Steve Fee from Street Track ‘n Trail Testimonial – ACV Auctions

Certainly ACV Auctions offers a lot of flexibility for buyers and sellers. What I find without being able to get out of the store often is that I have the ability to negotiate with the buyer right online. I have the ability to relaunch vehicles on my schedule. ACV’s inside sales will contact me I’ll get text messages and things like that and they’ll try to help me put a deal together. I find that ACV’s condition report is very detailed. I think which as a seller helps us. There’s no arbitration concerns. The purchaser has a very detailed information about our vehicle. Going through a traditional auction at the lane, they do a quick condition report, a few photos. ACV probably averages 40 to 50 photos. As a buyer I appreciate all the photos in the detailed condition report. So I think most of the sellers that buy stuff that I sell from ACV should appreciate the same. I’ve been in a car business for 28 years so I’ve kind of progressed in the technical field with the apps and computers and you know kind of been forced into the Internet age amd the online age. I find that the ACV app is pretty easy to use. I do use the desktop version quite a bit only because I’m kind of tied to the desk here at the store but it is very simple to use on either version. I do get notifications on both my phone and my desktop when something is running or if I’ve sold something. The thing I found about using ACV’s online auction is one you certainly save a lot of time. I wear many hats here at the store and it’s very difficult to get out of the store. I throw the keys at our rep and say, “Here’s what we want to sell, here’s what my floor are, our sign here…” and you know she’ll come in and tell me, “Hey we’re going to launch them,” and they let the auction go to work for me. I would say overall we’ve done very well using this format. I know being in a small store I get solicited by many different auctions both live auctions and online auctions. I think in the last year I’ve been the one live auction. The online format is very simple to use if you haven’t used it. I seriously recommend that you at least take a look at it. The folks at ACV have been nothing but helpful. I myself was a little bit concerned when they first presented it to me but it has definitely shown me the simplicity of using.

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