S. Korea to regulate face mask sales from Monday

with protective face masks in short
supply the South Korean government’s limiting the number of masks each person
can buy to two per person per week that take effect takes effect Monday but
there will be some exceptions for senior citizens and children our own Ji Young
has the details starting Monday masks purchases at
pharmacies will require ID because a five-day rotation system will take
effect under which only two masks can be bought per person per week and only on
designated days first vice finance minister kim yong bomb at a press
briefing on sunday mentioned some exceptions though saying pharmacies will
be allowed to sell masks to people buying them for others if the other
person is 10 or younger 80 or older or if they have a disability people can buy
masks for someone else if their family registration says they live with someone
who is 10 or younger or 80 or older but they can only purchase two masks on that
person’s a sign thing under the five-day rotation system the day for buying masks
is determined by the last digit of a person’s birth year people born in a
year ending with either 1 or 6 can buy masks on Mondays those ending in 2 or 7
can buy on Tuesdays 3 or 8 on Wednesdays 4 or 9 on Thursdays and those born in a
year ending in 5 or 0 can buy their masks on Fridays people unable to
purchase masks during the week can do so on the weekend meanwhile speaking Sunday
at tegu City Hall prime minister chung chien urged people to cooperate so that
the system can settle in smoothly despite the inconvenience that this may
cause we asked people to show a match or sense of citizenship so that those who
really need the masks can buy them first tone also asked people to use cotton
masks which can be washed and reused instead of the disposable ones also to
further relieve the shortage the South Korean government’s decided to make it
easier for ordinary people to buy masks from overseas according to the korea
customs service when buying masks hand sanitizers and thermometers
there will be no import duties or special
paperwork to fall until the end of June but this only applies to items for
personal use people will be able to import an amount worth up to 150 u.s.
dollars or 200 dollars when bought from the United States Tom Jiyeon Arirang

22 comments on “S. Korea to regulate face mask sales from Monday

  1. 2 per week is useless if they can't be cleaned and reused.
    More people will get infected from others going out to waste their time to get these 2 masks.
    First thing they did in South Korea they really did wrong.
    People will need at least a few a day if working.

  2. China quarantine 700 millions people to ends of March.Economy growth drops 30% to 70% this year depending on sector's.

  3. To people complaining why it's only two, people here go out only when needed. They don't go out 7 times per week. Let's say there's 4 of you in the family, you get 8 mask in one week, which not all will be used in one week.

    And to those saying it's not useful: BLAH BLAH BLAH 🤪

  4. Almost the same order has been issued in Russia. It's prohibited to export med masks outside of Russia except certain arias specified by RU GOV (simply China, Mongolia and others)

  5. I guess they wont have any mints either
    But this with chelated
    Copper would help

  6. resale of masks at high prices amid coronavirus-triggered shortage. = Japanese mentality.

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