Sale Of The Century Jackie Ray Philly

with over $44,000 in cash
and prizes. This week,
players will win: a brass bed, a 35-millimeter camera, this diamond necklace, and a trip to Miami Beach, and continue a journey towards
a fortune in cash and prizes including a Camaro Z28 and $50,000 in cash. In total,
over $100,000 on $ale of the Century. And now here’s the star
of the show, Jim Perry! [audience applauding] Hello there.
Thank you. Good to have you here. Delighted to have you with us
for $ale of the Century. If you were not with us
on our last show, our outgoing champion,
La Rae Delman, left us with almost $45,000
in cash and prizes. We congratulate her. So, we have
three new challengers. Here to introduce them,
Summer Bartholomew. Hello there, Summer. Hello. Hi. Got three people
to introduce today. Three new people, you bet. She has the perfect remedy
for hiccups. From Studio City, California, let’s welcome Jackie Par. Hi there, Jackie. Hi. She has the perfect remedy…
Excuse me. And next,
he’s a whodunit kind of guy. From Burbank, California,
here’s Ray Anrochte. Hello, Ray. And she is top in her field. From Houston, Texas,
a big hand to Philly Duke. Hello there, Philly. Got a lot
of new shuffle there, right? A lot of them, yes. See you later
with some bargains. Let us get acquainted
before we get into the match. Jackie, you have the perfect
remedy for hiccups. That’s right.
I am able to… Just pour some bitters on a lime
and take a bite out of it, and your hiccups go
right away. Well, we thank you
for sharing that. I hope everybody
will try it. Maybe it’ll work.
Good to have you here. Ray, a whodunit kind of guy. That’s right, Jim. My wife and I are
a big Sherlock Holmes fans, and we enjoy collecting
memorabilia and books. In fact, we like Sherlock
and Dr. Watson so much that we took them along with us
on our honeymoon to Saint Martin’s. However, we didn’t really get
a whole lot of reading done in that trip, huh? Well, good. Sherlock would definitely
approve under the circumstances. I think so. Nice to have you here. And, Philly, we’re delighted
to welcome you, as well. Are you all set to go
and get into the match? You bet. Alright,
then let’s get to it now. And the prize,
a lovely prize, one of these three people
for winning for the match, gets a trip to Miami Beach. So, $20 starts you all off. And here we go. On what TV sitcom
could you see Katherine Helmond smoothing things over? Ray? “Who’s the Boss.” That’s the show.
$5 for the correct. Ray goes to $25. In slang, what are you doing
if you’re catching forty winks? Ray? Taking a snooze. Yes, a snooze, snap…
Uh, nap, snap. Yes, you take snap, too. Yes, that’s right.
You get $5. I put them all together. If something strikes you
as ridiculous and useless, you might say,
“I need that like I need…” Philly? A hole in the head. You got it. You’ve got your first $5
on the first round. By what three-letter name
do we know the large bowl-shaped pan that’s used
for stir-frying Oriental… Ray? A wok. Oriental meats and vegetables
is indeed a wok. Ray to $35. In what type of exhibition
could you see a cowboy riding a bronc or roping… Ray? A rodeo. Rodeo it is. Strong segment for Ray. He hits the 40-dollar mark. And with an Instant Bargain, the player in the lead
can buy bargain merchandise. Ray, your first opportunity
to buy. You’ve got a 15-dollar lead. You might like this. (Summer)
Ray, just look
what we have today for you. This Fitness Climber. Comparative studies
show a 12-minute exercise with this system
may equal a 20-minute run. No special skills
or coordination required. Yours with a gift certificate
from the Price of His Toys. It’s normally priced at $600. But today
on $ale of the Century, it’s yours for only $6. [audience applauding] Nobody… That means
you’re working down the hall. Don’t you know that? Ray, this is nice stuff. It’s really nice. Good workout. $600 worth
of workout equipment. Man, and I could work out
while I’m watching the $ale of the Century. Oh, well… [audience laughing] If you’ll do that, I’ll give you $200 in cash
as well for just $6. You still have
a nine-dollar lead. Going once…
Going to buy. Enjoy the workout equipment,
$200 in cash. Thank you. That is an 800-dollar bargain
for $6. Linda, you did that great. We’ll knock off the $6.
Still in the lead. Destined to be the cat’s meow, filming has begun
on an all-feline production of Shakes… Philly? Cats. No. Of the Shakespeare play
about star-crossed lovers with actor John Hurt
being the only human. They’re doing
“Romeo and Juliet” with cats, yes. It cost you…
What’s that, Ray? I said wow. Wow. Meow. Wow, meow. [audience laughing] What US state
are you visiting if you’re riding the railroad
from Redding to Pittsburgh? Ray? Pennsylvania. Just beating everyone
on the buzzer. That’s what it is. The popular cartoonist
behind the off-beat comic strip called “The Far Side” is… Ray? Gary Larson. Gary. Nicely done. And Ray
over the 40-dollar mark. [audience applauding] Fame Game now. Playing
for control of the board, we look for the identity
of a famous person. Play along at home
for a person. And you get control
if you get it, players. “I am an actor born
in New York City in 1899. I was expelled
from prep school for flouting the rules, which ended my hopes
for a medical career. After World War II,
I drifted into acting and got my first part
in 1920. But it wasn’t
until 15 years later that I became a star for my performance
in ‘The Petrified Forest.’ I…” Philly? Fredric March? No, took a chance. I’ll read the rest
of the question. You stay at $20. We’ll clear it,
continue for Jackie and Ray. “I went on to making many…” Ray? Humphrey Bogart. Humphrey Bogart with
“The Petrified Forest,” yeah. Ray has control.
$10 Money Card, where, Summer? It’s behind Number 3. Well, you’ve already done
pretty well there, Ray. And now you have control.
Good luck. Okay, let’s have that
$10 Money Card…. Now! No, right at the lower
of Number 6. And he gets. (Don)
$500. And he continues to do well. $500 in cash
right into your pocket. Yours to keep no matter
how you finish in the game. That’s great. And we’ll be back
to the game right after
this commercial time-out. [audience applauding] I thank you, Don.
Love to have you down here. Three new challengers
with us right now. And challenger Ray
has the lead. He’s at $44,
the ladies both at $20, but we have a ways to go. In most restaurants,
a continental breakfast is made up of… Jackie? Coffee and Danish. Danish, coffee rolls, anything like that
with the Danish. You got it.
You get $5, you go to $25. The battles
of Montezuma and Tripoli are mentioned
in what US Armed Forces… Philly? Marine Corps. The Marine Corps hymn,
you’re right. You’ve got your first $5.
There you go. Canada’s
third largest province includes the beautiful cities
of Victoria and Vancouver… Ray? British Columbia. You’re right.
British Columbia it is. You’re at $49. One of Mark Twain’s
famous story tells about
what jumping creature… Ray? “The Jumping Frog
of Calaveras County.” You’ve got the whole thing. I was gonna give
Calaveras County. You didn’t need it.
Well done. Now, Instant Bargain again. And, Ray,
you’ve stretched out… You know, Ray,
you now have a 29-dollar lead. Ooh. And you can easily
afford this. (Summer)
Ray, what a sweet treat
our chef has for you. A wrought iron reproduction of an antique
French baker’s rack with solid brass accents. Furnished by Corsican. And for a little something
to display on your new baker’s rack,
Dessert of the Month. A scrumptiously
different dessert will arrive monthly
at your home. Made to serve 12 and delivered
in a reusable designer tin. Furnished by
Dessert of the Month. It’s normally priced
at $1,338. But today
on $ale of the Century, it’s yours for only $11. Whoa! Nice stuff. Ray, what did you mean,
“Oh, no”? Oh, I have a sweet tooth. Oh. And those desserts
look awfully nice. That was a good
“Oh, no” there, huh? Yeah, I’m not sure. So, a Dessert of the Month arrives every month
for the year, right? And a beautiful baker’s rack.
That is lovely. It’s gorgeous. 1,338-dollar bargain,
cost you $11. With your lead, you would still have
an 18-dollar lead if you bought this $1,338
worth of goodies for $11, Ray. Going once… I don’t think I can do it. Going twice… It looks tempting. Going to give you $200 in cash
to go with it. Over to $1,500 for $11. $200. Going, going… He’s gonna buy.
Enjoy the dessert. And a surprise
is going with it, Ray. Way to go. [audience applauding] Gets the baker’s rack, the Dessert of the Month, and he gets himself
$200 of my money, and it feels pretty heavy. As a surprise,
an additional one, two, three… One, two, three… …four, five, six… …four, five, six… …seven, eight, nine, ten. …seven, eight, nine… $1,000 in cash. Whoa! Thank you. Well… Aren’t you glad you gave in
to your baser instincts? Yes, I sure am. Enjoy the baker’s… I’ll be fat and happy. That’s right. Baker’s rack,
all the beautiful desserts, and $1,200 in cash. That’s over $2,500
for just $11. Well done.
We’ll knock it off. Thank you. You are still in the lead. Next spring,
this superstar singer will lend her name
to a line of clothing called Whitney… Jackie? Whitney Houston. Whitney Houston, yeah. She’s gonna have
a line of clothing. And you’re in second place
to $30. This country’s royal reigns
included nine days by Jane Grey, 63 years by Victoria. What country…
Jackie? England. England.
That’s right, yes. Jane Grey for only 9 days,
63 years for Queen Victoria. You’ve got another $5. During surgery,
a doctor will use or will ask the nurse for
a small sharp-bladed knife… Jackie? Scalpel. Scalpel is what it’s called.
And Jackie makes a move. Going to $40. The fried-haired comedienne who always talks
about her husband… Ray? Phyllis Diller. Yes, it’s got to be
Phyllis Diller. Yeah. You’re right.
You go to $48. Well done. Well, talking
about Phyllis Diller, the fried hair
and her wacky looks, Phyllis said,
“As a teenager, I looked like
the girl next door if you lived at the zoo.” That’s cruel,
but Phyllis said it. [audience laughing] He said it herself.
We’ll be right back. [audience applauding] Ray at $48. Jackie, you snuck
right in there, close now at $40. And, Philly,
not that far behind at $25. Now, the Money Card
goes up on the board. Fame Game. A lot of information
about a famous thing. “I am an invention
that changed the world, the very first of my kind. I first appeared in 1938, the same year
as the ballpoint pen and rubber-soled shoes. I am made
by rearranging the molecules in air, water and coal. I take dye better than leather
or natural substances. I’m stronger than silk,
and if it weren’t for me…” Ray? Polyester? No, incorrect. I’ll read the rest
of the question. We’ll clear it,
continue for the ladies. And I think some interesting
information for the ladies. “I’m stronger than silk,
and if it weren’t for me, you ladies probably
wouldn’t be wearing pantyhose.” Philly? Nylon. Nylon, yeah. You’ve got control
of the board there, Philly. I thought that might give away
the information. $15 Money Card, where, Summer? It’s behind Number 8. You got two of them
to shoot for now, Philly. Good luck. Well, where she…
Oh, Number 7. She landed there very quickly. (Don)
And it’s a vacuum cleaner. The Miele Vacuum Cleaner, engineered in Germany
with brainpower, not just horsepower. Designed to outperform
many other vacuum cleaners. Furnished by Miele. Well, $575. See what happens? You hit that buzzer quick,
you got a vacuum cleaner. Alright. Let’s get back
to the match now with this. This past November,
Americans everywhere shared their memories
of this beloved president… Jackie? John F. Kennedy. Slain 25 years ago in Texas. You’re right.
Kennedy it is. And again, Jackie,
less than a question behind Ray. In a hotel room,
what would you find left in a bedside stand… Ray? A Gideon Bible. That’s right. By the Gideon Society
of the Bible was what I wanted. You’re up to 50-dollar mark. With the help of this
canine crime-solver Bijoux, John Ritter is back on the… Ray? “Hooperman.” “Hooperman” is the show. And Ray to $58. And again, a great time
to stretch it out, Ray, because
with the Instant Cash, two boxes have
100-dollar bills, and one today
is worth $3,000. Now, it’s a little closer. It cost you
the amount of your lead if you want to go for it. You’re at $58.
Jackie is at $45. So, you have a 13-dollar lead, and that’s what
it would cost you for a shot at $3,000, Ray. Going once… going twice… I don’t think I can do it. No sale.
Not this time. I don’t think I can do it. I thought he might.
Let’s see where it was. I thought I might, too. It was in Number 2. Whew! I was to make 3. Oh, you would’ve taken 3? Well, that makes
you feel better. Yes. It goes to $4,000
on the next show. It’s starting to build. Back to the match right after
this commercial time-out. [audience applauding] And challenger Ray Anrochte, he’s got the lead
throughout the day, but it’s not
that big a lead. Ray at $58,
Jackie at $45, Philly at $25. In Sarah Giles’ new book, friends pay tribute
to the man considered to be the greatest
dancer in movie history… Philly? Fred Astaire. Fred Astaire. “His Friends Talk”
is the show. And you’re right,
Fred Astaire it is. You go to $30. Mount Elbert in Colorado
and Gannett Peak in Wyoming are the two highest peaks
of what mountain chain? Philly? Rocky Mountains. Rocky Mountains is right. Philly is starting
to make a move. Goes to $35. The Kentucky frontier hero who blazed
the Wilderness Road was… Ray? Daniel Boone. Daniel Boone is right. And Ray over
the 60-dollar mark, yes. [audience applauding] Well, the score
has gotten close enough now, but that $25 Money Card
could be very important with the final Fame Game. This is a famous place. “I am a country
that gave paper to the world. I receive almost no rain, and my people exist only
because of a large river. I…” Ray? Egypt. Egypt is well solved. You are right for control
of the board. Yes. And the $25 Money Card,
where, Summer? It’s behind Number 9. Well, you’ve got the lead
already, Ray. You could stretch it out a bit.
Good luck. That $25 Money Card would
look real sweet… Now! No. Well, a $15 Money Card. [audience applauding] And it looks pretty sweet,
I would think. Yes. We’ll add that
to Ray’s score, and he jumps up
well over the 70-dollar mark. And now,
trip to Miami Beach and a crack at the Winner’s Big
Money Game on the line. We finish it up
with the Speed Round and 60 seconds on the clock. It is now Ray at $78, Jackie at $45,
Philly at $35. Good luck
to all three of you. A lot of questions,
as we start the Speed Round now. What type of animal is used
in a jousting tournament? Philly? Horse. Yes. If you’re into dinosaurs, you might see
the new animated film called “The Land Before…” Ray? Time. Right. What food product
are you buying if you’re deciding
between Colby, Swiss, Cheddar… Ray? Cheese. Right. According to tradition, a ship is christened
by breaking what? Philly? Champagne. Right. What large
news-gathering service is known by initials AP? Jackie? Associated Press. Right. America’s largest
inland sea, the Great Salt Lake
is located in what state? Jackie? Utah. Right. What TV morning show
do you watch if you wake up to Charlie Gibson
and Joan Lunden? Philly? “Good Morning, America.” Right. According to the Bible,
who shall inherit the earth? Ray? The meek. Right. In the US,
there are how many guns in a presidential salute? Ray? Twenty-one. Right. The last planet
to be discovered was named for what mythical god
of the underworld? Ray? Neptune. Wrong. What wealthy family
included a vice president named Nelson
and an oil man named… Philly? Rockefeller. Right. The beloved
children’s author who gave us
“The Wizard of Oz” books is L. Frank… Time is up.
Ray has won it. Congratulations. Back with the new champion
in just a moment. Time ran out as Ray
was hitting the buzzer. L. Frank Baum
wrote “The Wizard of Oz.” And the one that Ray missed, the mythical god
of the underworld, last planet, Pluto. Right you are. Got to say good-bye
to Jackie and Philly. And, Jackie, you didn’t pick up
anything along the way. We’ve got some nice
parting gifts for you and the cash in front of you. Hope you had a good time. I had a great time.
Thank you. Thanks for joining us. Philly, you’ve got that
thrilling vacuum cleaner… Yay! …and the cash
in front of you, puts you over
the 600-dollar mark. Thank you
for joining us, Philly. Thank you. But Ray has already
picked up a lot. So, Ray, congratulations. Thank you. Now, how about a wonderful
vacation in Miami Beach? Sounds good to me. (Don)
Ray, get into the beat
of Miami Beach. We’ll fly you and a friend from Los Angeles
to Miami Beach for a week stay at Holiday Inn
Newport Pier Resort, Miami Beach’s exciting
new full-service resort. Pub restaurant,
Polynesian review at the Seven Seas Lounge. Furnished by Holiday Inn
Newport Pier Resort. This prize is worth $2,718. [audience applauding] Should be a lovely vacation
for you, Ray. Congratulations. Now, he joins me
for the first time to play the Winner’s
Big Money Game. Come on, Ray. [audience applauding] Well, congratulations. You got a lot during
the course of that show. Oops. Watch your step
quickly enough. Don’t trip
before you win some money. You’re up here now
for the first time. That means you’ll play
the Winner’s Big Money Game for $5,000. That’s great. And let’s do it. Three envelopes:
red, yellow or blue. Which one is it gonna be? I think
since I’m dressed in blue, I’ll go with the blue. Alright. We want you to solve
four puzzles in 20 seconds for $5,000. Now, that clock starts when the first word
of each puzzle is revealed, and it stops when you hit that
plunger to give me an answer. Now, it’s up to you
to stop that clock. And remember, hit the clock
and then hit the plunger, then answer right away. We’re all with you now. Do watch those words
as they come in. You can see them a lot faster, then I can repeat them
for the people at home. Twenty seconds
on the clock, please. Let’s see you finish up
a good win in a blaze of glory. We start that first puzzle… TV. Parents. Raised. Ricky… Yes? Lucy and Ricardo. Aw. [buzzer sounds] Oh, boy. I wish
it have been the other… Yeah, you think about it. Ricky, Dave. Now, he’s… The husband was Ricky.
That’s right. That didn’t throw you off there. Ricky, David, Nelson. “Ozzie and Harriet.” Yeah. “Ozzie and Harriet.”
That’s the one mistake
you can make. You cannot make another even if there’s time left
on the clock. So, you got to catch up now. Let’s take a look
at the next one… Now. Late. Comedian. Woodward’s. Wired. Yes? John Belushi. There you go. Yeah, I thought you might jump
a little quicker, but you’ve got it. That’s your first
correct answer. And you need three more before the clock hits
the double zero. And let’s look
at the next puzzle… Now. Dangerous. Ones. Include. Tarantula. Yes? Spiders. Spiders. Black, window.
Right you are. At the halfway mark,
five seconds. That is not a lot of time, but as our friends at home know,
it has been done. But you’ve got to get
some instincts very quickly as we look
at the next puzzle… Now. Muslim. Name. Yes? Islam. No, no. Oh, no. Boxer. Ali. Yeah, you saw that boxer. I thought
you’d jump on it. No, I got it
before the boxer came. Cassius, Clay. Muhammad Ali. Well, you couldn’t top it off
with the $5,000, but it has been
a very good day. Very. You’ve picked up a lot. We’re gonna add it all up
and give it to you right after
this commercial time-out. Yeah, Ricky,
well, you think of the husband rather than the son. I thought
we were throwing you off, but, no, we weren’t. I was thinking of Lucy. Yeah, yeah. But we wanted the children. Yeah, yeah. There’s a little
before my turn. Yeah. Not much. Yeah, speaking
about that one you missed, and I thought, “Oh, gee, are we throwing you off
with Ricky?” But, no, we were not. Ricky was the husband,
Ricky Ricardo. Right. It was Desi and Lucy were her real children,
I realized. Right. Well, that was a tough one. But it has been
a very good day. You’ve got $1,900
in cash for the day. Not too shabby.
Picked up some great prizes. Summer has the tickets.
The trip to Miami is yours. And I can’t feel too bad
with your missing that because for one day,
Ray has $6,556. See you next time
on $ale of the Century. [audience applauding] $ale of the Century
stars Jim Perry. This is Don Morrow speaking.

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