Sales Tips: How to Approach Personality-Based Selling

Hi, Andrew Davidson at SalesLoft. As sales reps, you’ll tend to come across
many different personality types with your prospects, looking to communicate with them
around the benefits that your product provides, in a context that they can relate to. So today, I’m going to share some tips of
how I’m communicating effectively with different personality types. So you’ve done your research, and your prospect
fits your ICP, or your ideal customer profile. Now it’s time to look at some context that
you can relate over. I know from experience, tailoring my message
to a prospect’s personality, and understanding what channels they appreciate messages to
come through, as well as how long those messages should be, are extremely powerful. And SalesLoft’s integration with Crystal
helps a great deal here, giving you a plethora of data from a prospect’s personality and
understanding into how they like to be communicated with. For example, with Emily here, Crystal identifies
she is pragmatic, logical and direct. So I know I’m more likely to get a response
by keeping communication short when reaching out. And Crystal even gives me an email example
that’s less than three sentences, tailored to her specific personality. But with a more social personality, like Jason,
a short and concise approach may come off as cold. They may prefer a longer, more personal stories,
emails four sentences or longer, and visual aids. They may also even enjoy a little small talk
to get to know you as a person. I also find Crystal very useful when calling. I can proactively adjust my tone and pitch
to match that of my prospect. Thankfully, Crystal has data for all personality
types so you’re able to connect with your prospects quickly and effectively, and you
can access that information and those notes, all within
SalesLoft. Thanks so much for taking the time to listen. Hope you learned something new about communicating
with different personalities, and I’d love to hear how you’ve been successful here. Have a great day.

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