Russell Brunson’s Secret Sales Funnel Strategy (Even If You’re A Beginner)

– Hey this is Russell Brunson and welcome back to
my YouTube channel. I’m so excited to
have you here today. Today’s video will be talking
about a secret funnel strategy that’s literally taking
new business owners from startup phase to
Two Comma Club winners in a very short period of
time and that’s what we’ll be talking about, but before
we get into the training, I really quick want to make sure that you are subscribed
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bell, that way you’re notified when new videos are coming out. With that said, I want to share with you guys this
funnel strategy. If you know anything about
me, my name’s Russell. I own a company
called ClickFunnels and I am obsessed
with sales funnels. But what is a sales funnel? A sales funnel is a simple,
easy way to sell stuff online. When you start figuring
out how to use it, it makes selling
stuff online so easy. This is the big secret
funnel strategy. What we do is we use a
concept called funnel hacking. What that means, you can go
and you can find people online who are making thousands or
millions of dollars online and let’s say they have a
sales funnel and say page one looks like this and maybe on
page one they have a headline and they ask for your email
address and the submit button. Then from there, they take
you to page number two where they’re selling something. Maybe there’s a video
up top and maybe there’s some headlines down here and
then there’s a big order button and then from there
you’re taken to a page that has an upsell,
we’ll call this upsell and there’s a video with
an upsell with a page and then from there it
takes you to a member’s area with a whole bunch
of cool stuff. You guys have seen this before. If you’ve ever bought
anything online, you’ve gone through
a sales funnel, but a lot of times we
look at a sales funnel, we buy the thing, we’re like,
oh that’s really, really cool, but what I want you to do
is I want you to slow down next time you buy something
and look at the process. We call this funnel hacking. Look at what happened
with page one and page two and page three and page four. These funnels are not
just made by happenchance. There’s people like
me who are obsessed, who geek out on this
all day every single day and every single
piece is like art. When you start looking
at that you say, okay, what did this company do? Let’s say there’s a company
online who’s selling supplements and they’re doing
really, really well. They’re selling things and
you look at the sales process. Let’s say they’re selling
this and on the home page there’s a bottle of this,
but they have the upsell they’re selling more
bottles and over here they’re selling
something different. If you’re selling a supplement,
you can look at that as a business model. I look at funnels as models. I like to funnel hack
someone, I buy their product, I look at what it looks
like, and then from there you can map out
your business model. Say, okay, when I built my
funnel I know that I’m going to need a page
like that as well. They’re selling, let’s
say it’s a keto supplement or they’re selling a
supplement for dogs or whatever it might be. I look at that and say,
okay, how do I change it? I’m not going to copy anything,
but I’m gonna model it. I’m gonna model the look
and the feel and the layout. I look at that and say, okay,
what’s my headline gonna be and I’m gonna ask for
an email address as well and if I’m here I’m gonna
look at the second page. Obviously, they have
their sales video, but I’m gonna put
my sales video there and then I’m gonna have my copy. I’m not gonna copy anything,
but I’m gonna model the layout of things, so I
model the layout. Then I look at the upsell and
I model the layout of that as well and I model every
single piece of the process. I think a lot of times
people who are trying to start a business
online, they struggle because they’re trying to be
creative and trying to figure out a business model
and a business plan. People submit to me all the
time, here’s my business plan, Russell, it’s like 500
pages and I’m like, but do you even know
what you’re selling and how you’re selling it? The hardest thing about making
money online is figuring out what you’re selling and
how you’re selling it and the best way to figure
out how to sell it is to look at somebody else who’s
selling something similar. Look at their sales
funnel, funnel hack it. Look at it, map out
what it looks like, and then now you know
what you need to build. This is your business model. I always tell people if they
want to submit a business model to me, this is
what I want to see. What is gonna be on
your landing page, what’s gonna be your sales
page, what’s on the upsell, what’s on the downsell,
what does that look like, and then you go back
and you create it, and that’s what
funnel hacking is. That’s what the whole
secret funnel strategy is that I wanted to share with
you that’s getting people from startup phase to
Two Comma Club winners practically overnight. I’m gonna be doing a
live training this week. In fact, here’s a page for
it right here that you can go and you can subscribe to and
when you go to this training, I’m gonna go deep into this. I’m gonna show you examples
of my supplement funnel. I had a supplement funnel
that was doing horrible and I found someone who
had a successful one, I modeled it, and it blew
up literally overnight. I’m gonna show you guys
what that funnel looks like, I’m gonna show you other
companies and how they do it and it’s really fun and this
training’s gonna be huge for you, so what I want
you to do now is down in the description there
will be a link to go to Register for this web
class that’s coming up. I’m gonna go deep into this,
I’m gonna show you not only how to find funnels you can
model and you can funnel hack, I’m gonna show you how
to build out a funnel in literally less
than 10 minutes. I’ll even build one live and
I’m gonna show you guys how to get traffic into the funnels. It’s gonna be a ton of fun. I want to make
sure you are there. With that said, thanks so much. Click on the link down
below to go register for the web class and I
will see you guys on it. Hope you love it and
I cannot wait to share with you guys the whole secret
behind this funnel strategy. Thanks so much and I’ll
see you on the webclass.

21 comments on “Russell Brunson’s Secret Sales Funnel Strategy (Even If You’re A Beginner)

  1. I’m embarrassed to tell you how long I’ve had a ClickFunnels account, yet haven’t used it. I have a couple “shared funnels”, but haven’t committed to implementing them yet. Just haven’t gotten out of my own way. Ugh 😑 I love the marketing aspect. I want and need to change this! Thanks for all you do. I make no excuses.

  2. Brilliant stuff! I got my CF account set up, but a bit stuck as to where to start and how. Looking forward to learning from you more. Best, Alenka

  3. 🇫🇷 Thanks Russell ! You're so right ! I've launched my very first funnel last year with Clickfunnels in the wellness market and I did great thanks to you, Clickfunnels, the OFA and your books. You're so inspiring ! Now I begin my affiliate journey with Clickfunnels to help french women to grow their own business even if they start from scratch, like I did last year ! You're the man, I'm such a big fan. 💥💥💥

  4. Russell you're truly the young O.G…. I official label you the Bruce Lee of sales funnels. Jeet Kune Do of modeling sells funnels. 😎

  5. 📢Russell's next One Funnel Away challenge starts really soon! Highly recommend it.

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