These Are The CHEAPEST Supercars You Can Buy

that’s gotta hurt we’ve all wondered
what it’s like to roll up somewhere in a supercar but like one that looks like a
million bucks not like an old pilot like the ones I covered in the five cheapest
Ferrari models that you can buy oh no these exotics are the ones that you want
to be seen in oh and hot girl in the passenger seat optional so I’m gonna
tell you why I think that these five chiefest supercars are the most ideal
and then I’m going to show you the cheapest one in the country for sale and
there’s only one stipulation they have to be a clean title but why because the
girl in your passenger seat can be dirty but the title can’t and you’re
definitely gonna want to stick around till the end of this video because the
last car on this list you can buy and drive for free using the ideal car
strategies and here’s the thing I’m not gonna waste your time telling you that
I’m Brad danger and this is ideal cars so let’s get right into it the first on
the list is the Raging Bull no not the one in your pants you cheeky but if you
buy one of these you might be able to take care of that oh yeah
we’re talking about the Lamborghini Guyardo even the purring of that starter
motor sounds fast that’s because when you turn the key to this exotic v10
it’ll literally take your breath away yeah yeah it’ll do 0 to 60 in 4.1
seconds and the brakes will literally rip your eyes out of your sockets but
come on you guys that is not why you buy a cheap Lambo you buy it so that you can
be seen and this quote-unquote working man’s Lambo will trick all of the
honey’s into thinking that you are a straight-up baller not on a budget so it
begs the question how cheap can you snag one of these raging bowls before we
check out this Lambo that you can snag for $55,000 in the top right hand corner
is the limited-edition ideal Lambo heartbeat shirt only 10 have been
printed in this first batch so snag them while they’re hot now this Lambo here
yeah it has some gaudy wheels and that exhaust whoo well at least it’s a Borla
but yeah 55 rat coos and you snag a Raging Bull
next up we have to include a car that’s associated with the big screen my name
is bond James Bond I mean Aston Martin has both racing
heritage and movie star credibility and the Aston Martin Vantage could literally
fool almost anybody into thinking that you wipe your ass with Hondo’s sporting
an exotic sounding v8 that faster than it actually is the British
supercar cruises class and sophistication and you may or may not
know that it’s a direct competitor of the Porsche 911 but there are way less
on the road which means that with looks to die for it you can confidently strut
this thing around town knowing that you’ll get all the attention you want
and deserve but how cheap can you really get one of
these well as the wise man once said everything is way more fun topless so
this 2007 glacier blue Aston Martin Vantage Roadster for $35,000 boom let’s
go and the next cheap supercar comes from the land of sushi cherry blossoms
and Mount Fuji which you’d hopefully end up drifting down carefully in your
Nissan up 35 GT ah yeah this is the supercar that eats other supercars for
lunch but doesn’t necessarily look like a supercar but it is because with 565
horsepower thrusting this Japanese missile down the road there’s no doubt
that the twin-turbo v6 means business and with a couple overnight parts from
Japan you guys know where I’m going with this
you’ll be the Godzilla of the road eating pink slips for breakfast lunch
and dinner and barbecuing the car well so something that fast must be
expensive right here we go $40,000 for a 2010 Nissan GTR with a warranty guys
yeah that is not a bad deal or dare I say ideal deal and you want to look like
the ultimate baller well you cop a Maserati GranTurismo I
want to be a baller shot and why should you buy the Maserati GT because I
recently did a video on five cars that depreciate faster than anything else and
this one was the winner or the loser can you guys guess how much it depreciated
in the first five years well I’m not gonna tell you you have to watch the
video but it was over six figures which is awesome for you because it looks like
a million bucks but it’s not the rumble from that exotic v8 is like angels
coming down from heaven and singing wonderful and you’ll be singing the tune
too because everything about this Maserati screams money with authentic
racing jeans and unmistakeably good looks
this one is guaranteed to break next everywhere you take it and will it break
your wallet to maintain absolutely but to buy one not really
guys this is a sad sight to see I mean this bumblebee Express is twenty three
and a half thousand dollars now this car was over a hundred and twenty thousand
dollars new so if you can deal with the black and yellow black and yellow well
this might be your golden ticket and it all comes down to this this is the final
supercar on the list the one that you can drive for free using V ideal car
strategies baby yeah Tony Stark pimp this thing and so
can you we’re talking about the Audi r8 I mean just jump into this thing and
you’ll feel like you’re headed to the starting grid at LeMans this Audi not in
any is a mid-engine supercar that has both the looks and performance to back
it up just roll up to any car meet and you’re part of the clan the supercar
clan which is a great place to be because the Audi r8 is like a chameleon
it can dress it up and flex like a supercar shoot at a valet near you or it
can dress it down and just be an Audi at the neighborhood grocery store parking
lot either way it’s hot it’s cheap ish for a
supercar and it’s an ideal value right now so how many stacks do you have to
throw to get yourself the Iron Man car now this is the deal of the century an
Audi r8 2009 for 58 thousand dollars and that’s before negotiation
yeah it’s not the perfect SPECT but man it’s how do you r8 and honestly I do not
see these going down much more and if you bought this car for 55 owned it for
12 to 18 months you would have the ideal ownership experience also if you haven’t
seen the video of the five cars that you’re gonna lose the most money on
now’s your chance check that out or go see what YouTube
recommends you watch next please subscribe but either way you can’t lose
and as always keep living that ideal lifestyle

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  2. “The girl in your passenger can be dirty, but your car’s title can’t”. To all my youngins watching this video, take note. Truth has been spoken

  3. Looks are everything. Not to me. My C-6 Vettee cost me way less than any of those cars. Even though an oil change requires 7qts of Mobil 1 that is about all the maintainence it needs.

  4. Best car for hair boy…….Mazda Miata convertible w/ auto transmission….that will get him all the attention he needs ,from the fellas.

  5. I’m trying to figure out how after the chick finds out that your total income goes to your lease payment on your Lamborghini she is going to stick around. Appreciate cars but live within your means. I am an elderly gentleman who owns a Porsche. I do it for the adrenaline, not my 3 girlfriends…

  6. 1st model of Gallardo is still un-obtainable for 99,9% of all the people, so your title on this video is target miss by a good margin.
    So calling it "cheap" is a mockery against all the people who struggles to pay their bills and necessities for every day life.


    OH MY GOD HERE I GO AGAIN. Terrible haircut by the way. It looks like you realized that you are gay yesterday and you're still adjusting to the homosexual fab life.

    The thumbnail has a Gallardo and it says "So cheap"
    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! 55-77k USD for the cheapest version of GALLARDO which is over 15 years old car. THIS IS SO CHEAP.
    And don't get me started on gasoline, repairs, taxes and insurance. OOOOOOOOOOOH THE CHEAPEST EVER.

    Like… 30L of gasoline per 100 km + the change of chains/belts probably costs 10k on this thing + thousands of dollars PER MONTH for insurance + some other cash here and there… THIS IS LIKE… THE CHEAPEST CAR IN THE WORLD…

    SO CHEAP !

    It's so cheap it deservers it's own "Yo mama" style joke.

    "Your Gallardo is so cheap, that it costs only 70k after being used and being manufactured 15 years ago"
    "Yo mama is so poor that she drives Lamborghini Gallardo"
    "You are so poor that if you need to change the chains/belts on your Lamborghini, you'll have to look at your Bank Account balance and be sure that you have AT LEAST 10K"
    "You are so poor that you have difficulties paying the maintenance of your Lamborghini since it's a Super Car that requires a lot of care that is entirely done with a lot of money"

  8. 55,000 for a lambo ha! That’s a scam, you buy them broken to see if you can fix them at that price. I saw someone who bought a 70k one and it wouldn’t start and he had to pay thousands and thousands to fix it up and it still wasn’t the same

  9. Dude I'm in India
    And in India even seeing a BMW M2 is so rare but even in this counter there is a r8 for 44 lakhs which is approx 60 000 USD cool right

  10. Yea you may be able to save up just enough money to buy one of these. Though the costs of insurance, gas, repairing, service n stuff per year are still going drain your pocket. Honest advise, if u couldn’t afford a car in its first hand price, then u won’t be able to afford it in its second hand price as wel

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