Sell like Jeffree Star – Conspiracy release & collaboration with Shane Dawson – Lessons in marketing

hey guys welcome back to TohirT’s
channel Tohir is here I hope you had a fantastic week this week was very
interesting due to multiple different reasons but one of them was the release
of the conspiracy makeup serious by Jeffrey star and Shane Dawson yes I am
as surprised as you are the fact that I’m talking about the makeup product
release but there are a few narratives that are intertwined there and I think
those two actors showed us how in today’s world the small business the
entrepreneurs even the bigger companies have to rethink the way they invest into
their marketing efforts because they prove to us how well it can be done by
just being a very talented online creator so yeah let’s talk Jeffrey
starlets of conspiracy let’s talk Shane Dawson just in general let’s do this
throughout this video I want to extract the lessons on how to leverage the
production strategies the business strategy the marketing the video
creation I will completely avoid talking or commenting on different controversies
that’s around both Geoffrey and Shane in several past years as well as I’m not
going to talk about how their relationship came to be or how the
conspiracy line up came to be go check out all the episodes that are available
so far I’ll link them down below from the documentary the chain doesn’t
produce the beautiful life of Jeffrey star it’s an interesting use case at
least from the standpoint of actually seeing how they would discuss how they
would converse about this products but not the point of my video right now I
want to digest and summarize all of the things that I’ve observed both in that
series and Beyond it so who is Jeffrey star well someone you might think of
Jeffrey as this new up-and-coming youtuber that came out onto the scene
for the past few years but actually Jeffrey star as a celebrity as I guess
the person of interest dates all the way back to early 2000s back to the days
when he used to have one of the most fold so I think the most followed at
some point profile on myspace from then on and around the same time he was
trying to develop his musical career yet what happened to be what seems to be
based on the rumors around it a bad deal with a record label draw that musical
career to a close Jeffery decided to come
back to the shop figure out what he wants to do and reinvent himself the
curious point is that he started off in the makeup space used to be a makeup
artist trying to work with different celebrities in Hollywood or around LA
and that was the point that he picked to use as a Renaissance as a point of
re-entry as a point of introduction of Jeffrey star brand to the public scene
and what a renaissance it was from starting that small YouTube channel
giving tips on the makeup reviewing and covering different kind of product
releases to now having over 16 million subscribers and your own makeup company
production that’s pretty solid kind of a comeback if you ask me and not to
briefly touch on shade also he’s as talented and primarily and recently
popular for the series of documentaries he did about different big YouTube
celebrities and simple controversies or bigger controversies that happen to
surround those people very interesting especially from the standpoint of the
duration he would make hours and hours worth of content out of each one of
those stories and they would gain millions of viewers so when you combine
that with Jeffrey stars talent and knack for the business side of things you’re
getting a very interesting combination that led to the events that we observed
last week and let’s talk about the business implications and let’s talk
about some of the things that we can now learn from both of those guys Shane
Dawson’s latest documentary the beautiful life of Jeffrey star is what
led to the November first release of the conspiracy makeup line and this is
amazing because what gives right it’s another merge drop by youtuber well that
merge drop by youtuber crashed Shopify yes Shopify thought that they were ready
and they were not at all and let me remind you Shane Dawson is not even a
makeup artist or not even in the beauty space yet his product line with Jeffrey
star crashed Shopify and sold out within hours so they sold out the entire line
which i think is about 15 to 20 million dollars worth of products within hours
of its release so how would someone who has no clue of
the product line who has no experience in the industry and known
really in the industry would create that kind of clout around the product release
anything we should all really memorize like in green in our brains and our
business side of our brains the response to that question because the way they
conducted their business throughout that entire documentary in preparation for
the product release showcase to me how important are the
three aspects of their approach the production the marketing and the video
storytelling so let me break down my coverage of that response in those three
sections and we’ll wrap it all up at the end of the video and the production
Jeffrey starmade one of the hardest decision that ever stands before early
entrepreneurs he decided to own his own manufacturing and distribution it’s very
easy at the very beginning especially when
you’re trying to figure out what your product line is going to look like to
outsource the distribution and the production of your product away from
your direct responsibility because you already have enough to worry about and
all of a sudden you have to worry about the products how they assembled where
they’re assembled where they’re stored how they’re shipped out to clients I tip
my hat off to him and his entire team makeup industry is one of the hardest to
break into and to break into it also with your own manufacturing behind you
that takes a lot of guts and it also takes a lot of hard work but the big
benefit of overseeing everything from ideation to the point the product leaves
the warehouse is that you control the quality you control the distribution and
most importantly you see way more profits you margins are way bigger when
you are the owner of that entire line Shane Dawson’s documentary demonstrated
to all of us that Jeffrey star he really cares about the quality of the product
he really cares about delivering something that his audience will love
and the industry will respect and to all of us entrepreneurs who are just
starting their businesses or figuring out the next evolution of their business
we should never take that decision between outsourcing or owning your
entire production line lightly there are many cases when specialization is really
worth outsourcing the production and the distribution if there is a business out
there who you can partner with who can deliver quality product to your
customers quickly that’s awesome but you should always make that
due diligence you should always make sure that your decision to outsource
certain parts of your production or distribution do not come at the cost of
the quality of the product the marketing the marketing part alone deserves its
own video but I’ll try to be as concise as possible as I describe all of the
lessons that we can extract from it and first thing they can notice from just
looking at both Shane Dawson’s and Jeffrey’s channels 40 million combined
subscribers is easy enough to sell – you would think but the numbers alone don’t
tell the full story what I want to focus on and I’ll talk about the numbers later
on or I’ll paste here the numbers that they will share about the actual sales
of that conspiracy line that’s all nice and dandy the marketing the marketing
aspect of it even when you have 40 million of dedicated subscribers is not
that easy Jeffrey Starr proved over and over again
through his prior product launches that he really understands his audience he
really has that connection with the audience where he knows what they care
about what they value and what they will respond to and he was understand the
value of partnering with shane dawson shanedawsontv commentary’s about other
youtubers and i think the videos for the past almost two years gained
consistently over ten million of use i had to scroll all the way back to I
think it was February 2018 so almost two years ago to find a video that made less
than ten million views 9.3 million of views or something like that terrible
performance and now compare that that impact that audience that Shane brings
to the table two TV commercials think about all those TV ads that you see
during may be major sportsman major award ceremonies or things that really
drive eyeballs when those commercials show up on the TV screen do we really
watch them you and I know for a fact that we would go to grab a snack we go
use bathroom we talk to our friends or family members who are sitting with us
around the TV over on our phone checking the social media we do not actively
engage with the ad where when Shane Dawson drops his videos everyone watches
them I mean I’ll say it again it was a genius
move to combine the two to combine the story of coming up with the entire
product line with main palate in the conspiracy line and
letting Shane Dawson shoot entire documentary around that was brilliant
move it is a very long multi hour infomercial but I mean it in the best
way possible I’ve seen a lot of people online were hating on the fact that they
essentially drove the audience through that story towards the product release
it may advertise the product release at the end of the sixth episode but who
cares I’ll take Shane Dawson’s approach and
Jeffrey Starr’s input on how to market that line over any QVC commercial that
was ever produced major brands dream about the kind of engagement that Shane
Dawson achieved through his dokey serious would they want to see me ins of
people engaging with their video content and going to buy the product but you
cannot achieve that through that short 30-second engagements that all major
brands dress you have to invest in nurturing your audience you have to
invest into that relationship when you show people behind the curtain view you
show all the struggles all the challenges all the care that both
Geoffrey and Shane invested in to the product to the point where yes at the
end when the product is about to be released there’s no one that millions of
people are out there on the website or in person at the store waiting to invest
their hard-earned dollars in the support of their favorite creators the video
thanks to Geoffrey star and Shane Dawson I can yet again say the video
storytelling is one of the best ways to create the relationship between your
brand your product and your audience it’s an easy point to make but imagine
trying to create that kind of a relationship through just text just
photos or audio none of those media formats would translate as well that
care and the emotional investment all the time that they had to spend
preparing for that product release seeing Shane Dawson at the end of the
sixth episode teary-eyed looking as those pallets roll of the conveyor was
really heartwarming you can hate it all you want you can say that this is a hour
or multi-hour long advertisement commercial but I think all those brands
better watch out when they try to sell us their products
in thirty-second one-minute pre-roll ads or commercials on TV on you too
elsewhere Shane and Jeffrey proved that nurturing that relationship with the
audience creating the connection through multiple iterations through multiple
videos pays off big time modern day marketing evolved way beyond that friend
band thank you for your purchase ma’am stage we’re just single interaction with
the client is enough you have to nurture that relationship we have to respect
that relationship and what is the better way to do that than to create a series
of video interactions the story share with them the narrative show them how
much you care that you were creating the product make it authentic don’t try to
stage certain things show them the raw emotions behind the product in the
marketing team the sales team as they tried to create something that they
truly care respect their feedback take that feedback in use video is not only
the platform to create a monologue where you just talk to your audience hear them
back take it all in make the adjustments as necessary and you can skip millions
of dollars of those ad investments because when you created that
relationship when you nurtured it and when you respected the audience through
the years by the time you’re ready to release yet another product line trust
me they will be there with their hard-earned dollars ready to support you
did you know about the conspiracy product released before this video what
do you think about Jeffrey’s and chain impact on marketing of that set product
and what are the ways by which youtubers Instagrammers Facebookers who cares
about Facebook impacted the modern business day relationship between the
product brand and the audience share your thoughts and ideas in the section
below I know it was a long video but you cannot ignore the impact that someone
like Geoffrey Starr and his collaboration with Shane Dawson had on
this industry or at least what that collaboration and the impact that they
had on the product release demonstrated to us in regards to the business
approach that we should all emulate to me that series alone is important enough
as it’s almost like a business case to learn how we should approach developing
our businesses our personal brands what I think about in summary it’s all about
that digital family the video storytelling the continuous loop of
feedback and interaction with your potential clients is what it takes today
to create a sustainable businesses sustainable
and where people will stick with you through a thick or thin thank you very
much guys for stopping by if you new to this channel go ahead hit the subscribe
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thank you very much for stopping by as always slim enough in the comment
section below what you thought about this video and I will see you all next
Saturday 10 a.m. Eastern on this very channel yeah when I woke up this morning
I have no clue that I’m gonna create this video but it was just too inspiring
to skip and yet again that is the proof why video storytelling is so porn and
why I’m here again excited to make more videos with those consultants individual
entrepreneurs and small businesses that are coming up more and more on this
channel check them out stay put and I’ll see in the next one peace you

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  1. I think their idea was brilliant and we can see results already – just like you said, their entire stock sold out within hours. Marketing and execution couldn’t be more on point!

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