Stage Your Home To Sell Faster

hey guys
Michele Bee and today very spur-of-the-moment I have a guest and
we’re talking home staging she’s my Women’s Council Realtors friend
Debbie Shapiro with Cort furniture I basically
stage but I also consult on existing properties that already have furniture
and I just give a fresh look flair to what they have whether it’s dated or
they need to remove things it’s not all about Cort it’s really about the buyer
that’s going to come and look yeah and and getting to the mass market so this
home that’s gonna be soon coming to Facebook has great bones so we just
went in and figured out how we’re gonna brighten it up and move things around so what is it things that I
think is really kind of interesting which people don’t always understand
about staging is that it’s not necessarily you have to remove
everything and bring in on the furniture it’s really taking even up and
repurposing it moving it into different rooms maybe maybe some of the pictures
around take things away getting a little warehouse they are not expensive You don’t have to do every room homes and I’ve actually done with vignettes 90 %
of the people who are visual and they need to see how they’re gonna live there yes
it might be somebody’s home but they’re selling a house just somebody
that needs to be right right so we did that as well and that also quit see
outside so maybe you’ve got a beautiful patio area but some of the
furniture maybe is maybe just dated tell it like it is you know so maybe you
want to get a fresh to work out there or take some things away thank goodness and
Boca in particular bulk day it’s fantastic by the way if you want to find
stuff for your house still around up all day I will tell you for sure this chick
has found some amazing pieces in my neighborhood but that’s #SoooBoca for you! Goodwill and Habitat great deals! shopping on the street always good deal
so there’s always opportunities to do to move things around so anyways I want
to thank Debbie there’s also our President of Women’s Council of Realtors Greater Palm
Beach County doing an amazing job by the way and thank you so much
mi my client is thrilled yeah so I appreciate that so there you can add an
edit services with Michele Bee

3 comments on “Stage Your Home To Sell Faster

  1. Staging is a MUST these days. It was a big part of selling my home in the midst of a terrible market in Atlanta in November of 2010!

  2. I love buying stuff at Goodwill to stage empty houses because it’s so darn cheap but you can get some really great looking things.

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