The Best JDM Cars To Buy

– There’s a time in everyone’s life where they finally manage
to save their money, okay, that’s it, all right? Instead of buying car parts,
they’ve managed to make an entire tax season, a whole year, without blowing their
entire retirement fund on a set of like three-piece wheels. Maybe they even saved it. They didn’t buy the Yeezys, or they didn’t buy the Races, or whatever it is that you call ’em. And if you’ve done that, congratulations, because I’m proud of you! This is when you get to
the point in your life where you finally managed to
save a good chunk of change and now you’re saying to yourself, “You know what I deserve? “I deserve another car.” And you usually find
yourself scouring the forums and market places for cars. I’m Alex @ALEX.FI on Instagram, and today we’re gonna be talking about some of the best JDM cars you can buy on the market right now
if you’re looking to make a relatively terrible
financial decision because, why wouldn’t you? Which, speaking of buying things, if you’re looking for aftermarket wheels, tires, or suspension, for your newly acquired
JDM car or otherwise, just stop over at FITMENTINDUSTRIES.COM. It’s the beginning of the year, which means you should
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case you’re wondering, so that they’re not back ordered by the time you get your
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everything over there, okay? Just got Fortune Auto coilovers for the new Toyota Supra, too. How neat is that, all right? And if you’ve got commitment issues, and you’re watching our videos but you haven’t subscribed
yet, come on now, brother. When looking at JDM cars, the first and likely most prominent choice out there, right now,
would be the Mazda RX7. Now most people think that
I’m gonna be talking about the FD for the most
part, as the car to buy. And it definitely has its
good fair share of reasons. The FD is like the RX7, but we’d open this up to
the FC platform as well. RX7s hold a special place
in everyone’s heart. They came with a motor
that truly set it apart ‘n if you like it or not, it’s one of those engines
that really is the reason that some of them hold
the value that they do. They hosted a true driving style that couldn’t be found
in many other platforms, and it’s about as timeless
as it gets to a 90s car. The FD RX7 on one hand, has everything great going for it. The appreciation value, it’s
not down going anywhere, there’s plenty of modifications
that exist for it. It has got decent reliability
for a rotary engine if you can put up with that sort of thing. And it just looks
(smooching) muah, all right? It’s the perfect like
box of chicken tendies that you can get at McDonald’s. It’s just the best thing
you can possibly have, and on the other hand, you’ve got the FC RX7, okay? It’s absolutely no slouch
when it comes to performance, but it doesn’t look as timeless as the FD, but can still pull off an
insane look and stance. It doesn’t stop it from
an insanely high price, like the FD, which means
they’re easier to jump into. And even though you don’t think that they have a massive
following, they actually do. Depending on the depth of
savings that you’ve built up, you may find yourself
snagging an FC over an FD, but both are fantastic choices. If you’ve ever actually
been or driven an FC, it’s quite a bit of fun. It really, it’s just a good time. A lot of times when we
talk about JDM cars, especially when we’re
at the top of the list, we always gotta chat about like the Supra, or we gotta talk about the
NSX, you know what I’m sayin’? Or the Skyline, and trust
me, we’re gonna get there, but really, the next car on the list that seems to be gettin’
hit with the redhead stick these days, and nobody wants
to talk about it anymore, would be the Honda S2000. Now, the Honda S2000 came
with a crazy high rev limiter, a fun engine, that can taste
for seduction super well, like it literally has
space on the passenger side for just a big old turbski
right there, just empty, it’s just askin’ for it. The interior is timeless, and the driving experience is a blast. The long nose and the short rear-end, paired with the manual transmission, some little V-Tech sauce, and you have some of the best like, weekend driving moments
you could possibly ask for, and S2000s look fantastic modified. If you don’t like the soft top look, you can throw a hard top on it, spoon body it if you want. Throw some Volk TE37s on it
from FITMENTINDUSTRIES.COM, and you’re pretty much
ready to rock and roll. The cars aren’t necessarily appreciating, nor depreciating in value, but they are holding value extremely well. Now the AP1s and AP2s
have their fair share of their pros and cons, but
if you can find a clean one that you can jump into
and not freak out about having to eat some Ramen
for the rest of your life, because an S2000 won’t actually crush your bank account that hard, this is a good car to get, all right? Apparently, not everybody
likes Ramen like I do. It’s just a thing. But hey, since we’re on the fact about appreciating cars
for no apparent reason, other than to make me
mad, because I want one, another car that you can
pick up if you’re looking for the older side of the fence, would apparently the
the Datsun 240 to 280Z, and pretty much a damn diamond these days. I don’t understand why,
but clean Zs used to go for like a little bit
under $10,000 dollars, but now they demand like
25K, and it makes me sad because I just want one so I can swap a ZL1 motor into it, but I can’t do that when one of the cars costs about the same price as a new WRX. They’re classic out there. They feature an inline six
motor that just screams, and is one of the cars that pioneered Nissan’s introduction
into the sports car market that we now know and
love, especially a Z car. If you can find a 240, 260,
or 280Z with a clean body and a decent price,
you should pick one up. This car isn’t one that can
usually stay stocked though, mostly because they do have some dated personality to it, okay? We don’t do the bump-its anymore, we just don’t have a stock 240 anymore, but with a five lug swap that you can throw some works on, T3 coilovers, and some Toyo Proxes tires, you’re pretty much ready to
rock and roll with these cars. It has a visceral driving experience that cant’ be duplicated
by any others on this list, and due to its analog nature, it’s a car that you
can just get to control and have fun with. You’re just gonna wanna be
careful with those frame rails, because they do have a tendency to rust. Seriously, Datsuns are some
of the best looking cars, once you modify them, ever. To Toyota Supra should
be a no-brainer here, but any time we talk about it we spend a ton of time on it, so we’re not gonna talk too much about it. But it is a popular JDM car that can be a little bit over-hyped. But it is for good reason. The 2JZ motor deserves every
ounce of praise it receives, and the cockpit-like interior has a fantastic driving experience, and it’s got a timeless
design that makes you say, “I can see how these are $50,000 dollars.” But you are paying for all of it! Toyota Supras have done
nothing but appreciate, and getting your hands
on one for less than the price of both your
kidneys is a bit unlikely. And truth be told, we
love the Toyota Supra, but it’s becoming a little bit of a car that is more of a collector than it is one that people have a tendency to modify, and that’s why it’s really
not the first car on the list. You are seeing the Mark
X now come into the fray, getting modified, and wide-bodied, and all that sorta good stuff, but the Mark IX really holds the crown. Right behind that would
be the Nissan R32 GTR. Now the R33 is tied into this list, too, because of what they are, and if you’ve ever
driven an old school GTR, they are a bit of a unique breed. They feel raw, but they
have like a distinct feeling when you’re driving the car, that kinda helps you along the way, in like an odd old-school fashion. Like instead if being, keeping you alive with strictly electronics, the car is built to handle
what you throw at it and that’s likely the reason
why so many people love them, and then the car’s like,
hey buddy, don’t worry, we’ve got you. The R32 is a bit more available than the now-available R33, but that doesn’t mean that both don’t have their pros and cons. Now the R32 has risen in value. When it first released, it was only around $20,000
dollars when it got imported, and now they’re a little under 30. And you have the ability to turn it into a 600 horsepower monster
with relative ease. Now the R33 is a bit of a dream team. It’s got a little bit softer, it’s got a little bit more
technological advanced than it’s predecessor. It’s a bit more expensive
and it’s not as common. A little bit heavier, but if you like that you’re good to go. But it’s still something
that’ll break anyone’s neck as soon as you’re driving downtown. Both cars can suffer a little bit from limited part accessibility, but it doesn’t matter because
you’ve got a GTR, brother. Nissan’s commitment to
making banging 200 cars has never really stopped, and when you look at the list out there for the best JDM cars, the GTR will always be on the list, and it’s always for good reason. Now if you can find me
a midnight like purple, manual, GTR R33, I will
cry because I want one. Here’s somethin’ for power-up, you always wanna recommend a
couple other ones out there as fun little internet JDM cars to buy. Some of these you’re gonna
know, some of it you won’t. The old-school Subaru STI GC8, is a fun rally car that will
get you pretty much anywhere. The NSX, because it looks like a Ferrari. That’s a joke. The NSX was Honda’s answer
to prove to the world that they can make a super
car that was just as reliable and didn’t have to start on
fire, and they did just that. They are likely one of
the best looking JDM cars out there right now,
and I won’t even argue that they are one of the
best looking cars ever made. Fight me. You’ve got the entire EVO lineup, pretty much all of them, but most of the focus
would be on the EVO Eight, for the new generation platform support and overall ease of purchase, and the fact that there’s
a million modifications that you can get for ’em. But even the older generation
have become more accessible through the use of
companies now importing them and all these other places
kinda bringing them in. As long as you can write a check. NB Mazda Miata, because it’s
the best bang-for-your-buck car ever out there forever, all right? If you haven’t driven a Mazda Miata, or if you haven’t owned a
Miata, just give it a shot. Pretty much one of the best
bang-for-your-buck cars, and you can never go
wrong with a Mazda Miata. You will never stop smiling
if you drive a Mazda Miata. You will never stop trying
to do like little donuts, and driftskis, when
you have a Mazda Miata. And the last one on the list would be a DC2 Integra Type R, and you
will not regret your decision. The Type R has always carried a name of just prestige, when it
comes to the tuner world, okay? Instead of the rear-wheel
drive common setup this front-wheel drive car
was an absolute monster right out of the gate,
back in the day, okay? In the current world
of dabbing and rowing, I can’t believe I said that. The DC2 Type R had a slew of changes they made to it back in the day that makes it a true powerhouse now. It had a strengthened chassis, it had weight reduction, like even lighter windows and stuff, it had 8500 RPM rev limiter, it had a high compression piston system, and the whole like slew more of stuff that when you buy the car nowadays, you’ll read about it and be like, “Haha damn, that’s pretty neat!” The Type R DC2s can be a
little tough to come around to, if it’s just how she goes, okay? If you can find one, it’s
almost always worth it. They have a very unique and
interesting driving experience because it’s front-wheel drive, and this car also has been
touted, has always been touted, as one of the best out there from Honda, and once you get behind
the steering wheel, (stammering) you’ll see why, all right? It’s just a good, a good car. The problem is, is not a
lot of people actually like know them, so it’s not
like the super flashy car. It’s more of like a slow key car, and in your eyes, what
do you think, all right? What do you think is one of
the best JDM cars out there that you can buy right now? Drop it below and we can
either agree or question why you think a Camaro is a good JDM car. That’s happened before. And if you’re just looking for aftermarket wheels, tires, or a suspension, be sure to hit us up over
at FITMENTINDUSTRIES.COM. And if you haven’t yet,
don’t forget to subscribe. I’m Alex, we got a boom mic now. (hip hop music) (tapping mic) How neat is that? Ah, and I haven’t said, at the end of the day in a long time, so at the end of the
day, we’ll see you later. Peace!

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  1. What is your favorite JDM car? Let us know! Don’t forget to check out wheels, tires, and suspension over at

  2. @5:45

    IMO 100% hype.

    A real car dude wouldn't let some sound design guy, recreate all the car sounds beyond all recognition.

    If you do a quick youtube search of the cars in the music video, you'll notice that they are not accurate at all.

    Chris Forsberg's 370z v8, was made to sound more like a 440 hemi, instead of it's more nascar esque sound.

    Imagine building your rotary, putting time and effort into getting it ported, only to have some doofus dub lambo sounds over it…

    Evo 9… is it a fwd hybrid?

  3. FK8 Civic Type R. Unbelievably fun and brand new it’s price is compareable to most cars on this list that are mint with low miles.

  4. The Z32 300ZX, they’re def rising in popularity again for good reason. The VG30DETT engine is very capable for tuners that don’t mind getting their hands dirty

  5. My 10 list of JDM I would definitely go after

    1. 1990 Savannah Mazda Rx7 Infinite 4th Gen
    2. 1997 Mazda Rx7 Type R Bathurst
    3. 1992 Honda NSX-R( NSX Type-R)
    4. 1999 Nissan Skyline GTR V-Spec II
    5. 1998 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V GSR
    6. 1994 Toyota Supra
    7. 1997 Subaru WRX STI
    8. 1997 Honda Civic Type-R
    9. 1986 Toyoto Sprinter Trueno
    10. 1970 Datsun 240z

  6. I’m receiving my biggest refund ever and I swear that I will not touch it, straight into my savings car parts..I swear..
    Sees a R32 GTS-T pop up for $16k on craigslist
    My back account: chuckles “I’m in danger”

  7. you forgot the RX8 🙂 great car in all aspects. A bit sensitive to regular oil, oil filter and air filter maintenance but apart from that if you premix i dont think there is a car that beats it at the price 😍

  8. You’re literally contradicting your previous “Worst JDM Cars To Buy” video: Rx-7 & Datsun. You were just saying the Datsun’s wiring will turn it into an actual dumpster fire.

  9. I’d argue Scion tC are highly slept on. Especially how reliable they are. Body lines are sexy but yea it’s a Camry engine and they can be oil burners but man they're sleepers

  10. i don't think an FD is a good choice for daily drive since it has a rotary means its not fuel efficient. plus it's not reliable and apex seals break easily costing lot's of cash repairing it. So why not just get a GTS-T?

  11. 350 or 370z all the way, in really good condition. One of the best engine sounds fitting one of the best looking cars with some of the most tasteful cosmetic modifications available. Really love them, and they barely even cost that much.

    EDIT: Thanks for letting me know the Integra still exists guess I know what I want now.

  12. Miata? Rlly the Miata is the edgy weeb in ur class it doesn't matter how fast u can make it go at the end of the day it's still a Miata

  13. Well Alex, here it is.. Midnight Purple r33 GTR: 58k -It just popped up today

  14. No ones gonna talk about an 8th gen civic si? 8,000 rpm N/A with just about 100 horsepower per liter not to mention that throaty VTEC

  15. Ok so Worse JDM to get Datsun 240280Z
    Best JDM car to get Datsun 240/280Z 🤦🏻‍♂️.
    Also don't get a rotary…. But get one?

  16. I got a 280z last year all original, 5 speed, 68k miles, garage kept, and the original door tag with almost 0 rust. All for the low price of 7k, I know I'm lucky!

  17. @Fitment Industries My friend here in the UK has a midnight purple R33 GTR (OEM colour), tuned by Fensport which is one of the most respected shops in the whole of the UK. You'd like it

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