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hello and welcome I’m ukgamer808 and
my channel is mainly dedicated to farming simulator 19 now today we are
doing a first my cameras all over the place again first look mod review
for FS 19 on we have the wood sell point, wood selling point small wood
selling point and the small wood chips selling point which have just been come
out they came out on the 20th of December now these are awesome you can’t
be having more sour points in the game you really can’t so what are they cost
well this one’s for you grand and that one’s for you brand however in the mod
herb online it shows this is 2 grand it’s not hard to get it right really is
it so they’re 5 grand a piece now this one is 29 on – 29 slots this one is only
minus 1 so this one is high but at the end of the day if you don’t wanna keep
it for too long it doesn’t really matter you can actually bring your sell point
to your wood instead of having to load it all the way wherever it is simple as
that you place this down and sell you would so I’ve got some wood ready to
sell and we’re all set we’re at Sussex farms FS 19 and I’ve got the same
amount of wood over at the sawmill so we’ll compare the difference I think
they’re going to be pretty similar because the wood price doesn’t change
it’s set into the game it doesn’t fluctuate it moves a little bit but it
doesn’t really fluctuate that much now the wood chips one that’s a bit
different we’ve got that one and that one actually appears in our prices so
you go down there and you see I’ve got it on there small wood chips selling
price and that’s at 141 pains now we go down to the sawmill and that is
currently on 122 where I find the price on this one is I’m pretty good now you
can have a couple more of these if you want but if you add them into the game
it you have trouble scrolling it what it does is you’ve got small wood chips
selling the station there and if you have another two you can put them in but
it has trouble cycling ask them for some reason but you can add
more of them if you want and the prices do change all the time so if you put one
day now and you put another one that it won’t necessarily be the same price on
both of them the prices do fluctuate which is what you want ideally you want
to come down to the sawmill and if it’s not enough money you you want to sell it
somewhere else and get some more money for it as you can see there were small
wood chips selling prices on one for one and the sawmill is on 122 so we know at
the moment we are going to get more money for wood chips here then we will
at the sawmill so I haven’t checked this one to see if it’s where it’s all right
but the other thing is you see all this flashing now we’ve had a fix for this
and this is this is the what third or fourth time now where we suppose the
other fix and that’s not going to do it now and I keep getting these flashes all
the time it’s like somebody’s taking their screen shot and you get the flash
every now and again you might have seen on I’ve seen on quite a few maps but
supposedly fixed at bloody end anyway let’s drop these off so we have what
49,000 liters in there and we’ve got the price at one for ones so you’re gonna
make pretty good money for it and because of the size of the footprint on
the actual placeable itself you can get it in well plenty of places you don’t
need a big footprint to put it in anywhere which is a pretty cool I like
that awesome mod you can’t beat more of these selling stations it makes you you
can turn your map into your own you know it really does there’s another selling
station 8 and I’ll have a look at that one later I think which is your normal
selling station but this one in my book bloody awesome really good job so we
would Dane we go over to the sawmill and I’ve I bought two pine Giants so
I’ve got them and we’ve cut the same amount where I’ve done 12 meter logs on
each one so let’s go over to the sawmill and see what price we are getting over
there at the moment because like I said the price for the wood we don’t know
what the price is we know what the price is when we sell it now we do know it
Changes I didn’t open that I didn’t realize how it closes back up again
perhaps it does at night now the price does change but it doesn’t change that
too much so right here I’ve already dragged down one of the giant pines and
you see we’ve got the three lengths they’re ready to go so let’s sell them
here now I’m pretty sure these are gonna be the same sort of money and there we
go £5707 pounds for that pine giant so we
go back over to the other one and we go to this one and we sell this one off
which is got exactly the same tree and yeah so it’s gonna fluctuate a little
bit but we got 5749 so you you get really good money because I thought wow
are we gonna get really good money or is it gonna be the same or is it gonna be
less and it is the same money as a sawmill or a little bit more so pretty
good mod that as a top mod really like that now it does say there’s some
maintenance charges but I am being charged any maintenance for it I wish
they’d do away with this maintenance charges daily charges is also a crap we
don’t need it what’s the point half the mods don’t use it half of them do so
just do away with it especially where some of them are a ridiculous money but
this one’s meant to be some cent paying the no maintenance on that one and this
one’s meant to be three pounds a day maintenance but like I said I haven’t
seen any maintenance on any of it so it is a small little Hut there are a few
items you can pick up writing the sides here like we have a wall if I can pick
them up we have some period offenders there and you can pick them up and
there’s also a plane there if you’re doing a let’s play it’s always nice to
have these little bits of kit you want to pick it up and do something with it
you can do with actually lot so you can’t go inside or anything and you just
trigger that for selling and obviously the wood chip was when we just drive up
to it drop it off and we get our money simple as that
so we made money on the wood chips I didn’t see how much that was actually
but never mind it’s working that’s the main thing right now so if you want to
modify your map and especially if you’re doing
forestry and you want to put a local sale point to save running all the way
back down to the sawmill you can do use this mod I’ve got say this mod was made
by top ace cripple eight and he’s quite a regular comes in
with quite a few mods and this is another cool one 10 out of 10 for me
right out well that’s your lot for today I hope you’ve enjoyed this short little
mod review on the small wood selling station and the small woodchips selling
station for farming simulator 19 always nice to see new FS 19 mods coming out
and but it’s Monday the 23rd today I’m not sure if we’re gonna get any mods
today if you do I will let you know because I will put a video out right now
thanks for watching always appreciate you smash that like
button for me and if you’re new to the channel go and check out my hundreds of
other farming simulator videos till the next time good bye

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  1. Great review and I agree, you can never have to many selling points! I am so glad they have finally released a couple of the selling stations now. A lot of the maps are kinda limited with selling points and placing these works out great!

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