S.A.M. 50th Super Auction

Hello everyone and welcome to Aqua Splendor This is actualy my very first video I’m a little bit nervous to talk, in front of the camera I’m not use to that, but i’m doing my very best In this video i interview two volunteers of the S.A.M. The S.A.M. stand for Montreal Aquarium Society, in english So they will talk about the history and their process behind it The S.A.M. have events like Super Auction, that happen twice a year, it’s in November and April So it’s a place where you can buy or sell fish, shrimp, plants, equipment like pumps, filters or even aquariums And this event was a little special because it was the 50th Super Auction Anniversary So they had mug for people and they had, of course, a cake in chocolat, i can’t resist to that So the audio is in french, but don’t worry i put some subtitle so you can read what they are going to say So there we go, enjoy the video 🙂 So there we go, i hope you enjoy this video If you have any question or want to have more information. I put a link to their website, you can click on that, it’s in the description right below the video So thats it, since it’s my very first video i’m very curious to know what you think about it What did you like, what did you dislike I need some feedback, so please go ahead, give me some feedback i’m going to read them and i’m going to answer to them, so that it for me Please don’t forget to like, subscribe, comments with all the YouTube stuff Thank you, bye bye But it’s not a place “Tabarnaque” I was close, i was close

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  1. Really good !!! One error though, the SAM ( Societe d'Aquariophilie de Montreal ) is not the MAS ( Montreal Aquarium SocieT ). They are separate clubs. Both have the same objective of promoting the hobby. The SAM meetings are conducted in french and the MAS meetings are in english. Check out the webs sites for details of times & dates of the meetings.

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