Surprising my Mom with Her Dream Car!!!

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  1. Mine is a pimped out really fast Toyota van and I also have a dream motorcycle and it’s on FGR custom fast street ones so I can go really fast and have fun on the road hello remind me of the FGR that my dad had that we had to get away and I didn’t even get to have a go on it because I was too young ☹️

  2. I really don't think my mom has a dream car I know fs my dad he owned a thunderbird awhile back before I was born and then it got wrecked bad

  3. And last thing i love your videos so much that my dad wants to see your videos
    I think Your channel it's one of the best youtube channel
    Keep going

  4. my dream cars:
    BMW E24 635csi M6
    BMW E39 M5 (Black)
    BMW E34 M5 (Black)
    BMW E36 M3 (Cherry Red)
    2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STI
    1985 Chevy Blazer
    1970 Monte Carlo SS
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V

  5. This is such an awesome video. Class act Chris. Beautiful car, your Mom has great taste. This easily is one of my favourite videos on YouTube.

  6. Bought many, MANY out of state cars. Is very easy in Florida to title them. In Alabama they also want the last owner's registration. I didn't know that and of course the prior owner kept it as it rightfully belonged to them so the DMV lady just overlooked it.

  7. ok who are the inconsiderate moronic haters who gave this video a thumbs down. Anyway great vid Chris and so happy for your mother! Keep up the great work that you do.

  8. Am I imagining things here or did he really just drive to the owner's house in Pennsylvania, make a deal, transferred the ownership over, stopped by the auto parts store, changed the oil on the Thunderbird, serviced the brakes, washed the car, repaired the door handle trim, detailed the engine cover, AND found a replacement front emblem out of nowhere???… All before his parents got back home. AND he managed to film everything he needed to make a video, not to mention getting some very impressive aerial shots while driving across the bridge headed back to New Jersey.

    This kid is something else. You deserve those subs man.

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