Sending / Signing Transactions using MyEtherWallet

Hey everyone, this is Clarence from team and today I’m going to show you how to send offline transactions using MyEtherWallet with ETH or ERC20 Tokens. this tutorial will focus on the
new user interface by MyEtherWallet so if someone prefers the old interface I will put the link of the old interface in the description of this video First of all I want to teach you how to add
your Tokens in MyEtherWallet so, you need to sign in to your wallet first for this tutorial I’m just going to use
the keystore file after signing in to your wallet you can see the tokens section
at the right side of the page If your token is not on the list, you can
also add it manually So for example I want to add the DAY token I will click on Add Custom Token so, it needs a token contract address, token symbol and decimal you can look for it on Etherscan or Ethplorer here in etherscan, click on Tokens
then ERC 20 top tokens. look for your token, so in this case I’m
going to look for the DAY token You can see the contract address here, copy it and then , paste it in MyEtherWallet. Add the custom Token Symbol and the decimals click save now that you have your custom token added
in MyEtherWallet account let’s proceed to generating and signing
offline transactions click send offline at the left side of the screen select the ETH or the ERC20 token that you’ve
added earlier from the dropdown menu I’m just going to use ETH for this tutorial so let’s say I want to send 0.5ETH and then put the address of the receiver which you’re
going to send the ETH or the token to You can also change the nonce number
depending on your transactions for the gas price and the gas limit, the values will be applied automatically then you click generate transaction here you can see the signed transaction,
you need to copy this signed transaction for automate and now you can paste this signed transaction
to our automate app or in zapier that’s it for creating an offline transaction using MyEtherWallet Thank you for learning today

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