Retail Store of the Future

Managing huge amounts of data, retailers
need to make sure their store teams have access to real time, actionable insight to help them do their
jobs better. Meet Frank. He is a store manager. He faces constant challenges: sales,
revenue, employee productivity, customer service, budgets… it’s enough to
make your head spin! but not Frank. He has an app to help
him maximize his time. Not only can he view all the information he
needs with a tap of a finger but he can also act on this information
directly from his mobile device this lets managers like Frank spend more
time serving customers driving sales, and coaching associates. Now Frank is more efficient and has gained back twenty percent of his
day. His store sales have never been better and his management, associates, and most importantly his customers are happy. And his store team also
uses their own apps to be more productive and to provide better personalized
customer service These apps have transformed the way this
retailer’s stores operate and engage with customers. Revolutionize your
store operations with MicroStrategy Mobile for retail know more, do more, sell more

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