Retail Leadership Summit (RLS) 2019 – Promo

The Retail Leadership Summit is a summit
to which I look forward to I always believe there is so much to learn, there
is so much to exchange, there is so much to develop your own skills by
participating in RLS and I wish that every person who is a proponent of
modern retail and be a partner of modern retail in some form should participate
in this RLS. I think leadership forum is a kind of a Kumbh Mela of modern retail
industry. I am extremely happy to be part of the
Retail Leadership Summit 2017. This event that cuts across multiple sectors within
the retail industry and is done by the industry for the industry. I’m sure all
retailers will profit from all the knowledge sharing, all the dreams that
are shared with each other and the paths of technology that is taking us ahead.
Cheers RAI for organizing a fantastic summit. If you are in retail and you want to be
in the company of leaders, you come to RLS! All in all I think RLS plays a
significant role and it’s a great place for retailers to get together. Retail Leadership Summit has been one of the flagship events of RAI and this summit
we always look forward to every year a lot of knowledge is shared here. You meet most of the retailers over here from pan India. Hats off RAI!Well done and Cheers! Cheers RAI! Cheers RAI! Cheers RLS! Cheers RAI!

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  1. Attention Retailers!

    The biggest and best retail summit in India is back again. Make sure you don't miss out on the opportunity of the year.

    Join us at Retail Leadership Summit (RLS) 2019.

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