Should You Buy a Projector? – TV vs Projector

What’s up, guys? This is Chris Majestic here of Majestechs. Every time I have people over my house, and
they come down my basement, I get a bunch of questions about my projection set up for
my home theater. Today, I want to talk about projectors and why
you might want to consider one over a TV. So stay tuned. Now, a funny story. Actually, about two years ago, I posted a
video comparing two short throw projectors, and that video actually got enough views to
inspire me to start this YouTube channel a year later. Now, I’ve helped enough people set up projects
in their house that I figured it might be helpful to make a video about it. Now, it is important to consider that projectors
and TVs serve two different purposes, and there are pros and cons to both. Now, for some reason, people tend to think
that projectors are really expensive, but in most cases, a good budget projector is actually
going to cost you less than a large TV. Right now, the projector that I use in my
basement cost me just under 900 bucks when I bought it two years ago. Now, as you know, a projector is going to require
you to have some type of a screen or a surface for you to display an image. Now, there’s a bunch of different ways that
you can go about doing this, but what I ended up doing was building my own screen. I just took a bunch of wood, made a frame
out of it. I bought some Carl’s FlexiWhite Screen Material. I stretched it over the frame and stapled
it, and then I put felt tape around it. It was really simple to do. I’ll actually link some of those materials
that I bought in the description of this video so you can check them out if you’re interested. I’ve got a 140″ 16 x 9 screen that cost me
just over a hundred bucks to build. Now, there are a few different screen types. If you’re not handy, you can actually buy
a fixed frame screen if you want to. You’ve got pull-down screens, and then you
can actually just paint the wall. If you’ve got a blank wall in our basement,
drywall, you can paint that with some good paint, and you’ll be just fine with that as
well. Now, of those options, a fixed frame is pretty
much going to give you the best picture quality for the most part, but if you don’t have the
money, painting a wall does work really well. Now, considering that a projector is using
light from a bulb, it’s not going to be as bright as a TV, so they typically work better
in a basement or a dedicated theater room, somewhere where you can easily control the
light. Now, if you really do want to put it into
a bright room, there are ways that you can combat that. You can make the screen a little bit smaller
just because the bigger the screen is, the darker the picture’s going to be, so that’s
going to help you fight light when you make the picture a little smaller. You can also get different types of screen
material that’ll actually reject the light, or you can get different types of paints if
you’re putting it on a wall that’ll help it with that as well. Now, another thing that you need to consider
is throw distance, and throw is basically how far the projector is from the wall or
from the screen. The average projector needs to be several
feet away from your screen in order to project a large image. Let’s say, for instance, you want to do an
120″ screen. Most projectors are probably going to need
to be about 13 or 14 feet away in order to get that size picture. That is something you may want to consider
if you’re thinking about putting a projector in a small space. You definitely want to consider throw. Now, if you really don’t have the space, you
can buy what’s called the short throw projector, which is what I actually bought, and that
allows you to put the projector way closer to the screen. Some of them actually can be sit right in
front of the screen. Some of them you can sit a few feet away. In my case, I have 140″ screen, and it’s sitting
about 9.5 feet away. A short throw projector is going to allow
you to project a really large image from a shorter distance. Now, short throw projectors do cost a little
bit more, and the image quality does suffer a little bit comparing it to a non-short throw
projector, but it’s not really enough for most people to notice. Another thing I want to mention about projectors
is lamp or bulb life. I’ve always heard that the lamps burn out
and they’re really expensive to replace, which means it’s not worth getting a projector. That’s not really true anymore in the case
of budget projectors. First, we need to consider that you’re going
to get an average of about 4,000 hours out of the lamp, which is a considerable amount
of time for the projector to be on. Now, if you do go beyond that, and the lamp
does burn out, it’s only going to cost you around a hundred dollars to replace the bulb
on a budget projector. That’s not really bad at all. Now, TVs are great for just about any space,
but when you want something really large and you’re comparing them to a projector, it can
get really, really expensive. A really cheap 70″ TV is going to cost you
maybe around a thousand bucks. A good 70″ TV is going to cost you 1,800. Once you start to get into 80 or 85″ TVs,
you’re well on to four or five, $6,000 or more. Now, to be fair, TVs do have a lot of benefits
over projectors. The first thing is that they’re really, really
bright, so you really don’t have to worry about putting it in a bright room because
it’s bright enough that it’s going to overpower whatever light you have in the room. Another thing about TVs is that most of them
are smart now. They have smart features built in to them. That’s not something you’re normally going
to find in a projector. In order to get smart features on a projector,
you’d have to hook up something like a Roku, Chromecast, or a Fire TV or something like
that. Another thing to consider is 4K and HDR. Now, there are 4K HDR projectors out there,
but if you’re the average person and you’re really, really interested in 4K HDR, you might
want to consider a TV over a projector, unless you’re willing to pay at least $10,000. Now, after hearing that, I’m sure you’re probably
thinking, “Why would anybody buy a projector over a TV after hearing all the benefits of
a TV?” Well, there are two reasons you might want
to consider a projector. Reason number one is “wow” factor. There’s nothing like walking into a room and
seeing a huge screen with a nice picture on it. Now, let’s consider that the average movie
theater is going to use a 2K projector, which is very close to just a 1080p projector. Now, depending on where you’re sitting in
that movie theater, you could actually have a better experience at home sitting in front
of a 120″ screen 10 feet away. If you’re sitting way back in a movie theater,
then yes, that’s going to be a really sharp picture to you because you’re not right up,
and you can’t really see the pixels, but if you’re sitting on the first few rows, you’re
definitely going to notice a drastic difference in picture quality. This means you can take a 1080p projector,
put it in your basement, and you can actually get sharper images than you get at the movies. Long story short, most people would be more
impressed walking into a home theater with a huge screen in it and with a thousand dollar
projector than they would with an 80″ $8,000 TV. Reason number two is that it’s more immersive. Trust me when I tell you that having a huge
1080p screen versus having a smaller 4K screen can definitely be a much better experience. I mean, how would you feel if you walked into
a movie theater, and they had an 80″ screen on the wall instead of a 50′ screen? That’s the major difference between a projector
and a TV. Now, that’s not to say that you can’t get
a 4K projector. I mean, if you want to spend the money, you
definitely can get one, but the technology is moving so fast that I personally don’t
think it’s worth getting right now. We’ve just gone over a bunch of pros and cons
for TVs and projectors. Now, I’m not trying to tell you that projectors
are better TVs. I’m just laying out the facts. I actually just bought a 65″ HDR TV, and I
love it. If I’m watching certain things like sports
or if I wanted to just watch a quick movie upstairs, I have no problem doing that in
my living room, but if I want to really experience a movie, I’m going to go downstairs in my
basement and watch it on a 140″ screen. Now that we’ve talked all about video, we’re
definitely not going to stop there. Another thing I want you to consider is that
the visual experience is only half the battle. The other half is going to be audio. Once you get that projector up, the very first
thing you’re going to want to do is upgrade your audio if you don’t have a decent audio
set up because, trust me, once you set up that big screen, if you have small sound coming
out of it, it’s going to ruin your experience. Now, I have a 9.2 channel home theater set
up in my basement. You don’t necessarily have to do a 9.2 setup,
but definitely try to do at least a 5.1 if you can. If you want to get a sound bar, that’s fine. Just make sure that you have decent audio
because when you have a larger screen, if you have smaller sound, it’s going to make
the screen feel smaller than it actually is. If were interested in projectors, I’m really
hoping this video helped you, but I did want to clear up some questions and some common
misconceptions about projectors and just compare them to TVs to help you out if you’re thinking
about it. All right, well, that’s going to do it for
this video, guys. As always, if you like this video, mash that
like button for me. Go ahead and post your comments and your questions
in the comment sections. I’ll respond to your comments, and I’ll see
you guys in the next video.

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  1. Love the video bro! My wife and I just bought a house with a lower level and are building a theater set up! Cant wait.

  2. All true, and lot´s of missing information. Only ShortThrow projector matter, because most people does not live in a castle. The projector is not about 2m screen as advertisement often shows. The good ratio is 1:1 what means that you watch from 4m a 4m screen. Even budget DLP projector for 1000 EUR with 6speed wheel RGBRGB is good enough to show you perfect real colors, not the nasty pastel colors as a TV. Forget you´ll buy a standard TV with real colors, nobody produce such a TV. Marketing dictates nonsence colors for a TV, you will not find any brand that does it differently. The big minus for projectors is the lamp that makes the light. Each year the picture will be more and more yellow because lamp getting older no matter a technology. You can try to fix it in OSD menu of projector what works but being sure without calibration sensor is hard. The lamp creates another big minus what is something what people never mention. It consumes a lot of energy to make it shine and this produces big amount of heat. Do not underastimate the heat you can use instead of heating in the winter, but in the summer it could make you roasted. Sadly there is no real technology progress about projectors. They´re just creating always higher resolution and put the nonsence price on it. Now they´re fighting how to put 4K details through the lens for ShortThrow and once they finish, they put it on market with nonsence price. It´s not the right time for 4K, because there is no 4K budget ShortThrow projector in the market. 3D document on projector is perfect, 3D movie is not, because there is missing technology for a smooth moves as TV had. The refresh rate also speaks for TV, the projector does only 60Hz. Make it faster would be costly devolopment and as I already wrote that´s what they do not do. So the cost is never fair, but the big picture is real.

  3. One projeter are make one Wall of your room into cinema hall Screen.
    Bigger than LED TV. 100" , 200"
    It's look like life size picture.
    Like Road, Garden, Tree , Cars , Street, and Bedroom scene.

  4. Switched from "huge" 80+ inch screen TV's to projectors some years ago and I haven't looked back since. Now that I've gotten a taste of 240 inch screen, TV's just feels small now.

  5. I have a cheapo projector which I like very much but fan is very noisy. I want to buy another type but nobody mentions the fan noise when showing you a demonstration. It's a shame because that is very important to me.

  6. Good video. He does sound like Wil smith. A 4K 85” tv goes for under 2k now, and will have a much much better picture then any projector.

  7. It’s usually 2000 hours till half life on the bulb. Another words you can still use THE bulb but it’s half as bright,. At this time a 4K tv is better then a larger screen projector system. He is right, a projector system is very immersive, but lacks the contrast, brightness, audio, smart tv functions. Check out the Samsung 82” on Black Friday.

  8. when you watch a projector from Youtube like actual footage of a movie, its not the same to actualy being in the room its Beautiful colorful vivid, and with adjusting the color and Brightness, best bets when ew' Actualy Buy yourself a movie projector for say Laptop or computer download Kodi go to youtube and Leanr how to put Builds, on youre kodi, ew' have best movie tv Experience  Ever All the Latest new movies sports tv chanells free

  9. Really excellent video…I've watched tons of videos about projectors and this is the best to give a good overall assessment of them versus Tv's. Thank you sir, from Dublin, Ireland! Great work!

  10. TV , huge physical panel , is an issue . Projectors are physically small .
    LED projector lamp life up to 50,000 hours .
    if a projector is good enough for a Movie Theater ,
    then a projector is good enough for home use .
    HDR is over rated .

    If you Must have the best color accuracy with fine detail ,
    then you will need to stay with a TVmonitor .
    4k at 44 inch viewable , or 8k at 88 inch viewable .

    1080p projector is really nice at 120 inch .
    if you have more physical space , than go even larger .
    if you have less space , than do 100 inch .
    an 8 foot x 11 foot wall can hold a
    6 foot x 10 ft 8 inch fixed frame screen 146.86 inches ( 150 inch diagonal )

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  19. I am new to the Projector scene, but after watching my friend play is PS3 on a 95" wall with no problem, I wanted to just on board. The other thing is that I found a 3D projector for just under $90.00 on Black Friday, and while I know 3D is becoming a thing of the past, my Blu-Ray player is 3D and I haven't been able to find a low price 3D TV until this projector. Will I need glasses, I hope not but I can't wait to find out. The other reason for my upgrade is that I am coming from a very hot Plasma TV and my room over heats all the time. Over heating means that I get ran out of the room from the heat even with windows open, so a cooler projector is what I am willing to try to be able to watch my movies in comfort. Will update this when I get my projector to let you know how it works out.

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    Best 200€ I ever spend, I wanted to go for cheap cheap cheap because I already have a 55" 4k TV and wanted a large screen for playing ps4 and watching Netflix, I'm so incredibly surprised by it's quality it's amazinv what you can get for cheap these days

    The fan is a bit loud but not noticeable during movies and I always use Bluetooth headphones anyway. Can't recommend it enough!

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