Skoda Superb buyers review

The Skoda Superb R
is known for its space. The 1st generation was a stretched Passat
with a different grille and headlights. This 2nd generation has its own face. You may or may not like the Skoda
badges, but there’s a lot of space. Space comparable to the Mercedes
S-Class, Audi A8, BMW 7-Series. A lot of space, especially in the back.
The front seat can move further back for me, which is rare. Usually it hits
the stops on the rails. Skoda does that well with the Superb. A lot of technology came from Volkswagen,
which has its pros and cons. The modern technology– Not the most sophisticated stuff like
with Audi, such as climate control. This could be annoying. You can only
set round degrees and not very exact. There are prettier satnavs, but those are
in an Audi with a different price tag. The engines range from normal to
abnormal, e.g. the 256 hp V6. There’s not many of those on
AutoScout, but some are for sale. ENGINES
gasoline, diesel About 300 Skoda Superbs of this gen
are for sale on AutoScout. 60% has a diesel engine, 20% has an automatic
gearbox (we’ll talk about the DSG later). There are nice features, but functional. 80%
has satnav, only 20% has leather upholstery. Fortunately most Superbs have parking
sensors, because it’s a big car. This can be difficult to park. Prices for a second-hand Superb
of this gen start at 12,000 euros. PRICES
minimum, average, maximum There’s a number of things to watch out
for when buying a second-hand Superb. The interior is pretty, but satnav
and A/C aren’t as good as Audi’s. This doesn’t have to be bad,
but keep it in mind. Another known complaint is
the audio system’s sound quality. Complaints about rattling door
speakers, which can be fixed, but if you’re not that skillful
it could cost money. Just small things to watch out for.
Other small annoying things– The tank’s volume is 60 liters,
which it is exactly. With a lot of other brands,
topping off will add more. This is a thirsty, large car, so
the range can be disappointing. Then there’s the weathering logos. They come from an
Italian supplier. Typical. It’s no drama, but if it annoys you,
order new ones or ask for them. Then there’s condensation in
the front fog lights, a common thing. Again no biggie, but annoying. The more serious stuff. There have been
complaints about the Columbus satnav. Especially the first years.
Crashes, slow, just issues. A dealer may suggest replacement, but you
should check if it has the latest software installed. You can see what version it is. Google which
one is most recent and ask for an update. The rear tires cup fast. You can feel a
saw-tooth profile with angled blocks. It’s noisy.
It can be fixed with new tires, even though the old ones aren’t
done yet. A waste of money. The 2-liter TFSI engine is known
for its thirst for oil. The fix is expensive, so it’s cheaper
to keep replenishing the oil. Speaking of engines: the timing chain is
a known issue with Volkswagen products. The older Superbs were
bugged with it as well. You want to see it modified.
Or if the engine died, a new engine. A shame for the previous owner, but good for
you if you buy that second-hand Superb. The chain problem is
caused by the tensioner. When there’s play, the engine’s
timing is off and it blows. If it doesn’t sound right at a cold start
and low rpm, choose another Superb. The 7-speed DSG has known some
issues. It should shift smoothly. If you hear rumbling at lower rpm and
it won’t shift well between 1st and 2nd, it could be a DSG with an issue.
I would go for another Superb. We found this car at
RijnWoud in Rotterdam. A good car with DSG and
parking sensors, no satnav. It doesn’t have exciting colors,
but it’s tidy. THIS CAR Thanks to
Automobielbedrijf Rijnwoud B.V. Subs – Maru

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