The Alaskan Purchase | Events of the Past | A Brief Telling of the Tale

Welcome to Thy History Geek my name is
Josh. most of us have probably heard of the Louisiana Purchase it was arguably
one of the best purchases United States has ever made but it wasn’t the only one
in this episode of events in the past we’re going to look at another land
purchase that has paid off in dividends now let’s talk about the Alaskan
Purchase in the early 17th century Russia
established its presence in Alaska giving themselves a foothold in North
America but for Russia Alaska never really took off few Russians made the
trek into the new territory and settled in by the mid 19th century in the
aftermath of the Crimean War emperor alexander ii of russia began exploring
options to sell the territory off as he felt it lacked sufficient resources and
was difficult to defend US Secretary of State William seaward entered into
negotiations on behalf of the United States to be a time of reconstruction
for the country after the American Civil War President Andrew Johnson saw the
purchase as a stop forward on March 30th 1867 the u.s. agreed to purchase Alaska
but it took some time to be ratified by the Congress and didn’t officially
become a territory of the United States until October 18th in 1867 the final
price the United States paid Russia was just about 7.2 million which was about
two cents per acre of land in 1896 however the view of Alaska changed
forever it was in that year that the Klondike
Gold Rush began the gold rush brought in hundreds of millions of dollars shortly
thereafter Alaska was found to be rich in seal and fish and many fisheries
began to sprout up in less than 50 years the United States was able to turn a
profit from the purchase today Alaska still produces gold and fish while also
adding crab lumber oil zinc lead and tourism as some of their many exports
now well over a hundred years later you’re hard-pressed to find anyone who
feels like this purchase was bad I wonder if Russia feels the same and if
they possibly have some sellers remorse well I hope you enjoyed this episode of
events of the past if you did it would mean the world to me if you threw a like
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this episode with a quote from The Naturalist author and philosopher john
muir the mountains are calling and I must go thanks for watching

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