Tips for Sellers – Buyer Showings

Tips for sellers. Today we are talking
about some of the biggest mistakes that sellers make when it comes time to show
your home. So let’s get started. Hi I’m Amy Haslett and I’m a REALTOR here in
the Phoenix West Valley. Today I want to share with you five tips and a bonus tip
you need to know when it comes time for the buyers to look at your home. So tip
number one before you hand over the key to your listing agent, check it in your
front door to make sure that it unlocks all the locks to your door and that it
doesn’t stick. The worst thing that can happen is that a buyer doesn’t get in to
see your home because they’re the first one to visit and the key doesn’t work. I’ve
also seen many keys that stick making it difficult to get into the home and now
you have a frustrated buyer. They’re running behind on time and they’re
rushing through your home. So avoid that mistake
check your key before handing it over. Tip number two, lighting. Before you leave
the home for the showings turn on all your lights. This is not the time to save
a few pennies on your electric bill. You want that first impression from the
buyer to be of a light and bright home and if you’re relying on the buyer’s
agent to turn the lights on as they’re going through the home, that first
impression has already been made. So turn on those lights. Tip number three, odors. As
homeowners we tend to become smell blind to the odors in our home so it’s a good
idea to talk to a trusted neighbor or trusted friend and ask them to come
through your home and give you feedback on if they notice any odors in the home.
While we’re on the topic of odors, be very careful about adding any chemical
fragrances to your home. You never want to overpower the smell with fragrances but
be very careful with chemicals because they can set off asthma and allergies
for buyers. I would recommend that you stick with natural products or even bake
something in the home before the showing. After all who doesn’t love to walk into
a home that smells like fresh baked chocolate chip cookies? Number four, music.
i If you have the chance before you leave the home
turn on the radio to some soft easy listening music or ask Alexa to put some
tunes on, but be careful you don’t want the volume to be too high because you
want the buyers to be able to chat with their agent. Number five, temperature. You
want to make sure the house is comfortable when buyers are walking in
the home and if it’s summer in Arizona here again is an area you don’t want to
pinch pennies on make sure that the home is comfortable enough that they can stay
in the home and they’re not rushed to get out because it’s so hot inside the
home. Same with winter, if it’s cold turn on
that heat. Make the buyer want to stay a while so that they can really take in
the home. Alright so now it’s time for the bonus tip, make sure you have a key
to get back into your home. I’ve had many sellers think that they’re
going to get through the garage and go through the door from the garage to the
home only to find out it’s locked and now they’re locked out of the home. So
make sure you have a spare key to get back into the home because I can
guarantee you there will be a buyer or a buyer’s agent that doesn’t remember if
that door to the garage was locked or not and they’re going to err on the side of
caution and lock you out of the house if you don’t have a spare key. All right, so
there’s my tips for showing your home. If you have tips I’d love to hear them or
if you’ve had problems when you were a buyer looking at homes or a seller
showing your home in the past share those with me. If you have any questions
about selling your home or buying your home I’m happy to help. Reach out to me
and I’ll get back to you. Until next time I’ll see you out and about in the West

14 comments on “Tips for Sellers – Buyer Showings

  1. The number one tip that I should have mentioned is that sellers should leave for the showings. Have you ever viewed a home where the seller stayed? How did that go?

  2. Good tips! Another one is to contain your pets in a kennel, garage, etc… Sometimes owners think their pets are always friendly, but don't realize how stressful it is on the pet to have strangers walking through the home, and that stress effects the pet's behavior negatively.

  3. Yes!!! The keys!!!!! Bahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Especially in Chicago. My buyers end up like this 🥶🥶🥶 lol I try to get there before hand to open the door just in case but when we’re seeing more than one that’s not easy.
    Temperature! Yes. Last summer my buyers saw a house with no ac on. It had ac just not on. We rushed out and it’s sad my buyers liked it but didn’t even want to go back. They had a bad feeling because they were sweating so bad when we were in there. 🤦‍♀️

  4. Great tips, especially the keys parts. Hate when I can’t open the door and the seller doesn’t know it doesn’t work because they never use it. Also the part about the door from the garage. FYI, you have a great speaking voice, easy to listen to.

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