Tru-VEND Midi Büfe Küçük Otomat Kullanma Kılavuzu

Welcome ELEKTRAL Vending Machines Midi Buffet Assembly Demo You will now see the general installation of…. ELEKTRAL’s Vending Machine Midi Buffet Open the Wrap around the Vending Machine Carefully Place the Midi Buffet on the Base Stand. You can also wall mount the Midi Buffet In the Delivery Chute you can find the Keys, screws for the wall mount ….. and the Power Supply Cable Power Supply Cable, Screws Keys & the level for the shelves Keys one set for the Top One for the Bottom Cut the Tags which hold the Spirals to the Shelvs Adjust the Spirals as shown The Power Supply is given to the slot at the bottom. Now Power Up the Machine Automatic Self Test begins for every start of the Machine, which checks for errors Now the Midi Buffet is Ready to Use Technical Service Menu Open the door on the left. You will see the Main Board Now press the Red Button to enter into the menu You have to enter the Security password The default password is 8888 for the admin Now we enter into the setting Menu Payment Systems are run by serial protocol Here you have MDB, Executive, CCtalk, Implemented MDB and Parallel Protocol which are used by the payment systems The Midi Buffet can be equipped with …. Bank Note Reader, Change Giver Coin Selector & Cashless Payment systems (optional) In the MDB settings … enter the Maximum waiting time after entering the money to the system Next Enter the maximum change provided to the customer Here enter the maximum currency which can be entered When you go down the menu You can see the coins which are accepted by the machine and the Bills The executive and CCtalk Setting can be seen here you can also see here the impMDB setting The IR sensor can be activated and deactivated here The IR sensor makes sure that the products has been delivered to the customer If the product is not delivered the spiral is rotated a bit even after this if the product is not delivered the cash is returned The Midi Buffet contains an optional Cooling module The settings can be done according to the user requiremet Time & Date Settings Language Settings We provide Turkish English French Spanish language mediums.. Password Settings here you can change all the available passwords in the Midi Buffet The new password should be enter twice for confirmation Brightness of the GLCD can be adjusted here Administrator Settings Here the admin privileges can altered Factory Reset Settings Statistics Here you can see which product has been sold for how many units Cash Details Here the details of the total transaction cash can be seen. Errors Here date and time of the Errors occurred are mentioned with the corresponding Error Codes Here you have the passwords to reset the sales No. of sales done Total Cash Reports The reports can be obtained by Printer, USB or RS-232 cable Product price list Here the price list of every product can be assigned Press 7 to copy the price and 9 to paste the same price to other products Currency Exhange Dollar Euro Exchange rates are to be entered Product Test Here the delivery motors of respective selection are tested IR Sensor Test When the products drops the sensors detect as shown Motor Status The status of the motor can be check here Coin Changer Details are shown Bill Validator specification Touch Pad software version is shown here Relay Control Accessories Alarm Receipt of transaction Vandalism Protection Sensor Status This can activate and de-activate according to the user Product Desription Here you can see the Serial No., Software version etc. of the Machine Reset the Settings The Machine Restarts The Automatic Self test takes place every time the Machine is switched on Thank you email: [email protected] Web

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