Sell Your Used Macbook (Identify, Price & Sell Your Macbook for Cash)

bjbj[ Are you ready to cash in on a pre-owned
MacBook? In this video, I will teach you how to properly identify, prepare, value, list,
and sell your mac book for maximum cash locally, easily, and quickly. I’m Austin Shrigley and
I’m at a beautiful [00:15 Unclear] Resort Hotel in Canada. I sell hundreds of MacBooks
myself and now I’m helping others all over the world do the same. Now it’s your turn.
To learn more about flipping locally on social marketplaces, subscribe to my channel and
hit the bell to be notified every time I upload a new video. Step number 1 is to properly
identify and prepare the MacBook for sale. To properly identify the MacBook, there are
several things you want to be aware of. First and foremost is the condition of the item.
Is it dented, damaged, or is it like new with extras and accessories? These are all very
important factors when it comes to valuing your item and looking for comparables on EBay.
Other things you can use to identify the MacBook are the model number located on the bottom
of the MacBook or the serial number. You can look it up online at HYPERLINK “” or on Apple’s website to check the service and coverage. Some other things
we must identify about each MacBook are the model year, the screen size, hard drive size,
how much RAM it has, the processor speed, and any extras such as a warranty like AppleCare
or if it’s a touch button model. To prepare the MacBook for sale, we’re going to want
to wipe it clean and factory reset it. You can find many YouTube videos on how to do
this. Once we’ve identified all the features and we ve wiped it clean, it’s ready to take
some pictures. Let’s polish it up by wiping down the screen and making sure it appears
really good. I made a video on this you can check out. But make sure you get all of the
specifications and all angles as possible. I usually upload about 10 photos for each
ad. When you make sure to identify everything about the MacBook and you take photos of everything,
it helps build trust with the buyers. In that way, you don’t waste time and not end up closing
the deal after going to meet with someone and it’s not what they expected. Step number
2 is to properly appraise and value your MacBook. Using the identification keywords that we
established in step 1, we’re going to be using EBay to accurately find comparables and price
check our items that s similar ones that have been sold. The best way to do this is to search
using the keywords of all of the specifications that you have and then filter by sold listings.
Another way to filter is by sorting through the active listings, Buy it now only , sorted
by lowest price first. This way you can see what the cheapest one on the market is. When
looking for comparables, make sure to accurately find ones that are similar to yours. If they’re
damaged, look for damaged ones. If it’s brand new and you have extras with it, look for
similar ones to that. Find 3 accurate comparables and then take the average of those 3. As you’re
going through this, drop a comment below and let me know what model of MacBook you have
and what similar ones are selling for on EBay. I ll be interested to find out what yours
is worth. Now that we’ve accurately valued our MacBook, we’re going to want to list it
for about 10 percent higher than what the similar ones are selling for on EBay. This
way, it gives us room for negotiation and if there’s no negotiation, we’ll get a nice
little profit. If you’re seeing that similar models are selling for $450 to $460, list
it for 500. Likewise if it’s going for $920 or something like that, list it for $1000
or $950. You can always change the price in a few days if you’re not getting any hits.
To maximize our efficiency at listing, we’re going to use all the marketplaces possible.
Using the script that I have in the downloadable cheatsheet, we can simply copy and paste this
into the marketplaces like Facebook, Craigslist, OfferUp, LetGo, and so many more. Depending
on your location, different market places are going to have better success than others.
I prefer to use Facebook marketplace and Craigslist. The negotiation process is different for every
deal. If you’re getting interest on it but still getting low offers, you might as well
leave because someone is going to buy it. You only need one buyer to close the deal.
A lot of people are going to lowball you and there’s going to be scammers. But don’t you
worry because I’ll teach you how to avoid all the scammers in my free downloadable cheatsheet.
If you did market up 10 percent or so and you’re okay with selling it for that cheaper
price, it might be worth meeting up and negotiating with them and agreeing on a deal. If it’s
been a week and you haven’t got a single hit, it might be time to lower the price a bit.
Try knocking it down 50 or 100 bucks. Some other factors to consider when negotiating
are convenience, time, how much it will cost for you to get there, maybe gas money. Make
sure you meet in a public place. Starbucks is my favorite and I’ve never had any problems
whatsoever. Now that you know all the steps necessary to cash in on your pre-owned MacBook,
it’s time to hit the market. You can download my free cheat sheet below which will give
you examples of photographs, how to avoid scams, copy and paste template for descriptions
and titles. Do you want to join an amazing community full of other entrepreneurs flipping
their way to freedom? There’s a link to my free Facebook group below. We share best advice,
tips, deals, and successes. If you like this video, please let me know by smashing that
like button and hitting the subscribe button and sharing it with all your friends. Comment
below if it helps you or if you have any more questions. Transcript: Sell Your Used MacBook
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  1. I am planning on selling my old college mac, I would of never thought to take pictures of all the specs. Thanks Austin, great video!

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