The New-Look Google Chromecast

You may already know that Google
Chromecast makes it easy to enjoy your favorite entertainment. Whether you’re
listening to music on popular streaming services like YouTube Music, or streaming your favorite shows on YouTube TV, Chromecast brings the apps you might love, to the big screen. Hey Google, turn on the TV. And if it’s live TV you’re looking for, there’s YouTube TV, which allows you to cast live shows, sports, local news, and more from over 60 channels. You can even pause, record, or rewind as you please. Hey Google, next episode. It’s so easy to control Chromecast when
you use it with Google Home. Wait a minute, I missed all of that. Hey Google,
rewind 30 seconds. Chromecast can also be used with compatible smart cameras and more. Hey Google, show me who’s at the front door. Thanks CJ. You’re welcome. Shows, movies, live TV, YouTube, Photos, and more are all just a tap away from any of your family’s devices with Google Chromecast.

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