Social Media Minute: Facebook Video Data – Brand Awareness & Purchase Intent

Hi, I’m Jan Rezab
and this is Social Media Minute. We don’t normal cover stuff
from social networking blogs directly. But we looked at the Facebook
blog and there was an interesting thing that caught our eye around analyzing
campaigns, video campaigns specifically, and the impact
the length has had on brand awareness and purchase intent. What’s interesting is that when you watch something
for the full amount, when you watch a one minute video for one minute
you’re gonna have perfect brand awareness. But that’s in reality not
how it works in social media. People drop off after
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 seconds of every campaign. But what Facebook found,
using campaign data from 173 campaigns, is that actually
32% of the brand awareness happens after three seconds. And that 65% of brand awareness
happens after 10 seconds. Which means 10 seconds is
enough to get 2/3 of the brand awareness. And for purchase intent
it’s actually quite similar. 44% percent of purchase intent
happens after 3 seconds. And 72% of purchase intent
happens after 10. Facebook also found that 10% of the ROI
also comes from the thumbnail itself. Now that’s quite amazing. What that means for marketers is focus on everything. From creative to
the thumbnail to the first 10 seconds and make sure
the beginning has the call-to-action. Build your creative the right way. Thank you very much for watching
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