Selling Over $1M On StockX TOP RESELLER (2 of 2)

One question that’s really important for resellers is How do you feel about the negative stigma of reseller? Yeah, I think that’s for you know Everybody has their opinion on what it means to resell and even the people who resell like we were saying aren’t judgmental to other people who reso whether that’s out of jealousy or You know in some claim that You know as a coach in the game, there’s no such thing as reselling it for reselling. You know, how do you battle that? Was good. Joshua boy AJ and I am DJ and you already know where the DNA show we got a special guest today What up, guys? I’m Brandon Canard And if you guys haven’t seen the first video it’ll be linked in the bio and then also just right up here So make sure you click it and watch that one first I Mean it’s like in the end in 2018. They’re making Millions of pairs of each shoe. So if I’m buying like 50 of them. It really doesn’t make a difference, right? and the other thing is like I don’t I understand it for like Easy’s and stuff how people just want to get pairs, but it’s like You’re not going to them what it’s because BOTS and all this they take them all before Anyone else can really get them and if you’re still lucky to get it Most people if they can make 100 200 300 dollars off as you they’re gonna do it Right, so so you don’t use pots at all? No It’s too much work no, I had a bottom one point time and did it work for me I Don’t know how it works, but I think there’s obviously Advantages yeah, because the boss are the ones, you know, everybody’s buying everything. I would’ve bought. That’s all right Are you tempted to get about I mean I have been but it’s just like it’s not really my thing I don’t like just like because you have to pay for the bot in the good BOTS Network, two three four thousand dollars And then you have to pay each month for like these things called proxies and those can be anywhere from plunger 200 300 400 500 bucks And then y’all soft. It takes a few hours to set up for each release in half the time You may not get anything, but just like it’s just another gamble Yeah, right He’s like put the game in your hands you take control of it. Do you know what you can do? Yeah, I like that I don’t realize it was so expensive Yeah, because I mean there’s lots of bots that are like eighty hundred bucks But they really don’t do as good anymore as like the bots that have been made now. All right What is like the difference between a bot? That is a You know higher it bought from like the $80 buy a robot cannot harm a human being you trust them. Do you want to We looked at robots for protection. Imagine the loss of all that we’ve gained because of an irrational paranoia Because I know there’s bots doubter that will work for any website Yeah so I don’t know like the Specifics by no just like there’s just one bot called cyber AI Oh and it’s like the main bar and you know that everyone wants and that one’s been someone for to $2,000 annoying reason people Really want it it’s just because it’s so successful right now but I don’t know why compared to the other BOTS and that works like on sneakers a Website and everything and then work on sneakers. It just works on like every other it was like those homes. Yeah, okay There’s our buffer sneakers Uh, yeah there is that one, um a few more than that and then got over a hundred of the UNCF with it Which is crazy. Oh Yeah, I got one good. I got zero That’s crazy, yeah, so inventory, do you try to keep a certain amount of shoes on inventory at all the tongue or is it just kind of growing or Do you have any certain goals for how many pairs you want like with what you know, what do you see your inventory going? I mean personally, I don’t really like having a huge inventory because then it’s just like less capital that I have wrote and I’d rather just like have like not much inventory and just keep selling it as it comes in So that’s just my thing. So roughly how many pairs of shoes do you think you have with you right now? Oh in my room. I’d like to say prior round 400 ish around there. Okay, and then I have another 300 or so Consignment stores and just in the garage. It sounds like that. Okay So he’s got kicks everywhere. Yeah. Oh god. I don’t know. That’s a lot of shoes Sure, are there some shoes that you buy to sit on or are you only looking for that quick sale that? quick to 20 bucks there Whoa, I just started buying some shoes to sit on and it’s not really my thing that I normally do but as I’m like growing in this business and profit anymore and you know of the Like capital to do that. So I’m trying you know Yeah, and those are like the high priced items. Yeah at your city going Yeah, I feel like it’s harder to sit on a shoe that’s high price. That’s a little older and more mature and it’s it’s You know the value that is gotta be like a fragment one. It’s at 1,800 bucks. I was like how much higher did it go? Like it will go up but it’s not gonna go about our right where you know, if it came out a couple weeks ago right
so are you looking to sit on shoes that have recently came out are you is it kind of like a mix of sneakers that I’ve already came out You know in the past you like you’ve been sitting on or you been waiting to get and now you’re sitting order It’s really just like recent releases But another thing is like a lot of people like now is what people do is they will just sit aren’t shoes Wait for them to go up but half the time they only go up 2030 dollars so that’s why I mean it’s like what’s the way? Yes, so that’s why I don’t really do it But yeah And there’s there’s those shoes that like for us our experiences were some shoes that stuck out to me I think that we had was like a dorm breaker 6. Yeah, or like a band 1. Yeah, something like that, you know Could you name some other shoes that that kind of popped in prices down the road that I mean? I’m not kind of either regretted selling soon or you know, do you have any of those sneakers that you think? Yeah, shattered backboards shatter backboard. Oh, yes a normal tire a pump. Like I had quite a few of those I paid like 250 for 300 mm. Hmm. I ended up selling off like 350 400 some sizes of armor at eight hundred nine hundred Thousands of your attention it’s crazy and it’s hard to predict that so woody Ann. Do you have a specific method or style that you think that you can use now to Kind of predict what prices are gonna be? I mean really from what I’ve seen those shoes don’t really go up in price or Jordan ones No, and it’s mainly sizes like seven-and-a-half Really go up. So for certain in Jordan ones if I get those sizes, I’ll just hold on and wait for them to go up Yes, that’s right there yeah, that’s how home in my room Around like 25 I think but then I was another 20 or 30 times. So for those who have not gotten that Sheen that’s our prediction I mean the values low-key kind of still goes down or down together Yeah, I mean what the numbered pairs are at? And incise AR has like 1200, right? so it’s same shoe if the same shoe but without the numbers at 300 I Was gonna skyrocket really tiny is why? Yeah, I think yeah, that’s gonna be like just like, you know The Reds and the Royals they were at like I saw the price for a while. Yeah. Yeah, we weren’t expecting it Now the Jordan one is just dominating the market. Everyone wants in Jordan one, right? No more leavens No one ever has like yeah. So indication for prices going up is quantity really, right and then now people are really in tune with quality Yeah How would you say the quality is on a shoe like the homage to home that attributes to the rise in value? I mean the quality is definitely much better than other Jordan ones But it’s so like if I went through all my parents all the leathers would be all different So it really just depends on the shoes on the same model. We’ll shoot. Yes different pairs I’ll have way better leather and some just have like crappy right well Yeah, because I know uh I know people are tripping about the new bread that came out just recently and how some of them have toehold and somehow smooth Yeah, yes, that’s interesting And I know some people work piece. It’s so crazy because like our idea of Quality is like tumbled leather in our heads ingrained in us is like quality But a lot of times it’s not even really good ground, right? So your perception of quality, like what would you say is a real quality sneaker? Definitely. I mean like quality athing likes. These are just shoes in general I would just say I guess you can say she’s in general but like as we speak about of what? You know for me like I’m looking at the thickness and the lining of the sock liner. Yeah for quality, you know, I’m thinking like For me like I’m gonna rock this shoot often. Is it gonna wear well or is gonna wear like, you know, really? Yeah, I mean like shattered backboards I definitely by far like the best quality Jordan one things like it standard Yes what everyone says but then also like my pair of shattered backboards as I got worn under there pretty female So orange just gets like the lighter and lighter, which actually I think thinks I look better. Yeah, I even Wear my like that. Yeah. I was your rock a little more. So yeah, I mean we can we can ask you questions for days If there’s anything you want to talk about, you know, as far as the last segment, feel free, you know, shout out to mr. Graham You’re on YouTube as well. Are you gonna get back on that? Yeah, I mean I did YouTube for like a year thousand a year ago. I may do it again I’m not sure he’s gonna do it again back We’re gonna make him do it and have two animals born in the cities Yeah, I got the like five thousand subscribers and then I stopped I just feel like I shouldn’t do it again I just don’t know what kind of videos you put you got plenty of times that you great with all these kids or anything is There anything else that you like to leave this with? um mainly just like if you’re not been coming to our East our just make sure like You don’t expect it to just come to you. Make sure you go out there and actually grind it work for it Because it’s not easy to be successful in this industry Thank you for coming yeah, yeah. Yeah without being said we’re gonna wrap this one out for everybody that likes this content Make sure you like the video comment down below use the hashtag DNA Pam Don’t forget to smash that subscribe button and you guys know we’ve got some more videos coming with about to show you a little Snippet of this collection y’all ready for that? Oh, I think they’re ready for what? Alright, so let’s get into it

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  1. Thank you everyone for watching and the huge thanks to Brandon for letting us sit down with him. What sneakerhead or influence would you like to see us sit down with next? #DNAFAM

  2. There are two really good bots for nike snkrs. Ghost AIO and Vyper. Then the bots that work for multiple websites are normally shopify bots that work for sites like yeezy supply, kith, etc. Shopify bots are like Taskbot and stuff. Then there are also bots for Also shoutout the homie brandon cannard, great vid

  3. my bot is about 1000$. i pay 50 a month for proxies and i cook multiples of every off white release. just have to have a consistent setup and a little luck.

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