Retail Point of Sale Software 2019 Register Overview | GiftLogic

Welcome to GiftLogic Version 2019.
I’m going to review some of the updates in GiftLogic Register.
On the left, we’ve taken the Utilities Menu and broke it into four easy to navigate menus
here. For instance, if you needed to close the cash
drawer or z-out the register, just click on Drawer, and find Close Drawer.
We’ve also made this window completely customizable to suit your needs so you can make the software
your own. So, for instance, if you don’t take donations,
you can right click in this menu, go to the Drawer menu, and turn that option off.
And so you don’t have that option available here. So you can turn those on and off as
you wish. Down at the bottom left, this is where you
are going to go to change users by clicking on this icon here.
You can also lock the cash drawer by clicking here.
Moving into the middle of the screen you can see that we have an updated quick access menu.
The tiles here are much bigger making them user friendly for touch screens and we’ve
also made them a single click to activate. You can also make this section as big or small
as you’d like by grabbing the bar here and sliding it left or right.
There’s also now a docking station for the touch pad here as well.
Now let’s start a sale. Now let’s add a customer to the sale by clicking
this icon which opens up our customer window. And you can actually do a live search of any
any information about that customer here in this live search grid.
And so if I wanted to search for Billy, you can see Billy is going to come up right away.
And now that’s the first name, if I would have typed any part of the email address or
the last name, it would have pulled up as well.
Now let’s add an item or two. As we’re looking at the sales grid, know that
all this is all customizable. If you want to see the information here you
can or you can just slide it down and hide it away.
If you wanted to adjust any information in this sales grid here you can right click,
select Column Chooser, and let’s say you don’t need to see the item details
or the manufacturing number, you can just drag and drop or you can add any of these
options down here. You can also resize any of these options to
be as large or small as you want and these grids are customizable by each register.
So if you have more than one system, each one can be set up in their own unique way.
Down at the bottom we’ve added a one click solution for cash or credit or even gift accounts
so you can click on one icon so you don’t have to go to the tender screen by clicking
any of these. But you still can go to the tender screen
to split the tender by clicking other. And that concludes this video.
If you have any questions, please reach out to our support department at 941-475-1201
or visit us at Thanks for watching.

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