Republican Official Indicted For Human Smuggling And Selling Babies

A Republican official from the state of Arizona
has now been indicted on 11 charges and these may be some of the most disgusting charges
I’ve seen in the years covering Republican corruption. The man in question, his man by the name of
Paul Peterson, he is a Mericopa County assessor and if you now familiar with Maricopa County,
uh, that’s, that’s where the sheriff came from, the bad one. And apparently there’s a lot of other bad
Republicans in Maricopa County too, including Mr. Peterson. And here is what the prosecutors have accused
Mr. Peterson of doing. These are the accounts he was indicted on. He transported some 40 pregnant women from
the Marshall Islands to Utah to give birth and then proceeded to sell the babies to US
families for $40,000. He also was accused of fraudulently billing
Medicaid for the prenatal costs by claiming the Marshall and these women were residents
of Arizona. So there’s human smuggling, there’s baby selling
for $40,000 a pop, Medicaid fraud, and all kinds of other fraud wrapped into this one
individual. This story is nuts. And what’s nuts about it is that it kind of
touches on a lot of the problems that we have here in the United States today. Human smuggling into the United States is
getting worse. Little to anything is being done about this
problem. And here we have a Republican official and
elected Republican official actually making the problem worse, smuggling humans into the
United States, Medicaid fraud, another huge one, and he’s right here doing it with them. undocumented immigrants coming into the country. I thought Republicans hated that, right? Well not Mr. Peterson, because he’s making
$40,000 every time one of these womens spits out another baby boom cash in his bank account. this person, Paul Peterson out, they’re not
well known. Most people probably won’t know that name,
won’t remember that name, but I want you to remember the story. And yes, he’s not a high ranking official. Most people in the Republican party, you’ve
never even heard of him. Probably people in his own County don’t even
know who he is or what he does. but this is a big deal. What Mr. Peterson did is absolutely disgusting. But more importantly, it continues to show
the growing hypocrisy within the Republican party. Absolutely. Going out there and making the problems worse
that his party right now is railing at us against saying, the Democrats are the ones
making these problems worse. The reality is when you scratch beneath the
surface, you start to see that the Republicans are in fact the ones who continue to make
these problems worse. But then they go out there and say, no, no,
no. It’s the Democrats who are doing it. And they say those things cause they think
you’re stupid. They don’t think you’re going to do the work. They don’t think you’re going to do the research. They don’t think you’re going to read the
papers. But stories like this are out there. And I for one hope that Mr. Peterson not only
has every penny that he ever made from selling babies taken away from him, but that he also
never sees the outside of a prison for the rest of his life.

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  1. To be honest hypocrisy come from both side of the parties. Today most politicians are out here for their pockets and they turn their backs on Patriotic to this country, we all will feel the pain when we lose everything we have work for mark my word.

  2. Paul Peterson sounds like he should head some department for the Trump administration. He fits right in with Kellyanne "Crack pipe" Conway, "Moscow" Mitch and "Looney" Lindsey Graham.

  3. Rebuplicans are a deeply immoral people! And in Christ name they violate all liven things with delight and an insatiable greed 🇺🇸😔🇺🇸

  4. Republicans are so hypocritical with their bull crapola Christian values using religion to shield their dishonesty and crimes and abusing children.

  5. There has to be a better way than our current political system. It doesn’t matter which side is represented, the corruption in politics is becoming very disturbing. These clowns work for us but they only fulfill their self serving agenda. Politicians are sick and disillusioned people.

  6. This is so sick. Our so-called leaders are ALL crooks. While the People SUFFER daily, the rich are the only ones that will survive.

  7. You know what's interesting? Trump was reading off a teleprompter during a speech, and, because he's a horrible reader, he ACTUALLY said, "Tolerance for human struggling… and human smuggling…" I guessed he tried both times and still got it wrong. Well, what do you know! They DO have tolerance for human smuggling!

  8. And here's the back-story folks – Those (white only) babies that are taken to the (secret) Republican National Convention headquarters, are dismembered and greedily consumed forkful by forkful by the wealthiest elites of the conservative party.

    They meet twelve times each year under a full moon, wearing white shirts, red ties and dark blue suits with an American flag pin on their left side lapels.

    Mitch McConnell presides as Master of Ceremonies and opens each gathering with a blood-letting ritual to pay homage to the great turtle gods of chaos and corruption.

    While rabid wolves howl in the cold, damp evening air, they make their plans for the month and decide how their activities will be favorably represented and defended by Fox News for their hoards of unclean MAGA cap wearing minions to digest and regurgitate at upcoming Trump re-election rallies.

    Scary enough for ya? Happy Halloween! (actually, that shit is all true…Google it).

  9. All his money and property should be confiscated to reimburse the state for his theft and he should be locked up 4life!

  10. Why am I not surprised. I think it's been going on for years on the down low. Trump's hate for immigrants just made it more prominent i.e. okay to rape and abuse them, nobody really cares what happens to these people anyway

  11. They were pushing Clinton's Pedo/Pizza PizzaGate. .. they were trying to deflect that the Republicans are actually the child molesters… Democrats want equality. Republicans want to be predators.

  12. how do you not know that once a republican is caught being a major pervert or engaged in serious crimes, they magically turn into a democrat overnight? i mean if you mention something to a republican voter about so and so doing this and that, they respond with, “that’s cuz he’s a democrat, all the democrats are like that” and you can not convince these people that the guy was actually a republican.

  13. What happened to the women?? 😱 OMG!! 😱 These REPULSIVE GOP DEMONS 😈🔥 just can't go low enough!! 😈🔥They are the most DISGUSTING HORRIBLE EVIL DEMON TRAITORS 😈 🔥

  14. What are the so-called "evangelicals" going to say about this? Still claim that their party representatives are as holy and righteous as their Creepy Porn President?

  15. How upsetting, that someone who is supposed to help enforce the laws, is guilty of such heinous crimes. He needs to spend an appropriate amount of time in jail!

  16. All the conspiracies they projected on Democrats were really just them confessing. I'm not even a Democrat or Republican. 🤯

  17. Ya know, the word Republican is fast becoming synonymous with the word criminal…It seems to me that most or all republicants are sociopaths and/or narcissists..

  18. …. I give you the Party of Family Values and the Protector's of the Sanctity of Life, ladies and gentlemen.

  19. I say Hang him High! Bring the Rope out, this guy is a piece of shit! He needs to be punished and made an example of! We're coming for you Trump and Republicans! Keep up the great reporting Faron, by the way, I love your sarcasm! Take care, be safe!

  20. trump acknowledged that ISIS fighters in Syria could be "escaping to Europe" … and kurds could be massacred… "Bone Spurs trump" IS JUST DOING THE BIDDING OF PUTIN!That fucking traitor must be sentenced to death for treason!(To hang him by the balls would be fine too! )


  22. OMG, I watched the original news clip. Peterson set this scam up when he was doing missionary work for the Mormon church! He promised the women $10,000 each and promised to pay all their expenses. He set them up in a residential home in UT. ABC News interviewed the woman who bought the house. Neighbors told her about 10-15 mattresses were carted out before she bought the place. She showed the reporter where they had to cut padlocks off some doors and where a small square window was cut in between two rooms…I wonder what that was about.

    There are YouTube videos of some of his court appearances. This is a link to his bond hearing. His attorney had the ⚽️ 🏀 to insist no bond should have been set, let alone a cash bond of $500,000, because he wasn’t a flight risk and the proof he wasn’t a flight risk is he was born in that county, had family in the county, so he had no reason to travel anywhere else. Srsly? I couldn’t be a judge because I’d jail any attorney who thought I was stupid enough to fall for such crap. Also turns out he was warned two years ago his “adoptions” were unlawful and was warned to stop. Another instance of class entitlement. His ilk gets a verbal warning to stop selling babies, poor people known to sell weed get raided in the middle of the night by a small army of feds. Yeah, America is all about fairness and justice, not.

  23. So are there records of where the babies went?

    How do we know the babies weren't sold for sadistic rituals,
    Or sex slaves, or sadistic entertainment?

    $40,000 is nothing to bored millionaires. Buying an actual human being, that they can do whatever they want,
    Because there is no trace of the transaction, would be very appealing to wealthy, egotistical, pervs,
    Who harbors God Complexes.

    This shit is more common than people realize. But we as a society except that the laws un this country should be focused on people who are struggling to pay the rent.

    American elites are the most criminal, corrupt, violent, perverted fuckers on the planet.

    Pillars of the community my ASS!

    Many of these entitled bastards are just pure evil.

  24. Those babies separated from their parents at the border, suffered the same fate.

    Where are they?

    Who has them?

    What are they doing to these children right now?


  25. Me thinks Romney is chitting his magical Mormon pants! 
    Flake & McCain's Arizona, Romney's Utah and Hillary's Arkansas….Nothing to see here folks..move right along!
    No wonder why RINO pedophiles Romney,Ryan,Flake & McCain were so against President Trump. They knew he would expose and go after those baby rapist/trafficking rings! 
    How come CNN,MSNBC and other major propaganda news outlets are ignoring this?

  26. All part of the great cleanout. 1 indictment down, 199,000 to go….it's bigger than the distraction that is partisan political tit-for-tat.

  27. Who is checking up on the welfare of these children? What is happening to the babies that are being sold? Are the baby BUYERS being prosecuted as well?

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