Snow Blower Buyer’s Guide

What’s the right snowblower for your driveway? Ask the experts at Weingartz. Hi, I’m Dan Weingartz here with tips on how to choose the perfect snowblower this season. For small tasks an electric snowblowers lightweight and clear snow faster than shoveling. No fuel is required meaning less prep and maintenance. A single stage unit uses a paddle to throw snow up and out of the machine and is great for everyday home use. These are ideal for typical snowfalls because they clean right to the pavement and are easy to maneuver. For gravel drives or larger paved areas a two or three stage snowblower clears wide paths These units are larger and feature more power to chop up the snow before throwing it out making them ideal for large jobs or heavy snow accumulations. This is your local weingartz where we have an entire team of experts dedicated to handling all of your equipment and maintenance needs. For more tips and how-to videos visit us at Weingartz, Weingartz, Everything From Lawn To Snow

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