moisture for eye area. I’m currently using/testing the Sculplla, Cavipplla, day cream & mist system with professional mask and want to add a great eye treatment, I would love to try the DefenAge line but not sure how I would incorporate into my Sculplla products since they both are creating a barrier on the skin & wont allow other products to absorb once applied? Looking forward to your review on Sculplla line, since I’m a esthetician & want to provide this product line/service in my area.

  41. Thanks for enlightening us on yet another innovations in skincare. I'm also very much into essential oils and one of my gurus just recently shared the below intriguing research about hair follicle stem cells with his followers. What a coincidence! Since it relates to wound healing, I immediately thought of potential application with respect to post-microneedling topicals, I would love your feedback.

    Scientists at Indiana University have discovered that skin tissue treated with the chemical compound, beta-caryophyllene, which is found in the essential oils of lavender, rosemary, and ylang ylang, as well as various herbs and spices such as black pepper, showed increased cell growth and cell migration critical to wound healing. They also observed increased gene expression of hair follicle stem cells in the treated tissue.

    Full Article:

  42. Penny you are stunning! Your eyes are electric and so beautiful. Thanks for the informative video. I want to get my hands on these products! 😊

  43. hello penny.. plz make a video sharing the maintenance of bb glow treatment.. and how u can keep it with med. microneedling.. and what serums and acids to use after bb glow treatment .. as using retinol or exfoliants can remove or take off bb glow effect? thts what i think but please share your genuine thoughts and views
    love 💓

  44. Hi Penny, lately I have noticed that my regular make up is giving me allergy, do u know any line that is hypoallergenic, cause even the mascara is giving me some reaction, tks for all ur amazing information, I'm blessed for it…!!
    Merry Christmas. ..! ♡

  45. Hi, have you heard of the Larens professional range? it's full of fish collagen and biopeptides. I've been using it for a few months with clients and it's having some amazing results.

  46. This got me so excited. I love when there is true science to back something up. But of course I have a couple of questions.
    I do use TNS essential serum as I have told you and you actually did recommend this line. So just to make sure if I'm using this I really don't need EGF?
    Also because it's a bit on the expensive side could I just use it at night and still get good results? My tns lasts a good 3 months. I can't afford close to $300 if I have to do it every month.
    Thank you for this informative video. I am definitely going to check out the one on their site.
    You are the best Penn!

  47. Where can I find a copy of the test results? Was This product only tested by the company that is producing the product? So many companies out there that do their own test, then claim all these wonderful results and charge high prices that you can find it in lower price products.

  48. Hi penny, I recently started to follow you and I like your channel. Thanks for sharing with us.
    Having said that there are 2 questions I would like to ask.
    1) I am 29, would you recommend this product for guys of my age or not? And if not is there a good alternative?
    2 ) I have tried several brands but none of them seems to give my skin that brightness, hydration and fresh looking texture I would like. How do I achieve this?
    Many thanks for any advice you’ll be willing to give.
    Alessandro x

  49. That's interesting, I was reading this article from a couple of independent doctors.

  50. Thanks! I'll be very interested in your upcoming comments on the Sculplla products. I was given a bottle of the mist and tried it for the first time last night.

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