Sonic Dermaplane tool…Worth it? At-Home peach fuzz removal+exfoliation! Penn Smith Skincare

Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel if you are new here. My name is penny. I’m a master esthetician in Portland, Oregon I’m excited that you’re here today because we are going to do another device review today We are actually going to be demoing and reviewing the michael todd sonic smooth. This is the derma planing system It’s a rechargeable derma planing tool and I was super excited. I ordered it off Amazon It has been sitting here waiting for me to test out I did do a TCA peel last Sunday and this box has been sitting here Taunting me as I am peeling. So I want to get that out of the way right away that I would not normally Recommend that you do any kind of a derma planning on day 7 post TCA peel So when you watch the demo you’re gonna see that my skin is obviously more pili and drier than normal and Again, I normally would not do that. It was taunting me and I really just wanted to test it out So I gave in so this is a do as I say not as I do moment But it did give a great demo and show how well the tool actually works So first, I want to go through what is in the box We’re gonna do the demo and then I’ll give you my final thoughts What comes in the box is the actual tool of course, and it looks like this Pretty simple little tool the ergonomics of it are actually really nice This is the on/off button and it has three settings. One two three. It’s pretty quiet that’s at the highest setting the Cartridge is not a complete straight razor It kind of has some notches, and that’s I’m sure for safety So, you know obviously I don’t think that you’re going to get quite as close of a shave as you would if you went in office and you’ve got a derma planing service with a Scalpel. I mean I just think that that’s pretty pretty fair to say now that said just to give you guys some reference my derma planing services that cut that come with a Light enzyme peel post which is actually one that I use at home as well They are $85 that service is $85 in office This kit that I ordered was $99 So it I actually kind of feel like if you are somebody who wants to dermaplane very regularly It might be worth your money. So let’s talk about what else comes in the box So you get your tool right? You also get a docking station So it looks like this and the tool just sits inside like this when you initially get it You’re supposed to charge it for 12 hours and then subsequently you charge it like eight to ten hours so you would charge it overnight The charge is supposed to last three hours every time Now it does come with the one cartridge blade on the device and then you get an additional seven so you get enough for two months worth of dermaplaning– if You dermaplane every single week and I could definitely see depending on your situation and your hair growth dermaplaning once a week but I could also see doing it like every other week or every Ten days, you don’t necessarily have to do it on the dot on seven days. It just depends on your personal hair growth So these could last you a little bit longer than two months and then of course you can buy Replacement cartridges so that is the device and the device Backup cartridges what else comes in this box is a prep and Then a post now the post has a low I’m gonna look through the ingredients and I will definitely let you know in the description Box what I think of these two little products? I didn’t use them today I used my own prep and my own post and I will you know kind of give you an indication of you know if they’re worth using that kind of stuff, but they do come in the box the clip the cleanser is made to degrease it’s made to get rid of oils and that kind of stuff and That is how I suggest doing a dermaplaning service. I suggest cleansing your skin and dehydrating it which of course again My skin is extra dehydrated and extra flaky and dry because of the peel situation but under normal circumstances I also suggest Dehydrating your skin before you do a derma cleaning service because you won’t just get the peach fuzz You will also get a micron of skin and that’s a really good thing It leaves you with a very nice Exfoliated clean canvas for makeup and light reflection and that kind of stuff if you have never dermaplane It is definitely I don’t want to say life-changing I think that sounds of really dramatic but it really does change the way your skin looks aesthetically under makeup and that kind of stuff it is not gonna do anything for Fine lines wrinkles anything like that? However, it will make your canvas look softer and smoother because it gets rid of the hair and it does a really good job at exfoliating now it obviously comes with a Instruction booklet and the instruction booklet is actually pretty good. It gives you really clear instructions it gives you you know, how to’s and A little facial chart step by step instructions, which I think are nice and it’s really really self-explanatory I have to say that it is very easy It tells you about frequency of treatments how to attach and reattach it does say that it comes with a 2-year limited warranty and you Just have to register the device within 90 days of purchasing it or else you don’t get the warranty So you really want to do that if you decide that you want to buy this device? I would definitely recommend registering it so that you have that warranty Let’s roll the demo and we’ll go through a few things that they do say On the website and then also I will give you my final thoughts. Okay? So from the manufacturer It says sonic smooth harnesses the complexion enhancing properties of sonic technology To safely and effectively target unwanted facial hair rough skin texture and large pores Uneven skin tone fine lines and dullness. It says unveil your most beautiful radiant and smoothest complexion yet three speed settings Three hours max running time on a single charge. It is a complete system. It is cord free and They suggest that you use it once a week or every ten days. So as you can see It definitely does pull off lots and lots of hair and Pull a lot of that skin and I found it to be quite effective as a derma planing tool I’m going to link the video that I did do on derma planing and the Miss gorgeous blades are Far sharper than this little tool and I mean they’re almost on par with my in-office Blade but they also run the risk of Nicks and that kind of stuff So if you are somebody who wants to dermaplane, but you’re really kind of scared of doing it with an actual blade I feel like this is an excellent option. I’m kind of surprised. I was expecting to think it was okay I was not expecting to really love it so that is the Michael Todd sonic smooth derma planing system bought it with my own money not sponsored and Highly recommend it. I hope you guys are having a fantastic Sunday. I Will talk to you in my next video. Take care

27 comments on “Sonic Dermaplane tool…Worth it? At-Home peach fuzz removal+exfoliation! Penn Smith Skincare

  1. I just saw a commercial for this today. Thank you SO much for your consistent content, and product recommendations. You are a true gift.

  2. Hi Penny. I did a 13% TCA peel (3 layers) Thursday night. Of course, my skin looks horrible 3 days later. How long should I wait to dermaplane?

  3. Thank you for sharing!!! As always, your willingness to keep us informed to the latest beauty tool is very much appreciated!!

  4. Awesome video Penny! Ive never used dermaplane before, how quick is hair growth? Im post menopause and wonder if it would work well with chin hair as well? Thank you

  5. Hi Penny, Thank you for the great review 😍. You have absolutely beautiful skin. Would you please advise which beauty device to have at home for melasma and wrinkles? There are many beauty devices, but not sure if they really work. I really appreciate your feedback.😍❤🤗

  6. I love when you review devices, Penny. Dermaplaning is the most immediately rewarding thing I do to my skin. Every other Sunday works well for me. Even though I use a plain Shiseido razor, it does a great job. I bought the pink scalpel type razors you shared in one of your previous videos. Loved them, but I did nick my face. Thank you so much, beautiful. Love you..MaryEllen

  7. Thank you for sharing! You’re videos are so informative. I’ve never derma-planed but definitely need it, I have lots of peach fuzz. I’m wondering if the regrow this comes in darker? Thanks for all you do!

  8. Thank you little Guru. I like this product. Decision time. Can't you preview something I HATE? JUST ONCE? lol. Thanks again, girl💞

  9. I bought the Michael Todd brush that is like the Clarisonic because my Clarisonic kept breaking😀I really love it.I also wanted to ask you about how long before I peel after a Jessners peel? Will I peel in sheets or little flakes?

  10. Hey penny.. lovely video ! I am always super excited when u come up with a new video . I leave everything and jump right in !! I dermaplane just like the video you linked .. my skin looks super smooth after it! All your tips are so educational and helpful.. I always appreciate your work
    Rana xxx

  11. Loved the review! ❤️ Can you use steamer right after dermaplane? For that matter, right after medical needling as well? These all make my skin feel so so so dry… Thank you as always!❤️

  12. Hi Penny, I have another tool that I bought awhile ago from QVC but honestly this one looks a lot better. But I’ll stick with what I have for now but thanks for sharing. Hugs, Dolores 🥰

  13. Thanks Again! Love this Device! Also a Peel Demo would be awesome! I actually have that Peel in 10% but have been a chicken to try it yet. Greetings From Cold Upstate NY!

  14. Hey Penn! Thanks for the review. I"m getting some laser hair removal done on my face – how long should I wait after a laser treatment to needle? Thanks so much!

  15. I watched this all the way through because I bought the device months ago and it stopped charging. I was not impressed with it, had better luck with Tinkle razors. I did read bother replacing with the warranty, I just pitched it. I’m glad it worked better for you.

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