Rich McAllister from Hartford Toyota Superstore – ACV Auctions Testimonial

I run every wholesale car through ACV before I even consider sending it to a physical auction or using other online resources. By having it thorough condition
report everything is listed there for you. So, as a seller, you know what you’re selling and the buyer knows what they’re
buying. In terms of an easy process. It really couldn’t be easier. I was introduced to my field rep. He comes in here once a week. He takes the keys. Does the condition reports, texts me before he leaves, letting me know to put my floors in and then I run the cars. You know I usually go to bed and the next morning I’ll wake up and I’ll have three or four cars sold. So, a lot of the cars that are sold
to me are done when I’m sleeping. The convenience factor really is better than anything. I can stay in the store. I can focus on retailing my vehicles, managing my employees, actually prevented me from probably
having to hire another manager. I find that the fees they see around a hundred dollars less than the auctions that I typically use. Not only that, but I’m not paying
for transportation and sometimes cleaning. So, it could be three or four hundred dollars less than a typical vehicle I sell at a
physical auction. I’ve sold a vehicle to Utah before I sold a vehicle to Florida before and I don’t think that the auctions
that I go to I would experience that kind of
exposure to my products. If I do no sale a vehicle. I get a text message. So, it’s not intrusive to my day from someone on the inside at ACV. They’ll go ahead and negotiate
floors, negotiate fees, as well as try and work their buyer up. Which just helps us sell more
cars and move about our day.

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