Sell With Purpose

Hi, it’s Ben Lai from Sales Ethos. Today’s topic is sell with purpose. Purpose drives everything that we do. In order for us to tap into our purpose, I
want to ask you three questions today that will help you to really get attached to why
you are doing what you do. Therefore, my first question to you is, why
are you in sales? Of all the possible professions that you could
have chosen, what is it about sales that you really love? It could be many things, including the fact
that you are helping people or you’re engaging with people on a daily basis or the fact that
it challenges you on a regular basis. If you are really tied strongly with your
why, as in why you are in sales, other than paying the bills, then your ability to sell
will be significantly improved. As a side note to that, which leads me to
my second question. If you want to have a very strong purpose
in sales, you need to attach it to something that’s apart from yourself. If you’re only looking at internal things
that is not going to be very motivating, when we are serving and giving value to other people,
that’s when it sparks something on the inside, we’re tapping into our bigger purpose which
is to make a difference in other people’s lives. The question that will help you to answer
that is what problem do you solve? What problem do you solve? Try to think beyond the immediate effect. For example, I provide sales training and
the immediate effect is that people become better at selling. What is the flow on effect from that? For me and my clients, the flow on effect
is that when they become more effective at sales, they are solving other people’s problems
with their service or product. As a result of that, and the company being
successful, they’ll be able to hire more people. Essentially feeding the families and providing
gainful employment for those people. The flow and effect just goes on and on and
on. The better you understand the flow on effect
of the problems that you are solving and the problems that they consequently solve, the
more you will be able to understand your true purpose in sales. Now, the final question that I want to ask
you, to help you to attach to your purpose is what would happen if you stopped? What would happen if you didn’t sell your
product or your service? This is a reverse of the previous question,
which is if people continued living on with that problem that they have, what would life
be like for those people? One of the reasons that I’m so passionate
about helping people to sell better is because their entire livelihoods often depend on it. I’ve spoken to many entrepreneurs who want
to add value to other people’s lives and they have a great product or great service that
they can offer. But their inability to sell prevents them
from doing so. If they are not successful in selling, and
if I stopped doing what I’m doing, these people could potentially lose 10s of thousands of
dollars, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars of opportunity costs. They would not earn the amount of money that
they would had they been able to sell effectively. That’s where I derive my purpose and where
I get my motivation for doing what I do. Again, those questions are why are you in
sales? What problem do you solve? What would happen if you stopped selling? Ask yourselves these question to attach to
your purpose. Now, if you are a sales manager or entrepreneur,
and you would like a complimentary consultation with myself, feel free to leave a comment
below or follow the link. I’d be happy to have a chat with you to see
if we can work something out. In the meantime, don’t forget to like and
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