Selling a $40 Million Mansion Over Facetime | Ryan Serhant Vlog #81

– I gotta say when I first
showed up, I thought he was real. It really freaked me out. So this is what you pay for. This house is about 8,000 square feet. The asking is 50 million. Probably be the biggest
deal of the year out here and I just sold it over FaceTime. (dramatic music) (car horns honking) (helicopter rotor whooshing) We have to go show three
houses in the Hamptons to my buyer who can’t
actually make ’em to see them. His budget’s around $40 million so I’m gonna fly out there, show the houses, FaceTime the deal, try to get it done and
then fly right back. You ready? Let’s go. (helicopter rotor whooshing) (pop music) You good? (pop music) You spelled Uber wrong. – [Producer] Jesus Christ, Gary. – Oh, is this you?
– Did you get that? – Oh, right, it’s you. – Wow, wow! What you do on a morning without me. Pretty amazing. (pop music) A lot of these deals that I do
with these types of clients, they’ve got really busy schedules and they use me as their broker because they know that I’m the best and that I would never
let them buy something that was a bad purchase. So let’s try to sell something that big on
the ocean over FaceTime. Welcome to a new vlog. (techno hiphop music) That’s it right there. Here we are at the first one. There it is, the most beautiful
modern right up there. How are you? Hey.
– Paul Consiglio. Nice to meet you.
– Thanks for meeting. This is Adrian. – Hey Adrian, how you doing?
– How’s it going, guys? – Welcome. – [Ryan] Very pretty. Cool. – We have in this area to the left. We have what’s considered the rec room. The south edge of the pool sits right along the coastal erosion line. – Okay. – So we had all this
railing done by Tevin Steel, a very good steel company. (Ryan whistles) – [Ryan] So this is what you pay for. – Yes.
– Up here. – [Paul] And the cherry
on the cake is upstairs so we’ll look through here
then take you to the roof deck. – [Ryan] Okay. – These two decks on the
side here that face the East. – Awesome. Super pretty. – [Paul] This is the master. – [Ryan] This is a pretty cool master. It’s a great view to wake up to. – Yes. Wait ’til we get to the roof. These stairs are all lit
underneath so at night. – [Ryan] They light up? – Yeah, so you can see where you’re going. We used the half of the
roof for solar panels that– – [Ryan] Then, this is a big outdoor TV. – [Paul] All-weather TV. – This is a cool rug. – Yeah, it’s fantastic.
– It’s so cool. It’s like rubber and bouncy. – [Paul] Very comfortable for bare feet. – [Ryan] Yeah, oh yeah. – And that’s the logs there, it’ll be a linear burner at some point. – You know what do you think
the price on this one is? – [Noel] I think it could be worth upwards of 35, 35 million. – 35? (techno pop music) – [Noel] 35. – Awesome. Okay, so, I’m gonna FaceTime my client. He couldn’t make it out. So if you’re okay, I’m just
gonna walk him through. – Sure, absolutely. – And then I will meet
you guys back outside. And for the purposes of privacy, in editing, Adrian’s gonna
cut out my client’s voice so that you don’t know who he is because he has a pretty
recognizable voice. Can I show you this house for a minute? – Please.
– Okay. I think the deal gets
done around 35 million. – [Client] Can you move it
to the right a little bit? – Move it to the right a little. – [Client] Oh, there you go. Yeah.
– Yeah. So right now I’m on the roof. – [Client] I see where you’re located. – Yeah. All right, now I’ll take you downstairs. – [Client] Yeah, please. – Okay. And this is the first one, and then I’ll call you at the second one. – [Client] Okay. – So this is in the main level. You can see here, and I’ll send you photos of everything. See here, the water and
the beach is right here. – [Client] Okay. – I’ll just turn this
around so you can see it. – [Client] How many square feet are on that floor that you’re on? – This floor is probably about 2,500. This is your master. – [Client] Very light. I like the natural light. – Yeah. So the light’s beautiful. You can see the water from the master, that’s really important. – [Client] Looks great on a cloudy day. – Yeah. This is the master bathroom. There’s a bunch of other
guest bedrooms down there. And then immediate access up to the beach. Do you need me to bring you to the beach or do you know what a beach looks like? – [Client] I know what it looks like. Is that saltwater? – You want me to taste it? (client laughs) – [Client] If you want my business. – No, that’s not saltwater. – [Client] Okay, that’s
chlorine that you just ate. – Yeah, I’ll live. – [Client] Thank you for getting it. – How do you feel about this one? – [Client] I’d like to see the others, but it’s (speaker audio
distorts), yeah, a B+. – B+. Okay. I’m gonna go to the
next one, walk through, and then I’ll call you when I get there. – Okay.
– All right, bye. Awesome. Let’s go up to the next
one, so I’ll follow you. Okay, great. So, that was the first house. It seems like he liked it. I don’t know if he loved it,
but seems like he liked it. Price, like I said, is
on or about $35 million. And oceanfront is gold. It just doesn’t exist anymore. If you wanna be on the ocean,
you’ve gotta pay for it. So now we’re heading off to another one and then we got one more after that. My goal is to get him
to purchase one of these by the time we’re done
which is about an hour because then I gotta
get back into the city and I’ve got a big showing
at 25 Columbus Circle where I’m gonna get someone to
buy that for 16 1/4 million. So we’re at the second house now. This one’s a little bit bigger. This one’s 8,000 square feet. And so this one’s a little bit more money. This one’s gonna be about 40. – [Client] Okay. Behind you, is that one
of the dens behind you? Behind you right there? – Yeah, I’ll take you down this way. – [Client] Okay, okay. It’s seven bedrooms in the last house. – Yes, five bedrooms here. You’ve got your never-ending pool here, you’ve got the infinity pool. That’s the podium that we were just up on. – [Client] Okay, I see it. – And this has a true curtain wall. This is glass, floor-to-ceiling
all the way up. I’ll show you the inside. (smooth techno music) Big open kitchen. You’ve got your den,
other access downstairs. – [Client] Okay. – So this is your dining room. – [Client] Water cooler. – Yes, you have a water cooler. That’s your swan. – [Client] Wow. The swan is included? – Yeah, I’m pretty sure
the swan could be included for $40 million, yup. (client laughs) So this is your master. – [Client] Nice thinking. – Huge, huge walk-in closet. – [Client] I see, okay. – Again, you can see the same ceiling I used to take you all the way through. And this is your master. – [Client] Okay. – Exactly what you wanted before as well. The master has the ocean view. I know that’s important to you. This is your piano. Crazy piano.
– Wow. (smooth techno music) – [Ryan] This is artwork by the way. (smooth techno music) – [Client] He looks like
a postman from Mr. Rogers. – I gotta say, when I first showed up, I thought he was real. It really freaked me out. – [Client] Now I know you’re taking me upstairs and downstairs of this house. – So all the bedrooms
have different themes. (smooth techno music) And then last but not least,
you’ve got more outdoor space. This is what I was saying. So this is kind of a fire pit here, you’ve got another gas fireplace there. Again, that takes you
right out to the beach and then this is your private gym here. I know that’s important to you. All right, so I’m gonna
go off to the other one. You feel good about this one though? You saw everything you needed to see? – [Client] I did. If I have questions, can you walk me right
through right this end? – No, I can’t come back. We gotta make a decision today. But I’m gonna take you
over to the next house now. – [Client] Okay. Well, I look forward to
seeing you at the next one. – Okay, thanks. – Thanks, Ryan.
– Bye. (smooth techno music) I think he liked it. He’s hard to read. This guy’s kinda hard to read. Okay, on to the next one. All right, good. Thank you so much. – Thank you, Ryan.
– Awesome. – I appreciate it.
– Yup, I just got one more so it’s between these two and whatever I’m gonna see right now and I’ll get back to ya. – Great.
– Paul, Noel, good man. – Always good to see you.
– Stay classy. – Will do. – All right, I’ll see you guys later. We’re here. We just pulled up to the third house and the broker just sent me a message. No cameras, no nothing, so
just keep the camera down. I can’t put the address or
location or the house on YouTube so we’re gonna have to
go incognito on this one. Sorry. Yeah, the asking is 50 million. – [Client] Wow. – Yeah, I think I can get a
deal done here for about 40. – [Client] That’s a lot
more than the others, Ryan. – Yeah, I know it’s a
lot more than the others, but it’s worth it. This house is incredible. – [Client] Well, let’s
see what you can do. Bring it down to 40 and I’ll take it. – Okay. I’m gonna speak to them, but 40 million and this house is yours. – [Client] You got it,
I have faith in you. – Okay, yeah, yup. And you’ll close as soon as possible. Okay. That’s 40 million on the
ocean in The Hamptons. Probably be the biggest
deal of the year out here and I just sold it over FaceTime. Shit, we gotta go. We gotta get to the helicopter. We gotta go. (techno hiphop music) What? We left Yuri in the Hamptons and I’m not gonna pay 50
bucks for a fucking Uber. I can’t afford that. What are you, crazy? Leave me alone. (techno hiphop music) Thanks for watching the vlog. Now, go sign up for my real estate course. It’s the only real
estate agent sale course you will ever need. And if you don’t do real
estate, you just do sales, or you just are a human being,
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