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What’s up everyone
OJ here welcome back for the video today we’ve got a lot of very
interesting topics to go over so let’s go ahead and get right into it and we’re
starting off with the game that a lot of people I think haven’t played or really
is kind of overlooked when it comes to a historic franchise like Final Fantasy
everyone always talks about Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy a Final Fantasy 6 Final Fantasy 15 7 remake 12 people talk about
more of the newer ones or the more popular ones but one that goes under the
radar is final fantasy 5 just because final fantasy 5 wasn’t originally
released normally here in the u.s. we have the whole debacle with Square Enix
and how they name found fantasy 6 they name that three so there’s always just
been a little bit of I would just say underrated maybe for some of the older
Final Fantasy games before six outside of the first Final Fantasy game so final
fantasy 5 is a game that a lot of people do want to get remade and Square Enix is
Yoshinori quitarse actually talked about remaking that or wanted to remake that
someday so here’s what he exactly had to say on the matter
quo laughs ok so first of all you have to promise you’re not going to write an
article saying Square Enix is remaking Final Fantasy something something it’s
just a purely personal opinion just so you understand that with that caveat in
place the first Final Fantasy that I worked on myself was Final Fantasy 5
that hasn’t been remade with the more realistic kind of approach yet so I
think it might be quite interesting to do a FF 5 remake someday so if I own
fantasy 5 for those who don’t know originally debuted on the Super Famicom
back all the way in 1992 and it finally came over so at least a Nintendo
platform with Final Fantasy five advanced in 2006 so you can kind of see
how the game was overlooked just a bit here and it would be interesting if they
decided to do a final fantasy 5 remake I think that that game is highly
underrated it’s actually a really good RPG and improved upon so many different
mechanics that they implemented in the first four Final Fantasy games
it just gets overlooked because it always the one before the major like
huge game and that was Final Fantasy 6 right which is it just think because
Final Fantasy 7 is seen as like the groundbreaking game but Final Fantasy 6
doesn’t get overlooked as much but it does get overlooked some so it seems
like each time they kind of ramp things up from final fantasy 5 to 6 to 7 Square
Enix was pretty much at their prime peak and always trying interesting and new
things with their flagship JRPG franchise man so I’m interested to see
if anything ever comes of this I know I would love a final fantasy 5 remake I
think it would be really cool to see what they’re gonna do in a more
realistic style or just bringing it over to modern consoles and I’m hoping that
someday we do get that because it really is a very good game it just gets
overshadowed by the two games that came after it which is Final Fantasy 6 and
Final Fantasy 7 so what are you guys’s thoughts from Square Enix potentially
someday revisiting Final Fantasy 5 let me know your thoughts in the comment
section below all right I’m moving on to the next topic here guys we have some
more issues with the C virus going around because South by Southwest 2020
is now cancelled and Sega will be doing a new format that
definitely seems like it’s going to be more like a Nintendo direct style this
April so stop by Southwest is usually a gathering where Sega always has big
announcements for the sonic franchise we always get some pretty good stuff there
but unfortunately due to the virus that’s going around that is not going to
be happening this time around which is very unfortunate because I look forward
to seeing or at least attempting to see what saying is going to do with the
sonic franchise and although it’s not gonna be happening in terms of the
gathering and everybody meeting that the convention and everything they will have
this new format now there’s not specifics yet but I’m thinking that it
is going to be like a Nintendo Direct style so a Sega direct or a sonic direct
something like that obviously that’s been a popular format in terms of
companies kind of taking that and having a digital presentation when you can’t
travel or even to save money at times right we’re seeing Sony implement that
they have their PlayStation directs that they now do they call them state of play
and No kind of came to the forefront with
this new type of presentation taking advantage of the Internet and being able
to reach fans worldwide and not have to have them be there at the event in order
to take a part of the action and have fun and watch so I think that whatever
they’re planning to do I think this is good
it moves things forward if there is a pathetic Slyke this so if there is a
problem you could always just do something in a digital format and fans
will be happy people love Nintendo directs one of these days state of plays
will be good too and I think that there’s been other digital presentations
that people have done that are good as well even like a e3 with some of the
smaller developers like devolver or even like limited run games and what they do
so I think that this is going to be a good thing overall just because there is
an issue out there and I feel that they might cut off the fat when it comes to
some of this other stuff they talk about at South by Southwest they might cut off
the fat and really fine-tune a good show to show off to the fans out there so I’m
hoping that there is some type of new Sega or Sonic announcement that they
have for us maybe some good stuff maybe we get another Sonic mania announcement
or something like that who knows what they’re going to be doing so what are
you guys as thoughts on this let me know in the comment section below alright
guys so March 10th is coming up and you guys know what that means or maybe you
don’t know what it means but Mario Day is coming up and over the past few years
Nintendo has kind of pushed this Mario Day thing because it’s like March 10th
which is kind of split out like Mario’s so Nintendo is using it as a marketing
type of thing here and there are some deals going on so if you’re looking
forward to maybe picking up some of these games here you can check it out if
you don’t have them so Game Stop and target with other retailers probably
likely to follow they are going to be discounting some Mario games so Super
Mario maker – Super Mario Party Yoshi’s crafted world and Mario and
Sonic at the Olympic Games all of those games will be down to $40 and that’s
pretty much the big deal here so the reason why I’m telling you guys this
because it’s March 7th as I’m recording this video don’t go out there this
weekend and buy any one of those games for full price or anything like that
when you can just wait a couple days wait a few days and you’ll be able to
get it cheaper so there also will be some other stuff going on
I think target is having some joy Khan’s yeah there’ll be some joy comes with the
wheels so there might be some sales and some accessories too so if you’re
looking on picking up some accessories or some Mario games for your Nintendo
switch just go ahead and wait till March 10th that Mario Day and you’ll be able
to get a nice little discount on that $20 off there so Mario Day is something
that I’ve probably never participated in I always already have all the Mario
games there I’ve already got a review copy or something like that so it’s
never anything that I’ve paid attention to that much but at the same time I
still think that it’s a good marketing opportunity and once again there are
some games on discount so why not so what are you guys is thoughts on Mario
Day let me know in the comment section below alright moving on to the next
topic here guys Nintendo of America is doing something that we’re starting to
see a lot of corporations do across the world and that is letting people work
from home because of the C virus and this virus has continued to kind of just
spread out there right so there needs to be precautions and I think that this is
a very good idea so Nintendo actually put out a statement about this in terms
of letting their employees work from home quote Nintendo of America has taken
the precautionary step to allow NLA employees in the United States of
California and Washington the opportunity to work from home the safety
and well-being of our employees is our top priority
we’re continue to closely monitor the virus developments and share our
concerns and support for those affected by it so this is something that’s
already been like a whirlwind right we had GDC that has been canceled or
postponed we’ve had salt by Southwest we just talked about that in this video
right here and there is definitely more to come there’s been video gaming
tournaments fighting game tournaments that have been cancelled there’s been
all sorts of stuff Japan has set the children home from school there’s been
all sorts of places in countries too where they just shut down work we had
the outer worlds that video game for the Nintendo switch that’s coming that’s
been delayed and now they’re doing a physical copy because it’s way later
than what it was supposed to be because it was supposed to be out this March
this month so it’s just crazy man it’s crazy and I’m hoping
there is some type of large-scale resolution because I know here in
America we are definitely still not equipped from a medical perspective when
it comes to the affordability in everything for everyone to be tested
cleanly and at a good price and stuff like that it’s just not there our system
doesn’t work that way like in Japan in some of these other countries so I think
that this is a good idea let people work from home whatever way that they need to
get it done and I think that definitely there should be more people in
California right and in Washington and in these places where it’s starting to
spread a bit more that allow you to work from home I mean really you need a
computer unless you’re dealing with people you know shaking hands and all
that stuff I mean obviously it’s a very delicate situation and all of that but I
definitely think that there needs to be more people that are doing this as well
which I think also Microsoft is allowing this too so what are you guys thoughts
on this I know it’s tough and I know things are getting canceled or pushed
back and all of that but I do think that the well-being and health of the
employees needs to be at the forefront and I definitely commend Nintendo
Microsoft and all the other companies that are letting their employees do this
so what are you guys it’s thoughts on this let me know in the comment section
below all right I move it on to the final
topic here guys the wonderful 101 or remastered will have brand new
orchestral recordings they hit that stretch goal just recently as the
kickstarter wrapped up and it was a very successful Kickstarter the campaign was
just under 2.25 million dollars and platinum games will be making this
orchestral recordings re-recordings actually happen which is really good
because if you don’t know the soundtrack for the wonderful 101 is really good
it’s really good and I think that it’s going to sound even better on the
Nintendo switch PlayStation 4 and PC so let’s go and get into right what they
had to say on the matter now the one stoppable wonderful 101 English version
and the Japanese version and the tables turn will be re-recorded with a full
orchestra and implemented in the game both will be on any full soundtrack
release and possibly the abridged soundtrack as well so shout outs the
Platinum Games I know that they worked really hard on trying to make this
happen and get this Kickstarter going and get all these new
and things kind of added in and I’m very happy that their Kickstarter was a
successful one as they move towards becoming their own independent publisher
and developer this is the first step that they’re doing and it was a very
successful first step so shoutouts the Platinum Games and everybody who had a
hand in helping out myself included which I did pledge to the Kickstarter as
well so the game is coming out very soon here it’s going to be May and I think
there’s gonna be a lot of people who get their hands on this game that never
played it before because they didn’t have a Wii U and now that’s our more
popular systems so what are you guys as thoughts on all the different topics say
that we went over please let me know in the comment section below alright guys
that wraps it up for this video here check out the link in the description
below we’ve got Twitter go ahead and follow us on there for all this gaming
news and updates also make sure you like comment and subscribe and share the
video if you can thank you guys so much for watching I’ll catch you for the next
one face

40 comments on “Square Enix’s Kitase Wants Final Fantasy 5 Remake, SEGA Direct Incoming & MORE! | PE NewZ

  1. Hey PlayerEssence its me Renegade! I'm Glad Final Fantasy 7 Remake finally came out! ps i know this is a not the right topic to comment!

  2. If FFV gets remade the same way they are remaking FFVII remake, I will literally sue Square Enix for attempted murder of my childhood favorite series! 7 remake is horrible enough, I don't need a hack and slash FFV lol.

    P.S. if the Sega direct has P5 the Royale Switch Edition, I will call it an overwhelming success.

  3. I say do it, as long as he forms a new team to do it, & doesn’t in any way effect the development cycle of Final Fantasy XVI.

  4. Hey I hate to burst your bubble on this what I know that the c virus happens all over the place its because our politicians along with the media are policing us with fear so don't fall for that just keep praying to jesus all of you gaming the rest of the world and other areas

  5. It would be interesting if they remade FF5. I played it on the GBA. It was okay, but definitely not as impactful as other FF games.

  6. There was some recent talking of how "Parasite Eve's characters need to be used more" (paraphrasing here). I think sometimes the best way to create buzz, is just to even HINT at a possible remaster/remake. I call bullshit. Even Matsuno said something about a FFT revival/project that he'd like to do as well. Here's to hoping they actually happen!

  7. If they were to remake FFV and FFVI, I don't mind if they did in the style of Octopath Traveler or a Bravely Default. At least then they can actually do a complete remake in one package.

  8. Never played 5, loved 4 and 6 on SNES (2&3) so any of those remade would be cool. They could use art style similar to Trials of Mana. As long as it came to Switch I would be happy.

  9. Final Fantasy V is nothing special. The only thing is cool about it was the class system besides that it's just another generic rpg.

  10. SquareEnix needs to "no matter what" have to remake the classic FF games because years ago SE had hire new young employee's who came out & talked about how they wished they were around the times when SE were in their prime time making the classic games.

    Because when those new recruits came on board they really didn't know if what they bring to future FF series if the fans would like the new stuff because they did not have the classic exp working on the older games.

    So doing these remakes is a must for the younger recruits because they can now learn how important they are & get the exp to go hands on to what they always wanted to do.

  11. I'm honestly interested to know how they would depict the story of FF5 in a remake sense its arguably one of the more lighthearted stories in the series.

  12. Honestly, I sit through every Direct hoping for an announcement of FF5 or FF6 on switch. Maybe an 8bit and 16bit collection, maybe individual ports, or even just dropping them on the snes online app? I’m still waiting.

  13. Yes i'm so happy that sega is doing a nintendo direct type of style because i'm a sega fan i have nothing against the other video game companies i love and enjoy sony, microsoft and nintendo i'm just not a fan of those companies i know that intellivison and atari are making a comeback with intellivison amico and atari vcs i'm also a new atari fan as well i just wish sega make a comeback with a new system next if intellivison and atari can do it so can sega i think anything is possible at this point i do believe it will happen one day in the future

  14. I would prefer FF8 remade. Any remake would look great with the style of FF7R. But there is so much they could do to expand the story. Plus Lionheart and Ragnarok in HD would be awesome!

  15. I just had a work related travel to US and just came back to PR. Got informed that I had to work from home for 2 weeks. Things are getting very serious with this virus, kind of delaying products and services all around the world. It's like the world is going to freeze in time.

  16. Would rather have then port over some Shin Megami Tensei nes/snes games he remaster them and give us what we never got in the USA

  17. Final Fantasy V is super underrated. I personally wouldn't mind the first 6 with a fresh coat of paint for modern consoles. Doesn't have to be FFVII drastic, but just a modern release.

  18. I'd rather see a modern FF4 remake. I loved FF4's remake on DS, just bring it into HD pls (along with After Years).

  19. I would love a Final Fantasy 5 remake. Seriously I think they should McDonald Fantasy 1 through 6 available on all systems, but that's just me. As long as it's not the steam version becuase those versions look awful.

  20. Good vid PE Ninja Master.

    FF5 definitely needs a Remaster n Remake.

    South by Southwest be Cancelled is abit disappointing but understandable with the Coronavirus being serious stuff at the mo. A Sega style Direct would be really cool.

    Mario Day Deals are always worth checking out guys.

    Nintendo and otherdy letting People work from Home is really fantastic stuff. The C-Virus needs too be Contained as quickly as possible.

    The W101 Kickstarter was a huge success which is really awesome :-D.

  21. The artwork on that version you are playing is not very good compared to the original. The GBA version hacked with the SNES soundtrack currently is the best way to play this game. The GBA had a better translation when though the story want great the gameplay is awesome. I'm currently playing 5 right now.

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