Top 10 Terrifying Items Sold At Auctions – Part 2

Hello Most Amazing viewers! I am your Most Amazing Host Rebecca Felgate
and today I am bringing you a part 2 to the Top 10 terrifying items sold at auction. You loved part one so much that I thought…. You know what… I can bring it back for you…even though
these lists creep me out…so there we go. These are the things I do for you. If you want to show me some love, then please
do hit that thumbs up button and let me know if you believe in spooks! 10 – Mumified Tongue
Errrrrrgh! Who on earth buys a tongue….who sells a
tongue….why is there a framed tongue in circulation. This disembodied waggler was sold for 51 dollars
in 2014 and the description read: Interesting Mummified Dorset tongue in an simple white
matted and red textured background shadow box! Tongue is very detailed with taste buds visible! Specimen is correctly preserved and will last
indefinitely. Oh great. An indefinite tongue. No thanks. 9 – Toenail clippings
I am sorry, but toenails are terrifying. In 2015, one guy in the UK sold his toenail
clippings for 4 pounds and 70 pence, so roughly 7 dollars. The gardener from Wigan said: I was just sat
in bed bored one night trying to think up ways of earning a few extra quid but I don’t
have any talents or anything. I decided that growing my toenails wouldn’t
take a lot of effort.” The listing advertised free delivery from
a 24 year old male with soft feet. CREEPY. 8 – Haunted Tap Shoes from a Derranged Child
These shoes sold on ebay in 2015 for 25 dollars. Small price tag, big spirit! The shoes allegedly contained the spirit of
a child called Lisa who lived in an ill fated nursery wherein a woman named Jenny murdered
her baby. It is thought Lisa’s spirit would haunt
the shoes at night and she could be heard tap dancing in them. The fact that one ribbon is missing arguably
makes the shoes more sinister. If this terrifying witch doll isn’t haunted,
I’ll eat my hat. What hat Rebecca. Hooo….you. Check her out at number 7
Part clown, part sassy witch dressed in her Saturday night finest, I would rather be anywhere
where this honey is not. I wouldn’t be surprised if she woke you
up in the dead of night screeching – I’ll get you my pretty….and your little dog too. This shedevil was sold for 15 dollars in May
2000. Not much is known about the new owner, hopefully
they are still with us, but we don’t know! 6 – Taxidermy Dead Frog Playing Golf
You may remember our taxidermied cat slam dunkin’ a taxidermied bird from part 1. I have a similar question here….Like…why
though….?! This is so so grim. A frog has seemingly been taxidermied with
a glazed finished and arranged to look like he is about to get a hole in one. I am not for dead thing art…although it
seems there is a market for everything? When this er….piece… was listed in May
2000, it sold for just over 14 dollars. 5 – Jacket Owned by a Serial Killer
Jeffrey Dahmer, also known as the Milwaukee cannibal, was a prolific serial killer from
1978-1991, during which time he raped, murdered and dismembered 17 men and boys. Why anyone would want a piece of clothing
owned by him is beyond me. None the less, the coat went up for auction
in 2016, selling for 150 dollars. The listing read that the seller was in the
same class as Dahmer, who graduated the year he first started killing. The lister said Dahmer lent him the coat and
he never returned it. Ergh. Speaking of weird killer items, we have this
Casey Anthony Halloween Mask at number 4 Okay, not only did someone list the mask of
possible child murderer Casey Anthony on ebay, someone bought it…. But not only did someone buy it…. They bought it for just shy of a million dollars. Urm? So Casey Anthony sensationally went on trial
in 2011 for murdering her own daughter. Miraculously, she was acquitted, but the majority
of the people following the case think she did it. 3 – Man hating china doll
This doll made headlines in the UK in 2017 when it started scratching men. The doll was bought at a charity shop, but
then sold on ebay for 866 pounds. The buyer who had got the doll from the charity
show appeared on ITVs This Morning, claiming the doll was scratching her husband and setting
off fire alarms. She then sold it on the online auction site,
where the new bidders obtained it for paranormal study. New buyer, Lee Steer, said that the doll also
scratched his father. Apparently the doll told Lee her name is Samantha
and she wanted to strike him. 2 – Stolen Brains
Jars of brains stolen from Indianapolis medical museum and were sold on ebay for 600 to a
man from San Diego. The buyer go suspicious and called the police,
who organised a sting with the seller in a Dairy Queen. Thief and brain peddler David Charles was
caught and arrested, and it was later discovered he had stolen 80 jars of human tissue. I am surprised the sail of the brains even
went through on ebay! Some of the brains he sold had come from the
lobotomy of mental asylum patients. Thought we were done with serial killers,
we are not. We back with a horrifying reminder of the
killer clown, John Wayne Gacy at number 1. John Wayne Gacy tourtured and murdered 33
teenage boys and buried a lot of them in the crawl space in his house. Within his community, Gacy was known for his
charitable service, often attended children’s parties as a clown called Pogo. In somewhat poor and truly horrifying taste,
an artist has made this killer Gacy doll cradling the head of one of his victims. Ooh. And it glows in the dark. Fun. It sold
for 275 dollars. Horrifying. So that was the Top 10 Terrifying Items Sold
at Auction part 2! What a treat….. if by treat I mean horrifying
jaunt through knocturn alley….

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  2. I have always believed in the paranormal, as i am a Witch. I am not Wicacn, nor am I Pagan. I am a different sort of Witch and the paranormal has always been a part of my life.

  3. Everyone knows Casey Anthony killed her daughter. I actually lived in the same neighborhood as their family and my grandparents were friends with Cindy and George.

  4. Fun Fact: The haunted tap shoes are actually the same shoes worn by Butters Stotch during his ill-fated tap dancing championship competition.

  5. I don't believe in "spooks" but I do believe this chick is annoying as hell, but I love the content so I suffer through it!

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  7. There is no such thing as a "Dorset Tongue", there is however a thing called Dorsum of the Tongue, and here is it's definition:

    The Dorsum of the Tongue (dorsum linguรฆ) is convex and marked by a median sulcus, which divides it into symmetrical halves; this sulcus ends behind, about 2.5 cm. from the root of the organ, in a depression, the foramen cecum, from which a shallow groove, the sulcus terminalis, runs lateralward and forward on either side to the margin of the tongue. The part of the dorsum of the tongue in front of this groove, forming about two-thirds of its surface, looks upward, and is rough and covered with papillรฆ; the posterior third looks backward, and is smoother, and contains numerous muciparous glands and lymph follicles (lingual tonsil). The foramen cecum is the remains of the upper part of the thyroglossal duct or diverticulum from which the thyroid gland is developed; the pyramidal lobe of the thyroid gland indicates the position of the lower part of the duct.

    This definition was taken from this website:
    I think this is what they meant when they were saying it's a Dorset Tongue, it's actually "Dorsum of the Tongue". I looked everywhere for a definition for you and an explanation of a "Dorset Tongue" and even tried "Dorcet Tongue", both returned no results on a human tongue, but something related to plant tongues. And I stumbled on Dorsum of the Tongue quite by accident. But I think this is what they meant.

  8. Lol I actually like dolls and have collected clown dolls for a while. I never bothered about them before, but I think my love of them stems from my exe's hatred for them. He's terrified of clowns! I really dislike my ex (I have very good reason too) and have considered posting one out to him – oh to be a fly on the wall…

  9. Must admit I am somewhat enamored with Rebecca! Could listen to her all day. This is James, Shawns friend using his phone yet again!

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  11. My grandfather knew John Wayne Gacy and worked at a food truck with him. John even gave him a business card in attempt of snatching my father and two uncles. I live close by to where John lived before going to prison and I still hang out at the park were he used to pick up young boys.

  12. I like the other 2 2host better. This lady said at on point man made climate change is real, which it is not. She also said infowars and Alex Jones believe their is a colony of children on Mars, which they dont. Fake News.

  13. That was Witchy Poo from Puff the Magic Dragon tv show from the 70โ€™s-she looks good for her age!!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  14. If I had to own one it would be the scratching doll since no one in my right now is male so it would just be a cute decoration.

  15. That means that the tongue belonged to a prehistoric person, that lived in the north american arctic. So basically its an ancient Eskimo's toungue. That must be why they kiss with their noses

  16. I like how you give life to the videos. Thanks for sharing. Was it just me or did anyone find the taxidermy frog actually strange but funny.

  17. I know you will think I am weird, but I would like the Pogo the clown doll because I love dolls and it's rare and scary.

  18. Wow ummmm I'm with Rebecca on the #1 pick… Why would I buy a memorabilia that has connections with a serial killer! that's freaking disturbing!

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